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I know a lot of you have made some fantastic suggestions over the years that might be lost to the sands of time so with that in mind we will be archiving the existing suggestions sections in favour of their 2.0 equivalents.


Create your suggestions for the present day and the future in mind and we will be sure to review them!


Please follow the below suggestion template when submitting your suggestion:




Suggestions Description:







We have created automation which will message us on different platforms once your suggestion has reached 15 reactions, at this point we'll review it but often we will get back to you sooner than that! :)


To stop the improvements section from divulging into the Wild West we've introduced some rules for the section:


  • Suggestions that don't use the template will be asked to update to the above template format and provide all of the necessary details. If after 48 hours the fields are not completed, the suggestion will be archived.
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