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I appreciate that there are a lot of bugs that are still current, however we have over 3000 topics and I'm unable to filter by priority as it stands so therefore we will be archiving the existing bug reports in favour of a 2.0 equivalent.


As a unique incentive, we are offering VIP Days for every confirmed bug - the VIP days will be added to your account based on the severity of the bug in question. The benefit will be offered for any bugs that we haven't already captured.


  • Non-VIP users can save their VIP days benefit for up a total of 30 days at which point they will be credited to the account.


Please raise and bugs that are still current and impacting your gameplay with the below template:


Manager ID:


Bug Description:

Bug Severity:

  • Low - e.g - A page not loading properly.
  • Medium - e.g - A core system isn't functioning as expected.
  • High - e.g - Critical System such as the Fight Engine not functioning as expected.
  • Critical - e.g - Critical game exploits that allow for significant tangible benefit (Please mail these bugs to me instead of posting them on here)

Steps to Recreate:

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