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[APPROVED] Let fighters keep their BJJ belts

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Suggestion: Let fighters keep their BJJ belts

Suggestions Description: Once you earned a BJJ belt it should never go back down to a lower belt even if the BJJ primary decreases.

That is really the main one, but I can think of a couple related things while you are anyway in this part of the code. Add some extra secondary requirements for black belts, like having at least something in submissions. And red belts are not a thing for active fighters, rather an honorary rank for the "old and wise". Put in an age requirement like 40+ and if you still qualify for black belt at that age you get the red. It would be more of a roleplaying thing. Maybe add a manager trophy for earning a red belt for your fighter.


  • Realism, stripping belts are not done irl even when skill declines.
  • Roleplaying, players don't like seeing their fighters robbed of belts they earned.
  • Could make scouting fighters a little more interesting.


  • Does make it slightly harder to judge someones real grappling skill, especially an older fighter and could maybe give an unfair advantage to org owners that way as they can still see the skill based star rating.. i guess, had to try to come up with something.
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