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Benefits from holding titles

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Suggestion: Benefits from holding titles

Suggestions Description:

Holding a belt doesn't really do much beyond the bragging rights. I think it would improve the game if there was some actual effect attached to it.

Could be as simple as periodic S&W credits for title holders. Or create a few new random events with positive effect that will only happen for title holders. Such events could also make use of non-fighting skills like media training so you can reap even more benefits (for org or for yourself) if you have a title holder that is also a media personality.

But ideally I would like something more advanced like hype gains over time for managers holding top titles. At the same time top 10 managers not holding a top title could lose hype to offset that gain. That would fit nicely into the architecture the game already has in that it could run as a periodic script. And you would still have the bragging rights.

When I say top titles it should be determined by org hype. Holding a title in the top few orgs in the game should be worth more and have more hype impact. A hard cap on minimum org hype before any effects kick in can be used to avoid pushing new orgs into running title fights right away.. and also make the mechanic harder to exploit using fake orgs.

The intended effect is:

  • More competition for the belts themselves, make you WANT that title shot.
  • Being a top 10 manager should be harder without success in any top org, some tie-in with Manager rank weighting.

One possible side effect is some champions may not be in any hurry to take fights and risk losing their belt and perks that come with it. This is however one driver for player interaction and maybe also somewhat realistic. And it goes both ways, if you are being difficult as a champ it may also be more difficult to get future title shots. And there is the strip title option if someone becomes unreasonable so I think it should work out.

Original thread from years ago:




  • Make titles more desirable


  • Could make managers more reluctant risking their titles
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