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Number of Sparring Partners


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13 hours ago, BLOODSPORT said:

hi, just want to ask, does the number of sparring partners matter? for example will there be a difference when i am training with only one training partner (w/ elite skill) than training with two sparring partner (both w/ elite skill)? thank you

Pretty sure that the more fighters sparring in the same session = better results. Basically works opposite to training secondaries where you want the least amount of people in each session.

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remember if have 10 fighters in sparring session the session splits into 2. so the weaker fighters outside of the top 9 go into second group

eg you have 3 5 stars, 4 4 stars and 5 3 stars in a sparring session, then it will be like this


group 1

3 x 5 star

4 x 4 star

2x 3 stars


the rest will split into second group

3x3 stars

so you lose the benefit of sparring with the 5 star fighters

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