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  1. We've had 18 year olds and 25 year olds and to be honest, most get thrown away after the tournament anyway. You're never going to please everyone so don't try. Personally, I'm not fussed either way. Don't like multiple teams idea for obvious reasons. Too easy for shenanigans to occur. Would rather see the team size increased to 5 and allow up to 2 fighters per manager for alliances with fewer members.
  2. I think I've run three or four AWC tournaments now and have had anywhere from 3-5 fighters per team. All come with their own issues. Personally, I think for legitimacy, it should be five fighters per team but then most alliances wouldn't be able to field that unless you allowed some managers to have two fighters each Three fighters per team is probably the most realistic but even then you might have to allow two fighters per manager. Four fighters is fine but then depending on the format, you open yourself up to ties. Wouldn't recommend allowing multiple teams per alliance however. More teams are always better but in my experience this was the biggest mistake I've come across.
  3. Come an av a go if ya fink your broke enuff! LADBROKE
  4. It's time fellas... Let it be. RIP Tycoon Times
  5. If you filthy swine are feeling lucky, go have a punt on the upcoming match ups! LADBROKE
  6. I say this is now your job going forward. Every Island until Mike takes a baseball bat to the server
  7. Roman Dolidze (GEO) vs Nassourdine Imavov (FRA) Renato Moicano (BRA) vs Drew Dober (USA) Randy Brown (JAM) vs Muslim Salikhov (RUS) Viviane Araujo (BRA) vs Natalia Silva (BRA) Aliaskhab Khizriev (RUS) vs Makhmud Muradov (UZB) Gilbert Urbina (USA) vs Charles Radtke (USA) ESPN+ Prelims 4PM EST Molly Mccann (GBR) vs Diana Belbita (ROU) Azat Maksum (KAZ) vs Charles Johnson (USA) Themba Gorimbo (ZWE) vs Pete Rodriguez (USA) Jeongyeong Lee (KOR) vs Blake Builder (USA) Luana Carolina (BRA) vs Julija Stoliarenko (LTU) Landon Quinones (USA) vs Marquel Mederos (USA) Thomas Petersen (USA) vs Jamal Pogues (USA)
  8. I've told the org owner. Hopefully he'll close the org and release everyone or something
  9. It is what it is mate. No set time an org must run for. Some open and never even get started so a decent org running for a few months is still a benefit to the game.
  10. If you click on Templates you can do that. If that's what you mean at least.
  11. If you have your heart set on 400k then go for 400k. Otherwise there are other options such as going Open ID or it looks as though there could be a gap at 380k now. Whatever you decide, I would suggest a couple of things. Firstly, I would consolidate some of the divisions. 135/145, 155/170, 185/205, 265/265+ for example. This will make it easier to fill active divisions as well as help the optics of having divisions with only a few fighters in it. Not much fun for org owner or fighters at the org constantly fighting the same guys over and over again. Secondly, I would consider offering contracts with a 1 day inactivity and $1 signing bonus. I would put the signing bonus onto the base pay instead (e.g if I was going to offer a contract at 5 x 10/10/10 I'd instead offer 5 x 1/12/10) It works out the same overall but saves you, a start up org, from losing too much in inactives and gives the manager some reassurance should the org not work out and you go inactive. Not saying that's going to happen. Just that it does and has been happening quite a bit lately. Just my two pence worth. But anyway, I sent some cash. It should be enough to get you started at least.
  12. Giorgi Gorgodze: I no understand how he figure out my gameplan? I think maybe I have snitch in camp.
  13. ESPN+ Main Card 10PM EST Middleweight Title Sean Strickland (USA) vs Dricxus Du Plessis (ZAF) Women's Bantamweight Title Raquel Pennington (USA) vs Mayra Bueno Silva (BRA) Neil Magny (USA) vs Mike Mallot (CAN) Chris Curtis (USA) vs Marc-Andre Barriault (CAN) Arnold Allen (GBR) vs Movsar Evloev (RUS) ESPN2/ESPN+ Prelims 8PM EST Brad Katona (CAN) vs Garret Armfield (USA) Charles Jourdain (CAN) vs Sean Woodson (USA) Serhiy Sidey (UKR) vs Ramon Taveras (USA) Gillian Robertson (CAN) vs Polyana Viana (BRA) UFC Fight Pass Early Prelims 6:30PM EST Yohan Lainesse (CAN) vs Sam Patterson (GBR) Jasmine Jasudavicius (CAN) vs Priscxila Cachoeira (BRA) Malcom Gordon (CAN) vs Jimmy Flick (USA)
  14. Alfred


    Game doesn't really work that way. There's no option for mixed rules events. It's either MMA, KT or Grappling. But basically, you've come at a bad time. The last attempt at a big boy KT org just died so there's not really much out there. You'd have to go through the list of active orgs and search for ones that offer KT fights. Could try Stepping Stone Grappling & KT. Org owner is a decent fella and active.
  15. Looks like Team Alfred wins it all after Team Curix captain Roman Benson declines his fight offer!
  16. This is maximum bullshit. Clearly rigged. Jimmy saw who I was rolling with then quickly cultivated a fighter with the sole intention of defeating my guy in a fix up first round. Well congratulations to you. You may have won this battle, but you will never win the war!
  17. What the blue blazes is that sandbagger doing in the intermediate? He's been on the cusp of #1 ranked manager? Well, he can thank his lucky stars I guess as it means he avoids an asswhupping from ol' Alfred. Keep it coming boys. Team Alfred going all the way!
  18. Screw the new players! This tournament is about beating Akira and the other "vets"
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