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  1. Cheers mate. Just sent him a contract. Have to cap this thing at 20 fighters now as I just remember you need a full 7 days to book an event so if I go over I can't book a second event for the date this starts. Technically 2 spots left and contracts out to Northern Zombie and SsjmrTBE. Will check back tomorrow and that will be the cut off. Will roll with whoever we have by then.
  2. @NorthernZombie Hey mate. You still wanting a spot? One more day to go before the participants and first round fight offers will be formalised.
  3. Some interesting characters showing up for this one and I have a feeling it's going to be one hell of a ride. Still time for anyone that wants to enter. Have until this coming Monday to get fighters created and locked in. Have a few last minute entries which is awesome but once more I must remind everyone that fights are going to be EVERY OTHER DAY. Win or Lose. Battered and Bruised. Please make sure you're up for that and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with this format! Just for funsies will be adding a few extra cash prizes which will be paid out at the end of the tournament 1M for Most KO's 1M for Most Sub's 1M for Fastest Finish (KO or Sub) 1M for Most Battered (Cuts/Inj combined) 1M for Hot Potato Holder (Surprise)
  4. It's 1:14am where I am so I think it's fine for everyone to create now. No one is going to be able to sneak an extra training sessions in before the AM session anyway. so yeah, GO CREATE! 25 YEARS OLD MUST BE 170LBS
  5. Would be great to have you again. Creation day is tomorrow so still some time to think about it
  6. This is the good thing about the swizz format. The tournament can run with any number! So more the merrier
  7. Great! I'll put you down for a spot?
  8. No alternates necessary. Just need people to accept fights and it's party time. Can work with any amount of fighters too but obviously the more the merrier.
  9. Just to reiterate, this is a 15 fight commitment over the course of a month win or lose. Fights every other day and high risk of fighting injured/cut. Please don't enter if you don't think you will be active enough to get through it. Cheers
  10. Gods willing! You in?
  11. Nice one. Put you all down. Any interest from the Christmas Massacre guys? @BenhornbyMMA @Jersey @Carciofi @The1rstSaint @CelticStryder @EEPUS @pezao14 @NorthernZombie @Gonzasco @Rei @Daudy @FreakyPaul @Flipper
  12. SIGN UPS 1. Terry Farley (Alfred Winterbottom) 2. Juan "Boom Boom" Estrella (Sixty Nine) 3. Chadwick "The Hangman" Raffelburg (Bob Slay) 4. Minor Cuevas (Joe Outlier) 5. Tyler Durden (Mr. Nobody) 6. Gaetano Villacci (Jimmy Normal) 7. Booby Soul (Da Jumba) 8. Jasur "Shit Kicker" Ordilovokov (Tycoon Judas) 9. Dario Juan Pablo (Todd Westacott) 10. Frankmaster Phlex (Dakota Thibodeaux) 11. Seth Christian (Ken Enlow) 12. Freaky Fernando (Freaky Phantom) 13. Big Boss (Steven Armstrong) 14. Oscar Bukele (Car MacGib) 15. Ben "The Buzzsaw" Barnes (Johnny The Gunt) 16. Asian Guy (Billy Arseworth) 17. Luis Caixinha (John Pezao) 18. Jedrek Piotrowicz (Tomasz Pudz) 18. Shaota Jin (Thomas Edwards) 20. Prince Vegeta (Ssj mrTBE) R. Sancho Bandito (Albert Summertop)
  13. That's right folks. The carnage is back once more. This time in honour of the few sunny days we get here in ol' Blighty. The format will remain the same as last time. 25 year old creations. 170lbs (MUST be created at 170lbs and remain at 170lbs throughout tournament). 3 x 5 Min Rounds in the Cage. Starting on the 1st June fights will be EVERY OTHER DAY until the end of the month. 15 rounds of destruction in total. The dreaded swizz format will be in full effect. For those not familiar it is a format that only a nerd can understand but in basically it is a way to decide the best of the bunch without everyone having to fight each other over the course of the tournament. Just don't think about that stuff. Just accept the fights and smash. Possibly should have announced this earlier but I lost track of time so the creation/testing phase will be a little shorter in order to get going at the start of June. Creation day will be from WED 22nd MAY. Testing is allowed but frowned upon. I'll set up some test events for anyone that wants them running on the 23rd, 24th, 25th. Would like everyone locked in by the 27th May though so I can set up the tournament and get fight offers out. Can work with any number of participants so not a concern there. Biggest issue is being active enough to accept fights every other day and not throw a wobbly if you're getting your ass kicked. Everyone was great with that last time so hopefully the same again. I'll keep the Prize Money the same as last time too. 1st Place = 6 Million T$ 2nd Place = 3 Million T$ 3rd Place = 1 Million T$ 1M for Most KO's 1M for Most Sub's 1M for Fastest Finish (KO or Sub) 1M for Most Battered (Cuts/Inj combined) 1M for Hot Potato Holder (Surprise) Any question please ask but for now, sign ups are open.
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