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  1. Lewis Ruziboev ulberg rebecki woodson acosta borschev ribovics goff hadley hardy ricci
  2. Alexandre Pantoja Jonathan Martinez Vitor Petrino (BRA) Michel Pereira (BRA) Caio Borralho (BRA) Joanderson Brito (BRA) Iasmin Lucindo (BRA) Myktybek Orolbai (KGZ) Jean Silva (BRA) Drakkar Klose (USA) Mauricio Ruffy (BRA) Dione Barbosa (BRA) Ismael Bonfim (BRA) Alessandro Costa (BRA)
  3. actually you could make ok money from bookmakers in MMAT as mike used to auto populate the odds for IRL events from his real money maker site betmma then you would just set your edge percentage which could be from very tight to cream its up to you as bookie. There were a few bookies then so if you wanted customers it was better to keep your margins tight but you also had options with min and max bets then you just adjust as you take bets in. It worked well and was not time consuming like in game betting where you have to check the fighters records, managers skills etc and then set your own odds from scratch The IRL odds from betmma were the real bookies odds so no work. Of course odds change IRL though
  4. https://www.voicy.network/embed/VtytJB_OQ0i5ktYZtgLZyw Message from Mr Frank Brown
  5. Mike stopped putting IRL event odds up nearly 2 years ago that's why i stopped opening my bookie
  6. Frank Totally dropped the ball with sliders fight before last revenge will be sweet in the final MMA section. Look out.... "Frank Brown has the power to score a knockout today if he connects clean with Michel Robillard's chin."
  7. Matheus Nicolau (BRA) Ryan Spann (USA) Karine Silva (BRA) Jhonata Diniz (BRA) Jonathan Pearce (USA) Uros Medic (SRB) Victor Henry (USA) Michal Figlak (POL) Caio Machado (BRA) Ketlen Souza (BRA) James Llontop (PER) Ivana Petrovic (HRV) Maheshate (CHN)
  8. Looks like the russian bots are doing overtime. Do they think this is twitter or the GOP's inboxes??
  9. yeah i hated the CGI fight scenes, they have Conor but use CGI for the fight scenes???
  10. Arthur The king Based on a true story about extreme racing and a dog. Great scenery, a bit over the top on the emotional stuff but great subject Probably a 6 but because it was a dog movie i went 7/10 I am a sucker for a tearjerker about dogs. If you like dog movies you will enjoy this
  11. remember if have 10 fighters in sparring session the session splits into 2. so the weaker fighters outside of the top 9 go into second group eg you have 3 5 stars, 4 4 stars and 5 3 stars in a sparring session, then it will be like this group 1 3 x 5 star 4 x 4 star 2x 3 stars the rest will split into second group 3x3 stars so you lose the benefit of sparring with the 5 star fighters
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