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  1. Apologies for the lack of coverage for Round 2 lads. Work and family took center stage and I’m sure you can all relate. LEVEL SUMMIT SERIES - KT Level Round 3 Highlights Tokyo, Japan FOTN - Hung Young Wang vs Summit Panda Wang has been a swinging dick in this Series so far but Panda was jacked for this match up and wasn’t prepared to go down without a fight. Wang brought volume striking to his opponent, who handled the pressure very well. Panda couldn’t wait to get his hands on Wang and dominated in the clinch and worked well in the pocket, beating Wang to the floor. The second knockdown was a glimpse at the imminent finish. Wang was hard as fuck until he went limp. KOTN - Tinashe Chukwuma Chukwuma found himself in an even match up, so he decided to hit his opponent harder. HONOURABLE MENTIONS Young Blood wins! That’s it…that’s the headline. Macho Man continues to show flashes of “meh” but keeps winning. You know when your nose is really dry and you develop a whistle when you breathe? That will now forever be knwn as a Lysander. Robillard polishes off an early tournament menace in Frank Brown. Nunez piles onto Rockmuller’s hopes and dreams
  2. I guess my question would be, is it really ruining anyone’s experience at this point? Another question would be, where does the work need to stop? I’ve seen tons that look like a game av is just pasted on the face of an actual fighter pic while the body portion remains unaltered from the base image. Looks weird. We all know there have been massive discrepancies in what is considered acceptable and what is flagged for a rework, so eventually creativity just took over. There are some pretty wacky avatars out there and some really cool ones too. I think they’re all mostly fun to look at and that’s where it stops for me personally.
  3. That is certainly one option that has been pointed out. Here’s the problem: - garnering enough interest to have managers create and hold can be difficult. - what is the magic number of alternates? - what if those alternates change their minds and drop out also? I’m basing this suggestion on my own experience running my first tournament. I’ve also participated in a few that have died a slow death for the same reason, so this is not necessarily an isolated event.
  4. All good man, perfectly valid point to add. @jjsquirrel agreed as well.
  5. Thanks for chiming in Mac. It’s reassuring.
  6. Tournaments are a way to increase activity in this game. We’ve all experienced a tournament go off the rails when either the Organizer or Participants go inactive. Not sure how to handle it if the Org Owner disappears, but in the case of participants, are we able to add a failsafe where there is an auto-accept for fights? Pros: - fighters/managers who are still invested in the experience continue to enjoy themselves. Cons: - none that I can think of.
  7. Still holding out hope that we’ll see @Rei log onto the game this week, but we’re facing the very real possibility that Jack Brittle will not accept his fight with Rogelio Nunez next Sunday. I hope all is well with his manager irl but if he fails to show, he will be cut from the tournament full stop. Obviously this fucks the format that we have in place, but I think the only “fair” move forward would be to assign his spot as a loss holder (for continuity of the fight brackets) and award a forfeit win to his eventual opponents. If anyone has suggestions that we can all agree on, I’m happy to hear them in case this becomes an eventuality. Thoughts?
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