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  1. You know it's bad when Tosen awakes from his autobot to post about it!
  2. Looking for laundry. Please PM me your rates and amount available in game: https://www.mmatycoon.com/managerprofilemanager.php?MgrID=88689 I can easily do $10m+, so the more the better. I have some ability to also do reciprocal laundry (as in, you buy some units from me, and I buy the equivalent from you, no need to transfer). This would be possible for a fair chunk, but just not close to $10m worth obviously.
  3. He had better striking primaries than you, which does count for a bit. You have no striking primaries, which affects your striking even if you do have some points in striking defence secondaries. His aren't great either, but if you think about it, it's still 3-4 times yours. Other than that, it seems like he went full aggro damage and just connected. Furthermore, from the tale of the tapes from early in your career, you can tell your guy doesn't have a notable chin (it's under 100/150, but so is your opponent's) and heart that is also not that noticeable. So he probably isn't the best at taking a shot. It's hard to say if your opponent has great KO power, but you can tell he's trained his strength up a bit, so that helps him too.
  4. I have no fighters in this org, but appreciate the effort into the writeup. Nice one!
  5. For those on the fence, this kind of format was pretty fun. However, I will be really busy those weeks so I can't do this one. You definitely need to be active for it!
  6. I did not do it! I did naaaaaaaaaaaaht. I've now got you all right where I wanted.
  7. If the masses want Butch back, I hear that coming up with some really good background ideas/examples would be really helpful. (Then I'll probably steal said ideas and post it in discord for him to see when I get avatar making inspiration). I personally find coming up with ideas for that really hard/draining, and Butch said the same thing to me yesterday. I was so out of ideas, I even made and submitted an avatar recently where the background was just a mishmash of a bunch of DMMA posters I had done for past events.
  8. Nice one mate, looks good. Well done Butch!
  9. If you know what you're doing, it's actually pretty good. It's got a niche that no where else has in terms of fighter pool (some people still go open with their 25yo creations, but most don't). Because it's also a bit of a closed ecosystem, any hype you do farm onto your big players is worth the same as any hype elsewhere and you probably won't lose them to competing orgs. It doesn't matter that the fighters aren't the best compared to outside of that ecosystem, just as long as they're competitive with each other. You can pull in big PPV numbers if done correctly. Of course if you do PPVs incorrectly, you're looking at going broke very quickly.
  10. Perhaps if it was to remain a purely manual task maybe getting some help for Bob from other timezones could help. e.g. As of me posting this, there has been a new wave only 19 minutes ago, but I dare say Bob may be tucked into bed unless he's having a late night. Doesn't even have to be a proper moderator, just "King Spam Eater" or something.
  11. I've thought about it but: A) Don't really feel like putting in the effort to put in good odds and adjusting them B.) The model sort of falls apart a bit because there's often not really the volume of bets either side on fights to be able to effectively 'balance' the books. Punters can pick and choose the value bets and leave the rest and there's not enough other punters money to balance it out. The whole point of odds is to get roughly similar amounts of cash on either side of the line (by offering juicier odds on the side with less). There's a bit of fat in there for their profit and they get to mitigate their liability. Lopsided amounts of cash either side of the line (which happens when often only one person max bets on a fight at all) increases said liability for the bookie. Unless you're a complete idiot at betting or don't mind just betting willy nilly (especially since it's just tycoon cash), you should be able to at least break even or better in this environment as a punter. Subsequently, bookies put in all the effort of making the odds just for it to be a money sink. You may as well re-start the ol' Noob fund if you're giving it away (maybe call it the 'Alex K fund for noobs who can't train good'). That said, in the grand scheme of things, Tycoon Cash doesn't mean all that much so if you find setting and adjusting odds fun, then just do it anyway. I just feel like it's work that I don't currently want to do, but appreciate it when others do. EDIT: I have also thought of just creating one with TERRIBLE odds either side (like every bet is 1.1 to 1.1), just to limit the work of actually setting lines and just facilitate people gambling for the sake of it.
  12. This happens all the time - specifically for cuts. Some (including myself) would argue it's a bit too overtuned as well. One of my poor 384k creations has had 8 fights at a top tier open ID org. His results are the following from most recent up the top: TKO (Cut) TKO (Strikes) KO (Punch) TKO (Cut) TKO (Cut) KO (Head Kick) TKO (Cut) KO (Punch) You can have a guess which fights he won and which ones he lost (hint: he won every fight that didn't end in a TKO - cut). Sometimes you can fight around it if you have strong KO power, but it's a pretty big handicap that some managers will target.
  13. Pope Callixtus "I'd like to thank everyone that made this happen for me. This is another belt that goes into the massive trophy cabinet of my clan/team. I'd also like everyone to refer to me by my new title as bestowed upon me after my Batamweight championship win - MILF KING. Yours sincerely, MILF King"
  14. Thanks for picking the org up (though I don't currently have any guys there and only formerly had 1 guy there). We were all shocked when Dino took it on and in the end, having to log in every day was doing his head in. Your efforts have saved the sanity of one Scotsman. Looking forward to seeing how RSE goes!
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