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  1. This is pretty wild, Marcin Siannos was competing in a Boxing match & TKO'd his opponent, he was disqualified, since it was by way of ground and pound.
  2. A certain degree of automated features alongside player-sumbitted articles could help increase interest in the Tycoon Times again, the idea of Press Conferences plugging into Tycoon Times articles or at the very least generating articles has merit too. Maybe managers could also become "Tycoon Times MMA Journalists" where after so many articles a manager could earn themselves a regular "column" in the newspaper. I'd like to see an increase in trophies for Writing TT articles & one for spending time as the editor to encourage some more engagement. Currently you get one for your first article & that's pretty much it. Also there used to be awards/trophies for forum engagement and it would be good to see those return in some capacity.
  3. Kinda weird how group A won every match vs Group B in the final round.
  4. Congratulations on another victory by way of extreme boredom. The referee doing absolutely nothing for over 4 minutes while you just laid there like a corpse was bad. you may have managed to bore him to sleep, I am sure I heard him snoring. I knew I had to get a sub to prevent a snooze-fest and it was on me to get something to stick, but in my defense trying to shift your big dumb lump of a body for 15 minutes when you barely move and never try any finishing moves was exhausting, being purely a blanket is one way to win I guess but If you are really here looking to build a fan base for a movie career you are doing it all wrong man, nobody likes your "style" and they have Nyquil for insomnia. Ultimately I am disappointed with myself, I got beat by the most boring fighter in the whole tournament & I shouldn't have let that happen, but it wasn't just me who lost, the fans lost too and arguably the entire sport loses when fighters like you have success doing so little. All that said, I am very happy with my record so far, and there are 2 more stages to go.
  5. Interestingly when you view the fight linked from opponents of your "corrupted" fighter you see no TOTT on the PBP either, so it's affecting both sides of the bout link-wise.
  6. I am no programmer but to me that looks like a damaged / corrupted fighter file. I've seen similar kind of "missing data" issues in some MMO games where the character file was damaged on the server,
  7. I've seen this happen once or twice via mails before where someone had formatted the message rather than just using plain text. When you see this happen is it happening in all browsers & are you seeing this on mobile, PC or both?
  8. I've never made an Avatar but given the originals were all made in 3ds Max which is not exactly entry-level in terms of access or cost I think the idea all should be of that same quality is a bit of a stretch, what some users manage to do with refacing garbage is actually pretty solid given that very few people are going to be professional 3d artists in a largely free to play game. While I understand wanting some consistency & wanting to keep the standards up I can also see why the avatars that get passed do, if there were an army of full-time 3ds Max artists cranking these things out it might be less of an issue. And let's not forget that appearance/aethetics/cosmetics etc are very highly subjective hard & fast rules are very hard to maintain consistency within because even how your mood is on any given day has a big effect on how your perception of any image is going to be, this is especially true of colour images and one reason black & white photography is still very popular when doing subject study. So an Avatar that might pass one day might not on another and you can't eradicate the biases causing that without resorting to removing the human equation from the process - not sure anyone's managed that yet, even AI image analysis contains biases from the material it was trained on. This game's avatar system would massively benefit from a "Character Creation" tool similar to how some MMORPG's do with a broad selection of faces, features & adjustable parameters - but that's far too expensive for a text-based fighting RPG/sports manager game to consider.
  9. Weight loss/gain should scale based on height.
  10. Here's another idea, a "holiday". Fighters could buy a holiday & recover their energy faster, would be a limit on how many they could take over year maybe to stop it becoming abused too much, if you own a Private Jet you could get a discount on holiday costs for your fighters, could provide a use for Jets to fly them off to "Holiday Cities". The Older the fighter gets the more family etc he will have so that cost could increase with age. The more "famous" a fighter becomes (Hype+Popularity) the larger the entourage they will have so that increases cost too, could mean a bigger Jet is needed to have enough seats for them all.
  11. What do real world fighters spend money on? Houses, for themselves & parent(s) maybe. Getting Married. Car. Investments into businesses (Their own branded foodstuff / fight gear / supplements / drinks /cologne / etc.). Donations to local charities, schools, gyms for kids from their old neighbourhoods. There's quite a bit of scope. How to "show" these purchases, maybe an in-game website/blog for the fighter that showcases these activites, like a template these things can slot into in various flavours, kinda like an evolved version of Buzz / Tycoon Times for individual fighters but instead of shit talking its to show what a nice guy the fighter is and how they are making a difference - or ruining themselves with gambling, hookers & booze etc.
  12. If you see a garbage hidden like this it means he has nothing better as hidden, so weak puncher, weak chin, weak heart, low intelligence. Sack him and hope for a better roll of the RNG dice with your next creation.
  13. For example: https://www.mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=7229 Mocked-up example after the change.
  14. Suggestion: Change the colour of the TWGC Hype Bar Suggestions Description: Change the colour of the TWGC Hype Bar on the Fight Org landing page to red, keep blue for (KT) and green for (MMA) Pros: Allows for Tampermonkey to display the TWGC hype as a value on the org page, it cannot do this currently because it does not have a unique colour, as it shares green with MMA you cannot read the value of the TWGC bar, all you will get is the MMA value. This should be a very easy & cheap to do change. Or even better allow all such bars to also display the numerical value for VIP users. Cons: None that I can think of, it might look like just a cosmetic change on the surface but its a bit more than that for Tampermonkey users.
  15. There's that silver-lining I was looking for 🤣
  16. Not going to say what we specifically can or cannot see since that would be information multi-accounters could abuse, but wherever we spot patterns that look like obvious rule abuse we raise it internally for Mike to investigate, issue for him is always gonna be the sheer time it takes.
  17. As I understand it from prior posts I have read there IS a "Chin" rating that decreases each time your fighter suffers a KO, it is one reason you don't want to fight your projects too early before you have trained up their avoidance & absorption skills, it has been noted that you can ruin a fighter's long term career prospects by doing that & getting KO'd often very early on.
  18. I've no idea what's involved but if you are interested & wanna give it a go definitely PM Mike Tycoon to offer your services.
  19. Strength & Cardio are the 2 most important physical stats, you already know the reason why they do a test fight with low Strength but this is also partly because Strength is one of the easiest stats to raise if used with the right supplements. Once managers have one (or ideally 2 with one from each side of the TOTT) test fight done they will have a semi-reasonable handle on a fighter's hiddens & whether it is worth investing in training them up or not and also a good idea of what kind of build to aim for on that fighter at least initially. When you start training physical stats depends on how soon you want that fighter to compete, many "projects" do not have any fights for months after their test fight while they are trained up - some managers will do grappling matches with projects to reset tickers to prevent some skill-decline in young fighters while they train them up in preparation for MMA matches, that's because grappling matches do not have energy loss or injuries & cuts, for such Project Fighters they can delay tarining in strength until they are approaching the point the manager wants to have them fight, that;s so as to make the best use of the earlier higher learning speed part of a fighter's life-cycle.. Fighters you want to start fighting with will need to get some strength, example: 25 year old creation you want to fight asap for you'd be looking to train weights a lot until their strength is up around Wonderful (12) or more.
  20. Updated Original Post, reply if any ID-Restricted Fight-Org is Missing Changes: Updated: Underground Cage Fighting now (394K+) previously (395k+) as part of a takeover MMA Helsinki* Removed: MMA Helsinki (394K+) - see above*
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