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Standup commentary (non-finishing moves)


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Single Head Punch

1.~ finding his range with his jab


2.~ lands a stiff jab


3.~ springs towards ^, ~ feints with the left and cracks ^ with the right


4.~ and ^ square up, ~ fires first and finds his mark


5.^ steps forward, bobs, and ~ meets him with a good left hook to head.


6.~ stitches and weaves and catches ^ with a solid uppercut


7.~ steps in throws a short straight that bloodies ^’s nose


8.The fighters circle, ~ pivots and throws his left shoulder, his fist smashes into ^’s face! That was a Sambo Casting Punch ladies and gentlemen!


9.~ Crunches ^’s nose. Good lord did you hear that?


10.^ darts in, ~ pivots and throws and overhand right that slams into ^’s head.


Punch Combo


1.~ connects with a 1-2 and staggers ^


2.Body, head, body ~ leaves ^ worse for wear


3.~ ducks downs and springs forward he connects with a stiff left jab and ducks into an over hand right that just barely clips ^.


4.^ using head movement he eats one, two, three punches.


5.~ jab feints with right, brutal left to the body followed by a right to head


6.^ squares up with ~ looking to throw some power shots. ^ eats a jab, eats another, and a third. ~ slips out of the pocket. Great hand speed utilized there by ~.


7.~ squares up with ^ looking to throw some power shots. ~ connects with quick jab

and a hard liver shot.


8.^ keeping his hands up. ~ connects with a quick right uppercut and follows it with a left hook to the head.


9.~ sells the leg kick and ^ buys it. ^ gets wobbled by a left cross followed by a powerful right hook to the body.


10.~ rushes forward jab, cross, hook, uppercut, Wow! Talk about making a statement.

^ is all over the place.


Head Kicks


1.~ fakes the body kicks and slaps ^ in face with the head kick.


2.~ steps back as ^ comes forward, ~ lands a front face kick.


3.~ is backing up ^ trying to cut off the corners. ~ connects with a spinning heel kick to the face of ^. The whole place heard that!


4.^ using head movement as he bobs into the pocket ohh he takes a kick to the head. ~ slips out of the pocket and resets his feet.


5.~ feints with his hands and ^ ducks his head into a front kick. His face cannot take many more of those.


Head Kick KO


1.^ steps in range and gets caught with an axe kick, oh my! That landed right between the temple and ear. What a beautiful kick~ landed


2.^ and ~ square up, ~ lands a heavy push kick to head. ^ slumps to the ground his legs still quivering.


3.~ is coming in aggressive he launches one spinning back heel kick that misses and then another that puts ^ to sleep. That’s all folks.

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Single head punch

^ is tagged in the cheek by ~'s straight left.


~ pushes ^ into the * and keeps him honest with an arm-punch to the temple.


^ appears to be perfecting a new style: he's punched ~'s fist with his face!


~ with a stepping left... Oh, that one staggered ^!


~ weaves from a ^ hook and pops him with a flicking jab.


^ trying to work at range here, but ~ engages well into the pocket and hits a backpedaling ^ on the chin! ^ stumbles back and crashes into the *, trying to shake off the cobwebs!


Missed head punch

^ sidesteps out of the way out of a haymaker that would make Dan Henderson blush! ~ went for the home run shot but missed by miles.


~ throws a wild hook with his lead hand- but that one didn't even land in the same area code as ^.


There's an audible windy noise as ~ just misses a lightning quick jab aimed for ^'s snout.


^ avoids a wild swing from ~- ~ loses his balance and nearly falls into the *! He's up though, with his only injury being a Bruised Ego.


Single body punch


~ feints high, getting ^'s hands up high before going downstairs with a hook to the gut.


^ hops away from ~'s shot that landed square to his stomach- that one stung.


~ slips through ^'s defenses with a straight left, hitting him right in the sternum.


Missed body punch


^ tries to work the body, but ~ avoids a heat-seeking left hook.


~ lunges forward with a mid-range jab, but ^ is out of range.


A look of frustration flashes upon ~'s face as he swings low for a liver punch, but ^ steps out of the way.


Punch combo

~ peppers ^ with a slick combination, landing hooks to the body and head at will.


^ tries to counter, but ~ literally beats him to the punch and throws a right hand followed by a left.


~ scores with an irritatingly-efficient series of strikes to the boy.


^'s trainers are gnashing their teeth- he tried to bait ~, but ended up taking a couple punches to the face in the process.


Missed punch combo

~ is absolutely teeing off on ^! It's too bad that he's hitting him with open-hand slaps. I think he may have taken a knock and thinks he's in Pancrase.


^ keeps a frustrated ~ at range as the latter misses with a couple hook attempts.


Leg kick

~ whips his leg into ^'s thigh. He felt that one- he even stopped moving for a moment.


^ tries to step forward, but jams his shin on ~'s Muay Thai kick attempt.


You could hear this one in the nosebleeds- an almost slapping leg kick from ~ lands accurately in ^'s side.


Missed leg kick

~ tries for a snapping leg kick, but ^ checks it easily.


^ avoids a blistering low kick from ~.


A thousand cornermen howl in unison as ^ JUST gets his lead leg out of the way of ~'s kick! That was close.


Body kick

~ lands an effective front kick, stopping ^'s movement and pushing him backwards.


Masterful use of the range game- ~ is just able to clip ^ with a kick to the body.


High kick

^ feints low- unwittingly putting him in the trajectory of a knee from ~! ^ seems able to continue, but he's definitely smarting from that one.


~ channeling some Sugar Ray Sefo with a spinning back kick, clipping the jaw! Connected almost like a mule would- ^ stops in his tracks.


Missed high kick


A ~ high kick grazes the cheek of ^, missing by inches.


A little bit of Capoeira from ~! ^ hastily sidesteps from a surprisingly crisp spinning kick.



Failed takedown

~ shoots in for the takedown- and inadvertently rams his face right into ^'s knee! He's back on his feet, but that takedown attempt went to the wolves quickly.


^ sprawls out from ~'s takedown attempt. ~ tries to power his way into a single leg, but no luck.


~ goes for the double leg, bullying ^ against the *. Excellent balance is shown by his target, however; this fight stays on the feet.


~ shoots for the takedown, he has one leg... ^ hops around doing his best to keep from falling... He's managed to stay upright! ~ goes back to standing with a disappointed expression on his face.


Failed clinch

^ pushes away ~'s attempt to close the distance. No clinch there.


~ goes for a clinch, but ^ quickly secures underhooks and circles from danger.


~ has the clinch- no, ^ able to push out his hip and keep ~ from wrapping those arms.

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Single Head Punches:


^ eats a knuckle sandwich as ~ lands a stepping left hook.


~ launches off the * with his back foot and lands a picture perfect superman punch!


~ sways to the left before coming up the middle with a textbook right uppercut.


~ feints the right uppercut and sneaks a quick jab between ^'s gloves.


^ looks confused after getting clocked with an overhand right that came right over the top of his defenses.


~ stutter steps like he's getting ready to throw a kick, and surprises ^ with a quick right cross to the dome.


^ glances to his corner for instructions and gets popped with a jab. Keep your eyes on your opponent, son!


Single Body Punches:


~ throws a hard right cross to the sternum, as ^ kept his hands up to protect his chin.


^ eats a hook to the kidneys.


~ fakes the right uppercut and lands a hard left hook to the body.


Punch Combo:


~ pops ^ with with a couple jabs followed by a textbook right cross.


~ spins and throws a right backfist followed by a solid left hook! What a combo!!


~ shows no respect for ^'s defenses as he lands 3 quick left hooks in a row!


^ circles to his right and eats a couple quick jabs.


^ circles to his left and gets stung with a right hook, left uppercut combination. He'll need to be more careful with his footwork after that one!


^ gets cracked with a hook to the body that freezes him in his tracks momentarily, allowing ~ to follow it up with a couple snappy jabs to the face.


Leg Kick:


~ fakes a right hand and turns it into a nice kick to ^'s front leg.


~ snaps out a quick stomp to the knee of ^'s front leg. That can't feel too good!


^ takes a glance at the clock, and ~ takes the opportunity to land a solid leg kick.


Body Kick:


~ spins as if to throw a backfist, but keeps turning and lands a really slick kick to the body!


~ channels his inner Chuck Norris and lands a snappy side kick to the sternum. That'll wake you up in the morning!


Head Kick:


~ lands an axe kick to the head, and it must have surprised ^ because he didn't even think about blocking it!


^ gets hammered with a kick to the ear. He'll be brushing up on his Muay Thai after this one's over!


~ lands a wheel kick to the face! HOLY CRAP!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!?!

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Single Punch


~ paws with his lead hand and catches ^ with a stiff jab.




~ rushes ^ with a crushing straight right and follows him with a jumping knee.


Single Punch


^ comes in careless and gets popped by a straight right from ~.




~ lands two heavy Hooks to to the body of ^. [Knockdown]


Single Body Punch


~ lands with a stepping right to ^ middle.


Single Punch


~ punishes ^ with a long rear Uppercut.

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Single head punch

~ bobs to his left and connects with an overhand right over the top.

~ does a little dance and quickly paws ^ with a jab. Both fighters return to circling.

~ lunges forward and riffles off a straight right that partially lands.


Single body punch

~ keeps ^ at bay with a stiff jab to the body.

^ gets his back against the *, allowing ~ to score with a decent hook to the body. ^ circles away before he could land more shots.

~ feints a jab to the head and connects with a straight right down the midsection. That caught ^ off guard.


Punch combo

~ connects with a quick 1-2 combo. Not particularly devastating.

Right uppercut, left hook combination landed by ~. ^ stumbles but he looks alright.

A couple of wild shots from ~ got ^ backpedalling.


Leg kick

~ stops ^ in his tracks with a front kicks to the kneecap.

~ lands a nice inside leg kick. That will definetely leave a mark.

^ gets off balance for a moment as he is on the wrong end of a nice leg kick.


Body kick

~ puts his Muay thai to good use, pushing ^ back with a teep.

~ switch stances and connects with a good kick to the ribcage.

~ gets the crowd's approval as he connected with a beautiful spinning back kick to ^'s midsection.


High kick

~ tries a beautiful wheel kick but ^ blocked it nicely.

^ gets dropped to a knee by a head kick from ~! He manages to recover and get back to his feet before ~ could swarm.


Failed takedown

~ dives in looking for a takedown but ~ steps backwards before ~ could reach his legs.

~ clinches a single leg but ^ is pressing his head, looking to escape. He breaks free of ~'s grip and we're back to striking range.


Failed clinch

~ bull rushes ^, trying to close the distance. ^ circles away and prevents the clinch.

~ goes for the thai clicnh but ^ slips his neck out of it.

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~ comes forward Stockton Slap style , pressuring ^ against the cage. ~ lands three half powered shots to the body before coming over the top with a flurry of hooks and uppercuts. ^ somehow manages to circle off the cage but you can tell he was in trouble there. Keep your back off the cage son!

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single punch


~ feints with a jab and catches ^ with a rear straight.


^ takes an overhand left from ~ and is on his back! He scrambles back up though; seems like he slipped.


^ looks frustrated with being unable to close the range. He charges forward and is countered with a lead straight right down the pipe- that one stunned him.


~ steps in with a hook to the body. ^ covers up, but it's clear that one stung him.


^ circles to ~'s right and gets clipped with a rear hook! He backs up from that- he's woozy!


^ tries to get in with a jab, but ~ counters him fairly easily with a rear straight.


~ sidesteps to the left. As ^ turns to square his stance to him, ~ leaps forward with a straight punch. That was clever.


single kick

^ is circling to ~'s left side, and pays for it by being chopped with a low kick to the thigh. That one stopped his movement.


~ throws a teep kick towards the front of ^'s leg and connects just above the knee! ^'s legs buckle for a second, but he recovers.


It's apparent ^ is trying to avoid those strikes to the leg in hopes of keeping them from taking their toll. Unfortunately for him it's backfiring- ~ just cracked him on the thigh with a side kick.


~ connects with a high kick! ^ got his hands up just in time, and it seemed to hit more forearm than head.

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Punch Combo counter


~ misses with a stiff jab, and ^ counters with a left, right, left to the body. Looks like hes using the King Hippo strategy.



single punch


~ is keeping that jab in his opponent's face.


~ flips out a token jab. I had almost forgotten he had a left arm with all the big right hands he has thrown so far.


^ takes the best shot we've seen landed by ~ all fight and doesn't budge. He has no respect for his opponent's power at all at this point.

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Single head punch

~ gauges the distance with his left and lands a soft jab right between ^'s eyes

^ drops his hands to catch his breath and eats a stiff jab

~ lowers his left hand a little and lands a nice flicker jab

~ keeps ^ at bay with a nice flicker jab

~ shows some nice head movement and lands a flicker jab that snaps his opponents head back

^ tries to close the distance but gets caught by a big chopping right hand

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single head punch

~ throws a straight no ~ twists his wrist and lands a perfect corkscrew punch to the kisser

^ looks to counter but ~ sees through it, ~ throws a light jab and slides out of danger

~ throws a big corkscrew punch but it barely grazes ^

^ slips under a big right hook and gets tagged by a perfectly timed jab


Single body punch

~ brings his arms close to his face, closes the distance using the pee-ka-boo style and lands a short hook to the body


Failed clinch

~ wants to clinch but ^ sees it coming from a mile away and moonwalks out of danger

~ runs straight forward looking to clinch, but ^ keeps ~ at bay with a well-timed push kick

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Single head punch

~ hops in and lands with a stunning cross.


Punch combo

~ hits ^ with a solid 1-2 combo and ends the combination with a solid body kick. That should've hurt!


Body kick

~ lands with a huge body shot! You could hear ^ make the "ughh...." noise on that one!


Leg kick

~ is looking straight into ^ eyes tricking him and landing thudding leg kick. Shin to the meat on that one!


High kick

~ feints and unloads with a beautiful roundhouse! ^ was about to fall, but the cage helped him to stay standing. He is still wobbly after that one!

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Head Punch


^ and ~ both throw jabs. ~ stumbles, is he hurt?! No, looks like his feet got tangled there. Nice jab landed from ^





^ throws a hook that ~ slips but follows it up with a spinning back fist that clips him. It wasn't pretty but style points go to ^.

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