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We're officially partnering with MMA Playground so you'll see some cross promotion between the two sites. Jay who first set up the site is back on board now so he's been updating and improving the site, if you've previously been a member.


If you're new to the site it's an MMA Pickem League and Fantasy Betting League site, which is roughly the same size as Tycoon.


We have a fight camp set up called (unsurprisingly) MMA Tycoon, so let's get some people involved and make a push to be a successful fight camp on there! :)

To join up, go to http://www.mmaplayground.com/fight_camps.aspx and search for the fight camp. I'm now in control of that alliance so I can add you if you put in a request... not sure exactly how that works so we'll have to see :D


There's also a new MMA Playground alliance created on here for people coming in the opposite direction.

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Nice. Hell's Playground has roots in MMAPG. That's what our alliance was originally called. The HP logo is bassed of the old MMAPG logo. Wolfenstein told me about Tycoon back when it was beta and on the d/l. :D ChuckW, me, wolf, FlashyG, Stanky, a few others, we all knew each other from the Playground.


Great partnership!

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A great partnership, for sure!


Everyone stay tuned over there for contest announcements. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@mmaplayground) and check out the weekly podcast; MMA@Work (powered by MMAPlayground). Details on the podcast can be found by visiting the MMAPlayground Game Talk forum.


Sign-up today for your chance to win REAL $$$ for picking the fights on this weekend's UFC on FOX!


- emfleek

MMPlayground.com Staff

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