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Here it is ladies and gents the first event from the newest Org in the GAMMA franchise GKNY, lets have a look at these hot prospects the week before this historic night.


Light Heavyweight Bout

Vladimir Nabokov (1-0-0) Vs John Reese (10-12-0)

The first fight of the night is a matchup of experience. Reese who at 27 has already been in the cage 22 times and has come over from World Combat Championships on The Island, will be standing opposite Nabokov who has only had 1 fight previously. Whilst Reese has the experience, he is currently on a 3 fight losing streak that he will be hoping to break on Saturday night and his morale is not at its best. He will be hoping he can keep this fight standing and fend off Nabokov’s takedowns and stay away from his opponents superior ground game.

Nabokov who won his only previous fight in the QFC via a 1st round TKO might try to show his versatility by getting his opponent to tap this time out and stay away from Reese’s world class boxing.


Welterweight Bout

Adlan Amagov (5-3-0) Vs Patrick Enquist (1-1-0)

The second fight is in the Welterweight division where both fighters are going to try and get back in the win column. Both fighters have experience in the QFC and are primarily known for their boxing skills with Enquist just having the edge. This is balanced by Amagov who has better MT and Wrestling skills, will that be good enough to work the clinch and beat Enquist? Both fighters look in great shape and ready to fight, so whatever happens this is sure to be a great one for these two hot prospects.

Middleweight Bout

Duke Hightower (5-4-0) Vs Billy Branson (0-1-0)

Our next fight is in the Middleweight division which sees two great youngsters fight it out. At 19 years old Duke Hightower has already had 9 pro fights all in the QFC and has had mixed results so far in his career. Billy Branson at 17 is looking for his first win after a disappointing QFC loss by TKO in his first fight.

Hightower has the better wrestling, but is out matched on the feet and on the mat. Will he be able to tie Branson up and stop him getting his first win?

Light Heavyweight Bout

Lenard Ellis (Pro debut) Vs Jonas Saint Cloud (Pro debut)

The final event on the undercard is going to be a test for these two Light Heavyweight fighters as they get blooded in their pro debuts.

They are equally matched on the floor both as novice fighters, but the American Ellis has great Muay Thai skills that he has honed at the LOD Performance centre here in New York. The native of Haiti, Jonas Saint Cloud has got a wrestling advantage coming into the fight, but we are hoping to see his high calibre boxing being showcased in his first fight. Hopefully this fight will be a great standup battle for these two new young fighters as we see who gets their first win.


Super Heavyweight Bout

Dudley Dawson (1-1-0) Vs Alex Rodriguez (1-1-0)

The first fight on our main card is between two Super Heavyweights as Dudley Dawson takes on Alex Rodriguez. Both fighters come into the cage with a KO loss in their last fight after winning in their QFC debuts.

Dudley Dawson has the advantage in his boxing and Wrestling, whilst Rodriguez takes it with his Muay Thai and blue belt in BJJ. If Dawson can use his wrestling to keep things on the feet he should be able to out strike Rodriguez as long as he can stay on the inside away from his dangerous legs.

Middleweight Bout

Cannon Boy (3-0-0) Vs David Gerald (4-2-0)

The next fight is in the Middleweight division as Cannon Boy puts his undefeated record on the line against David Gerald who is on a 3 fight winning streak. Both fighters are strikers and have proved that they have KO power in the QFC, All of Boy’s wins have come by KO or TKO, whilst Gerald has won by KO and has proved he can go the distance winning 2 of his fights by decision.

Both fighters have a blue belt in BJJ and are pretty evenly matched at Wrestling, but Boy has the better boxing whilst Gerald has the better Muay Thai. This is going to be a tough one to call, but one thing’s for sure, its going to be another war.

Welterweight Bout

Modified Horse (2-1-0) Vs Anakin Skywalker (2-0-0)

Next up will be a Welterweight contest between 2 great submission fighters. Both fighters have put their BJJ brown belts to good use in the past showcasing a variety of submissions in the QFC. They are evenly matched up across the board with Anakin Skywalker only having a slight advantage with his wrestling. Another tough fight to call, but not one to miss for all you BJJ fans.

Co Main Event

Light Heavyweight Bout

Quinn Scott (1-0-0) Vs Matthieu Lizotte (2-1-0)

For the Co Main Event we have Quinn “Q Dog” Scott Vs Matthieu Lizotte in the Light Heavyweight division. Again both of these 205 lb fighters come in with wins in the QFC and have previously displayed KO power with all 3 of their combined wins coming via 1st round KO.

Scott is a pretty balanced fighter where as Lizotte is primarily a boxer. Will Scott be able to capitalise with his variety of skills he has across the board, or will Lizotte be able to keep this bout as a boxing fight and hand Scott his first loss?

Main Event

Middleweight bout

http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/39/39b12.jpg Vshttp://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/4/4w18.jpg

Finkle John (3-1-0) Vs Micky Rock (debut)

Finally we GKNY are proud to announce the main event of the evening between Finkle John and Micky Rock brought to you by Underworld Clothing visit here http://www.mmatycoon.com/clothingpublic.php?cid=4581 for all your fighting clothing needs!

We are very exciting to get hold of Finkle John who has suffered from a bad time in his previous orgs V Mask and Gamasi Fighting Coy. Hopefully he will be able to get his career back on track here at GKNY.

All three of Finkle John’s wins come via KO/TKO and has only lost via decision in a5 round war. He is facing the untested Micky “Angel” Rock who is fighting out of Xtreme MMA in Las Vegas. Even though he is yet to fight Rock has solid skills and is a great opponent closely matching Finkle John in all aspects of the game. If his chin can stand up to the test and first fight nerves don’t get the better of him we are in for a great main event here at GKNY 1.

Here at GKNY we are pumped about putting on our first show, its going to be awesome! Make sure you check it out! Good luck to all our fighters that are taking part in this historical night. Fight with Bushido Spirit and stay injury free!

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GKNY 1 - The Big Bang


On 21st March 2015 Gamma Kids New York launched its first event “The Big Bang” to a sold out crowd at Paddy O’Malleys Bar in New York. It was only a small venue but the atmosphere was wild for the 700 fight fans that attended and shows that GKNY is one of the future orgs for young prospects looking to hone their skills and climb the ladder with the ultimate prize of being given a big money contract in the famous GAMMA org on the line. The event tonight was presented in partnership with Underworld Clothing visit here http://www.mmatycoon...ic.php?cid=4581 for all your fighting clothing needs!





Light Heavyweight Bout


Vladimir Nabokov (1-0-0) Vs John Reese (10-12-0)


The first fight of the night was a 3 round war between Vladimir Nabokov and John Reese in the Welterweight division. After a slow start to round 1, the action picked up with John Reese showing his trademark aggressive do or die style whereas Nabokov looked like he was happy back and showed some great counter fighting. Nabokov showed class footwork to get out of trouble in the second although Reese’s relentless fighting tested the chin of Nabokov and although Nabokov hit back with a cracking body shot at the end of the 2nd round it wouldn't be enough for the judges. More of the same in the final round although Nabokov knowing he was down on the cards fought like a true warrior taking Reese down getting in the mount and putting in some good ground and pound at the end of the final round.

Result John Reese Wins by Unanimous Decision.



Welterweight Bout


Adlan Amagov (5-3-0) Vs Patrick Enquist (1-1-0)


Next up in the Welterweight division was another great fight that went the distance between 2 warriors. Amagov displayed his striking skills early on in this fight cutting Enquist early on with a swift one two at the bell. Enquist then managed to tie Amagov up in the clinch and land some strikes from the inside, although Amagov carried on showing his dominance by controling the clinch and decided when he wanted to break. Amigo kept his distance in the second preventing Enquist from clinching up again and landed a takedown to take the second round. The final round and Enquist managed to clinch up again, although Amagov broke it pretty quickly and managed carry on with his big accuracy of striking for the remainder of the round. Amagov was on point with his accuracy tonight landing 28 out of 29 head strikes and 12 out of 12 body shots. Amazing!

Result Adlan Amagov wins by Unanimous Decision




Middleweight Bout


Duke Hightower (5-4-0) Vs Billy Branson (0-1-0)


Next up was a contest in the Middleweight division where Billy Branson showed courage in the cage taking on Duke Hightower. Duke showcased his takedowns early on in the first with a beautiful trip into a dominating position which he managed to maintain finishing Branson in the first with a mixture of knees and punches before the ref stepped in to save Branson from any serious injury to allow him to fight another day,

Result Duke Hightower wins by TKO Rd 1 2:58



Light Heavyweight Bout


Lenard Ellis (Pro debut) Vs Jonas Saint Cloud (Pro debut)


The final event on the undercard was a brilliant back and forth show in the Light Heavyweight division for these two first timers. Saint Cloud started the round off strong showing his dominance taking the fight where he wanted it, first clinching Ellis up against the fence then dragging him to the ground and then back to his feet again before initiating another clinch. Saint Cloud then failed to pull guard and went back to striking range where it was Ellis’s turn to initiate the clinch, where a couple of short shots didn't do much damage before he made some space and rocked Saint Cloud. Saint Cloud had just about recovered when Ellis landed a bomb that knocked Saint Cloud to the canvas. Saint Cloud managed to show true grit and hung on till the end of the round. The second started with Saint Cloud clinching up again whilst he was still recovering from the first rounds barrage it looked like things when he landed a beautiful 3 round combination on Ellis before Ellis managed to Clinch and drive Saint Cloud into the cage and unload on him which resulted onto Saint Cloud to his knees and forced a referee stoppage. GKNY would like to congratulate these two debutants on their first fight and cannot wait to see these exciting fighters again.

Result Lenard Ellis wins by TKO Rd 2 2:20






Super Heavyweight Bout


Dudley Dawson (1-1-0) Vs Alex Rodriguez (1-1-0)


Moving over to our main card next, the first fight between Dudley Dawson and Alex Rodriguez went the distance. Rodriguez came into this fight looking to showcase his wrestling and threw punches in bunches all night long. Dudley Dawson showed amazing takedown defence stopping all 23 of Rodriguez’s takedown attempts both in and out of the clinch. Dawson had a great volume behind his punches and had clearly been working on his accuracy to the lead up to this fight landing all of his 67 head strikes both in and out of the clinch. Unfortunately for Rodriguez he couldn't get Dawson to the ground and the night turned into a striking showcase for Dawson.

Result Dudley Dawson wins by Unanimous Decision.




Middleweight Bout


Cannon Boy (3-0-0) Vs David Gerald (4-2-0)


In the Middleweight division next we saw a striking battle between Cannon Boy showing some beautiful crisp striking and David Gerald who was dangerous in the clinch and had dangerous knees. The first round started with Gerald clinching Cannon Boy up against the fence where he could not escape Gerald’s grip and Gerald threw knee after knee to the head. In the second round Cannon Boy made sure he kept his distance from Gerald and landed some great strikes before some taunting led to him getting tied up again for the final 2 minutes of the round. Cannon Boy came out in the third and stuck to his game plan and after landing an awesome combination that rock Gerald managed to stop Gerald from clinching. This time Cannon Boy took a step back and knocked Gerald to the canvas before finishing him off with strikes in the mount.

Result Cannon Boy wins by TKO Rd 3 1:09




Welterweight Bout


Modified Horse (2-1-0) Vs Anakin Skywalker (2-0-0)


In the next fight we had a grappling war between these 2 great submission fighters. Skywalker started the first round with no messing and shot down to get Horse on the ground before attempting a kneebar, which he could not complete and let to him getting reversed by Horse. Horse looked for a couple of submissions followed by a little ground and pound before getting stood up. There was less than a minute of standing before Skywalker landed another takedown and worked to get some submissions before getting reversed again. Round 2 started with another Skywalker takedown although landed it in a guillotine attempt by Horse which he could not get but led to him being able to sweep and reverse. Skywalker fought aggressively off his back but only managed to sap his energy before being rolled and forced to tap by rear naked choke. Beautiful BJJ on display from both fighters here.

Result Modified Horse wins by Submission (RNC) Rd 2 3:22





Co Main Event



Light Heavyweight Bout


Quinn Scott (1-0-0) Vs Matthieu Lizotte (2-1-0)


The Co-Main Event was the quickest fight of the evening where Lizotte managed to dispatch Quinn Scott with a huge combo that had huge punches either side. Sometimes thats the way things go in this game where a well timed punch can just end your night!

Result Matthieu Lizotte wins by KO Rd 1 0:08





Main Event



Middleweight bout




Finkle John (3-1-0) Vs Micky Rock (debut)


Finally the moment we have all been waiting for the main event of the evening, sponsored by Underworld Clothing, was a middleweight bout between Finkle John and Micky Rock.

Both fighter grinder this one out to the judges scorecards and displayed some awesome kickboxing through the night. Good footwork and head movement were on display as this matchup looked like a back and forth game of chess as the fighters tried to tactically find a gap through each others defence. The difference only difference of the night was Finkle Johns pure volume of punches as he worked relentlessly through Mick Rock despite Rocks best efforts to mount a comeback throwing power punches late in the fight Finkle John managed to stay out of trouble and take it with the judges. Great fight with great game plans from both fighters and their camps.

Result Finkle John wins by Unanimous Decision



Before we get to the post fight bonuses thanks to every fighter and manager that has been part of the start of this journey, exciting and great times are ahead of us here at GKNY we are growing and we will make fighters for the future!



KO of the night: Matthieu Lizotte


Sub of the night: Modified Horse


Fight of the night: Dudley Dawson vs Alex Rodriguez



Each fighter gets $1000 bonus - As we grow as an org so will the post fight bonuses!

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Vasily says: I respect this guys stand up, there's no doubt he can bang on his feet but he's never tested himself. His previous opponents have never looked like they had a chance. He has never met anyone with my ground skills before but getting him down there is going to be the challenge. This fight is going to won in the clinch and I've got that covered. One way or another, I am going through this guy.





Pietr says: Lenny is a tough young kid, he's definitely packing some bricks. But I am Russian and I know I am the toughest competition he's had and I am sure he's shitting bricks right now. My speed, power and determination is going to roll right over him and if that doesn't work, there will be some Russians in the car park waiting for him afterward. One way or another, Lenny is going to know he was in a fight.

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Edwin Says: I'm going to put this guy down and out in the first round, go back to my locker room, pick up my brother Lenny, go to the lavish clubs of NYC and pick up some women for some fun times later in the evening. This guy is a joke. Romanov is a joke. I've faced better Wrestlers over at LOD: Performance Center so I'm not worried about the clinch, the take down, none of that. What going to happen is, I'm gonna get my paws on him. I'm gonna hit him with a couple of jabs, I'm gonna hit him with some power he has never felt before. Once he gets touched by these knucks, he is going to sleep, end of story. Este tipo es un pinche idiota. Voy a noquear fria. Vete a la culero! Soy un guerrero ,eres una niña. Ve a jugar con sus muñequitos. Deje la lucha para hombres de verdad . Soy un guerrero de por vida!




Lenny says: I don't even know what to say to this guy Kandinsky man. Maybe he should follow his family business of painting like his ancestor Wassily. Fact of the matter is that I'm faster, stronger, younger, and smarter than this guy. Apparently I'm more civilized as well. This fight won't last but two minutes. I walk in, punch this guy and his glass jaw in the mouth, he goes the sleep and I get my money. I guarantee that's what will happen. Toda la gloria a Dios! Soy un guerrero de por vida!

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Interview with Tony Ramos GKNY 145lbs Champ



Tony, Congratulations on your win last night at Underworld 1 to take the vacant 145lbs belt. How does it feel to be the first ever GKNY title holder?


Feels alright, looking forward to hanging on to it for a while. . I don't feel like anyone at this level can stop my take downs or deal with my top game, right now.


Well you certainly showed that in your fight against Yamamoto last night. You managed to get him on the mat quickly, were you worried about fighting a higher level striker coming into the fight and how did you prepare yourself in the lead up?


No, my game plan is simple and it works. I walk across the cage, put you on your back, beat a hole in your face and get my hand raised.

I've got some submissions I'll show off too.


We definitely look forward to seeing them sometime in the future. Who do you think is next in line to get a shot at your belt? Kyle Pro has been tipped as a contender if he wins his next fight.


Kyle Pro, Kyle Amateur, whoever, whatever, come one, come all


Thanks for your time today, it's been great watching your fights so far and hopefully we'll get to see you in the cage some more here at GKNY before you move up to GAMMA Contenders.


Thanks for having me

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Alexy Innokenti (260605)

After having had a tough start to my career due to some stupid mistakes, I'm starting to live up to my potential. I won my last 4 fights in a row and 3 of them were (t)KO victories. If I had pushed a bit harder in my last fight, it would have been 4 (t)KO's in a row, but I wanted to feel how it was to go the distance and I felt very comfortable. I signed a contract at Gamma Kids NY and I'm looking to prove how good I can become. I've signed a contract for 205lbs, but a move to 185lbs is possible in the future as well. I'm aiming to become a legend and get as many event bonusses as one can possibly get.

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Brought to you by Underworld Clothing, Combet LOD and GAMMA.

GKNY 6 is set to take place on Saturday 9th May 2015 at The Underground in New York.

After a successful Underworld 1 in the books that saw the GAMMA Kids NY Featherweight (145 lbs) Title go to Tony Ramos after a great display of nasty ground and pound on Yamamoto’s face (amongst 8 other entertaining finishes), it’s back to the GKNY monthly grind with GKNY 6.

[Main Event] (145 lbs) Still v Pro

This main event should be one hell of a striking match. Both Featherweights are coming into their second fight with GKNY off of victories yet one has distinctly more experience.

Kyle Pro (8-2) has fought for two prior organizations before making his way to GAMMA Kids NY and is currently sitting 25th on the organizations P4P rankings. His last headliner Fight of the night win over Pacquiao at GKNY 3 put him right in contention for title discussion, and a win here could solidify the 2x Fight of the night winner as a genuine number one contender.

Clark Still (2-0) on the other hand is a little less known. He’s yet to make a splash with his rankings, yet he has world class boxing and genuine knock out power. Still’s vicious right hand has dropped both of his opponents going into this match and both before the first minute mark of the first round, one at 27 seconds and the other at 55 seconds.

The Jamaican is a genuinely deadly threat on his feet, but so too is his opponent ‘KO’ Pro. The nickname tells the story as 7 of the Vanuatu natives 8 wins have come via way of his devastating striking. Pro’s only losses have been against better ground opponents yet he’s also never faced such a gifted boxer in Still.

Still has slightly more skill with his hands and has a longer reach yet Pro holds a strong grappling game and more experience which could be the difference. One Love is yet to make it beyond the first round, his defence yet to be put to the test.

Will Still score another quick first round knockout with a heavy overhand right, or will it be Pro’s experience and clinch work that give him the edge? An exciting match-up that pits striker against striker.

[Co-Main Event] (205 lbs) Zangiev v Grant

This co-main event Light-Heavyweight bout has all the markings of another strong striking affair. Zangiev and Grant have notched up stoppage wins in their previous fights and this may just go the same route.

Ted Grant (8-5) is looking for back-to-back wins after his form has been a little up and down since the middle of last year. The American fought for Hawaiian outfit NEX where he went 4-4 before making his way here to GKNY, and has since tallied 1-1. A win here could kick-start some momentum and push the Muay Thai specialist into the upper reaches of the Light-Heavyweight division.

Victor Zangiev (2-1) will also be looking for back to back wins. The burly looking Russian scored a late TKO against Ellis at 2:57 of round 3 in an evenly fought match, and will be looking to carry that effort over. Red Cyclone is one of, if not the best boxer in the 205 lbs division and if he lets his hands go we may just see him come out the victor at fights end.

‘Wildcat’ Grant’s wrestling game is slightly better and he has more experience which he’ll be relying on against such a skilled boxer as Zangiev. Will it be the experienced Muay Thai striker or the exceptional boxer? Another interesting stand up fight that will put the victor on 2 straight wins and gaining momentum to push into possible Light-Heavyweight contention.

(185 lbs) Boy v Stevenson

The well-known striker versus grappler match-up will be on display here when Boy meets Stevenson in this Middleweight fight. Both men are coming off losses and will be looking to bounce back with a solid victory.

Cannon Boy (4-1) was on a 5 fight win streak before losing to John in their Main Event fight at GKNY 4. Chicken is coming back from a tough first round knock-out and will want to keep that wins column ticking over and put his excellent boxing on display once more, having finished all of his winning matches, 3 of 4 coming in the first round. The ever confident fighter from Montreal is the pick of the two, yet his opponent has everything to fight for and won’t be a push over.

Denis Stevenson (3-4) is coming off back-to-back losses and is in desperate need of a win. The unanimous decision (30-27) against Thompson at GKNY 4 was his second loss in a row and if he’s to make a move in this organization, now would be the time. Boy is ranked 35 P4P with GKNY and a win here for ‘Killa D’ Stevenson would be a massive boost to his value. All of his 3 wins have come by making his opponent tap, so if the fight goes to the ground he may be better poised to pull off an upset.

Both men have something to prove in a fight that has a solid striker versing an opponent more comfortable on the ground. Boy would be considered the favourite here if he can keep the fight standing and execute his game plan, yet as is known anything can happen when the fight goes to the mat and a submission from the underdog isn’t far-fetched.

(185 lbs) Eckstroem v Seraphim

Two international fighters go head to head in this Middleweight matchup, where foe meets foe in a rematch from GKNY 3.

Judah Seraphim (6-4) is a one-time KO of the night winner from his time in London with the well-known and respected Highland Games. The Pilipino fighter went 2-1 in his 3months there and two months later found himself fighting with GAMMA Kids NY at GKNY 3, notching another win to his name with a TKO finish in just 15 seconds of Round 1. It’s no surprise he’s the favourite here as his opponent tonight is the same he obliterated in his last match.

Jan Eckstroem (3-8) would be disappointed with his loss, if he seemed to care. ‘I don’t Even Care’ Eckstroem may just be content being cannon fodder for his opponents, yet hopefully he makes it past 15 seconds this time out. If he keeps the same game plan, it may just be another loss and make it 3 straight for the Swede. To note, Eckstroem also fought with Highland Games in November of last year, his one and only fight ending in a loss to Kaman.

Seraphim is currently sitting 7th in the Middleweight division and another impressive win could have him move into the top 5. Seraphim has respectable boxing and grappling, and will be hoping to see his hand raised once more whilst Eckstroem could pull off an upset and bounce back, setting the record straight.

(145 lbs) The Fox v Snuka

Two Featherweights enter their second bout with GKNY looking to bounce back from losses against two of the divisions better ranked fighters.

Jimmy Snuka (4-6) is coming off a second round KO loss to Yamamoto. The Congo born highly skilled wrestler has some solid Muay Thai and Boxing to add to the mix and is sitting 28th on the P4P GKNY rankings, yet could still be considered one of the top fighters in 145 lbs division. A strong win here could remind fans Little Superfly is still one to watch.

Reynard The Fox (2-5) lost to the Featherweight champion Ramos by TKO last time out and has yet to make much of a name for himself in general. A win here could change all that for the skilled Muay Thai fighter from Angola who sits at 60 in GKNY’s P4P rankings.

Both fighters should do well with their Muay Thai clinches yet that’s where the similarities end, as Snuka has better grappling and boxing in his arsenal. The Fox is a definite underdog and Snuka should be looking to make a statement.

(170 lbs) Horse v Skank Pier

Modified Horse (3-2) has the edge in this Welterweight battle with his BJJ and stand-up yet George Skank Pier’s (3-0) wrestling advantage can’t de denied and is coming off 3 straight wins outside of GKNY. Horse is coming off a TKO loss to Amagov at GKNY 4.

Both men will be looking to get this fight to the ground. The Canadian will look to work his ground-and-pound and the American his submissions, even from the bottom. Tough one to call yet it should end before it gets to the judges.

(265+ lbs) Alvarez v Rahman

Both Superheavyweights are coming off round 1 stoppage victories. Avila Alvarez (2-2) scored a KO win against Shields at GKNY 2 and Mujibur Rahman (5-1) a TKO against Dawson at GKNY 4.

These are both young yet highly skilled fighters. Alvarez is a highly regarded Boxer, with good Wrestling and holds a purple belt in BJJ. Rahman has top notch Muay Thai and Wrestling with some good Boxing skills. Rahman has stopped fights with his dangerous elbows, so Alvarez will need to keep that in mind or become another victim to Rahman’s sharp elbow strikes.

(145 lbs) Pillman v Ngeuy

Two new Featherweight fighters making a debut for GKNY are Brian Pillman (0-0) and Chan Ngeuy (1-0), both no doubt looking for a win to start their run with GAMMA Kids NY.

It’s said by people who train with Pillman out of Las Vegas, the Cincinatti born has some A-grade Wrestling skills and a purple belt in BJJ. Ngeuy on the other hand is a skilled Muay Thai fighter from Myanmar, training locally. It will be a good opportunity for both fighters to show New York what they’re made of.

(265+ lbs) Sin v Ramon

Two Superheavyweights making a debut with GKNY are Reverend Sin (2-1) and Reyaldo Ramon (1-6).

The New York local Sin possesses a pretty good Muay Thai base and the Cuban Ramon is known for his boxing more than anything else. The pair match up quite evenly with their grappling and BJJ, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if they both choose to keep the fight standing.

(265+ lbs) Rodriguez v Thrax Ii

Alex Rodriguez (1-3), a 1x GKNY Fight of the night winner goes up against fellow New York local Maximus Thrax li (1-3) in this Superheavyweight GKNY 6 opener.

Rodriguez has much better boxing than his opponent, Thrax li, who is a brown belt BJJ specialist in his own right. Both fighters have decent Muay Thai skills, Rodriguez showcasing his in his victory via way of a head kick KO. I can’t see Rodriguez winning if this fight goes to the ground as Thrax li worked a nice Kimura in his submission victory.

GKNY 6 brought to you by:

Underground Clothing – Underground clothing for all your needs

Combet LOD – Bet better with Combet LOD

GAMMA (Global Association of MMA™) – The oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world!

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GKNY 6 - Still Vs Pro Results

GKNY 6 brought to you by Underworld Clothing, Combet LOD and GAMMA.

It was a packed house at The Underground in New York on Saturday 9th May 2015 as fight fans crammed in to see what the future of GAMMA had to offer and it turned out to be a finisher’s delight. With the one and only fight going to the judges’ scorecards being awarded Fight of the night, it became the second highest ranked card in GKNY’s short yet solid fight event history.

A good night with solid entertainment on offer from GAMMA’s up-and-comers, ending with an award winning decision win in the headliner main event fight. What more could you ask for out of GKNY’s first May MMA event in New York!


[Main Event] Still def. Pro by Decision (Unanimous) (29-28)

After all was said and done Still’s (3-0) tank was put to the test and it held up with a unanimous decision win over Pro (8-3) in the featherweight main event. The Jamaican’s boxing advantage got him over the line in the Fight of the night that headlined GKNY 6. Neither fighter wanted to take the fight to the ground and decided to battle it out on their feet to the delight of the fans.

Both fighters looked to set their rhythm in the early stages of the first round, Still working the body with his punches and kicks and Pro reacting to the more skilled boxer. In the last third of the round Still landed with some big shots, stunning Pro and forcing the fighter from Vanuatu to find his feet, taking it to the clinch.

Still came out with the same gusto in the second, the 19 year old boxer really taking the fight to the more seasoned 26 year old. It was evident Still wanted to punch and move, whilst Pro wanted a more inside fight, the pair battling in and out of the clinch as the round wore on.

With Still dominating the first two rounds, Pro had to come out swinging and after a slow uneventful round he finished strong to take the third and final, yet it was clear Still had the better time out there. The judges giving One Love the unanimous decision win over Pro 29-28 from all three.

Still, who’s sponsored by Underworld Clothing and trains out of Thirteenth Legion MMA in London, gets his third win in a row and moves into 15th place on GKNY’s P4P rankings. He’s currently undefeated in all 3 of his fights and sits just outside title contention in the featherweight division.

Pro drops a fair few spots in the P4P rankings yet still has his name in the mix in 145 lbs division. The loss makes it just his third overall, two of which were picked for Fight of the night and KO’s 3rd such award in his last 5 fights.

[Co-Main Event] Zangiev def. Grant by TKO (Punches) at 03:59 of Round 2

Zangiev (3-1) made his way into GKNY’s top 10 P4P rankings, sitting at 9th after his second round TKO win over Grant. Red Cyclone used his relentless body shots in the clinch to set up his second straight victory over a solid Muay Thai fighter.

Grant (8-6) cut Zangiev early in the first round with a sharp elbow yet Zangiev’s relentless aggression working on the inside had him easily ahead on points, taking the first round after a tussle with dirty boxing and Muay Thai striking.

Both fighters kept working the inside in the second and again Zangiev dominated with some solid body shots while Grant tried for some elbows but didn’t land with anything substantial since the early cut. The Russian threw a lot more and landed a lot more and eventually caught his opponent with a short shot to the head that opened things up.

Sensing the moment, the excellent boxer out of London moved in for the kill and sent Grant to the mat before forcing the referee to stop the fight with some finishing follow up blows.

That puts Zangiev on two straight wins and importantly puts him into Light-heavyweight contention. Lizotte squares off at GKNY 7 whilst the title will be decided between Hardy and BatzCastelmore at the much anticipated Underworld 2, and no doubt Zangiev will be looking for his chance amongst it all in the coming months.

Grant is now 3 losses in his last 5 fights.

Boy def. Stevenson by TKO (Strikes) at 02:21 of Round 1

Boy (5-1) came out on top as the experienced striker bounced back with a solid win over ground specialist Stevenson (3-5) midway through the first round in the first of two middleweight fights.

Boy started strong and immediately got his hands busy all the while stuffing all of Killa D’s 9 takedown attempts, one being countered into a nice right hand that sent Phoenix’s Stevenson to the canvas. Chicken wasted no time and immediately followed his downed opponent into mount position and finishing the job at 02:21 of the first round.

Boy came into this fight off his only loss to John at GKNY 4. The TKO makes it 5 knockouts in 5 wins for the unsponsored boxer from Montreal, his form putting him in 5th place in the middleweight division and 23rd on GKNY’s P4P rankings.

Stevenson has now lost 3 straight and 5 of his last 6 fights, 3 with GKNY.

Seraphim def. Eckstroem by KO (Punch) at 00:23 of Round 1

It was almost dejavu in this rematch from GKNY 3 when Seraphim (7-4) finished Eckstroem by TKO just 15 seconds into round 1. This time out it took Seraphim an extra 8 seconds to repeat the feat and this time he concluded the middleweight fight with a hard precise jab.

Seraphim immediately pounced on his victim as soon as the opening bell rang, the powerful brawler sending Eckstroem crashing to the mat with his first combination of punches that also opened up a cut above his right eye.

The Pilipino ordered I Don’t Even Care to his feet then kept control with a clinch, holding the wobbly Eckstroem up before completing the route with a hard jab that had the Swede lights out before hitting the canvas.

All 7 of Seraphim’s wins have come by TKO, 6 in the first round. He moves into 3rd in the middleweight division and 12th on GKNY’s P4P rankings, winning 3 of his last 5 fights, 2 with GKNY.

Eckstroem (3-9) has lost 6 of his last 7 fights and now 3 straight.

Snuka def. The Fox by TKO (Strikes) at 04:32 of Round 1

Snuka (5-6) let the featherweight division know he’s still in the hunt with a TKO win against The Fox. Little Superfly snapped his two fight losing streak and catapulted himself into the top 20 GKNY P4P fighters.

Snuka stuffed three takedown attempts in the first round and followed up the good defense with a takedown of his own. He then went to work with some ground and pound before having a crack at some submissions, which just didn’t stick.

Whilst dominating on top the Congo native kept working his strikes and eventually moved into a full mount, spelling the beginning of the end for The Fox (2-6) who seemed a little out of his depth on the mat. Snuka laid a big elbow on The Fox’s temple, rocking him, and after a few more strikes the referee had to call it at 4:32 of round 1.

Snuka has won 3 out of his last 5 fights and currently sits 3rd in the 145 lbs division with Pro between him and the GKNY Featherweight Champion, Ramos.

That makes it 2 straight first round TKO (Strikes) stoppage losses for The Fox since joining GKNY.

Horse def. Skank Pier by Submission (Armbar) at 00:56 of Round 1

The sole welterweight fight at GKNY 6 ended with Horse (4-2) displaying his superior BJJ skills, finishing Skank Pier (3-1) with a nicely worked armbar from the bottom position before the minute mark of round 1.

All of Horse’s wins to date have been different submission moves (Kimura, Americana, RNC & Armbar), the armbar giving Skank Pier his first loss and skidding his undefeated 3 fight win streak to a halt.

Alvarez def. Rahman by KO (Punches) at 00:09 of Round 1

Alvarez (3-2) ended Rahman (5-2) with an emphatic KO of the night knockout making a statement to the whole Superheavyweight division, ending the fight a mere 9 seconds in and making the QFC 432 Tournament winner look rather average.

Alvarez knocks up 2 straight wins and is undefeated in his 2 bouts since arriving at GKNY in March, edging toward the top of the 265+ lbs division. Rahman suffers his first loss with GKNY and his first as a Superheavyweight.

Pillman def. Ngeuy by TKO (Strikes) at 01:49 of Round 2

Pillman (1-0) scored his first professional victory against fellow newcomer Ngeuy (1-1), who wasn’t able to showcase his dangerous knees in his first GKNY fight. Pillman executed his grappling game well, taking his opponent down in both rounds and dominating with ground and pound before ending the fight after successfully mounting his opponent in the second round.

Pillman gets off to a winning start with GKNY whilst Ngeuy records his first loss.

Sin def. Ramon by TKO (Strikes) at 00:46 of Round 1

Sin (3-1) out struck his opponent to get his first victory in his first fight with GKNY, utilizing his Muay Thai striking by landing some good kicks before tagging Ramon with a short punch and unleashing a flurry that had the referee jump in and stop the fight early in the first round.

Sin bounces back from his only loss to date, while Ramon slips to 1-7 overall.

Thrax Ii def. Rodriguez by Submission (Triangle) at 04:23 of Round 3

Despite Rodriguez (1-4) stuffing a relentless 20 of 22 takedown, Thrax Li (2-3) came away with a late come from behind submission (triangle) victory with less than thirty seconds left in the fight to ern himself the Sub of the night award.

Thrax li got his first win with GKNY and his second overall, both by way of submission. Rodriguez has now lost 4 straight, 3 with GKNY.

Performance Awards

KO of the night: Avila Alvarez

Sub of the night: Maximus Thrax li

Fight of the night: Clark Still vs Kyle Pro

GKNY 6 brought to you by:

Underground Clothing – Underground clothing for all your needs

Combet LOD – Bet better with Combet LOD

GAMMA (Global Association of MMA™) – The oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world!

GKNY Top 10 Rankings: Pound-For-Pound (May 10th)

1. Tony Ramos

2. Beast Putin

3. Mike Tyson

4. Alexy Innokenti

5. Castor Rollins

6. Adlan Amagov

7. Lao Shin

8. Charles BatzCastelmore

9. Victor Zangiev

10. Matthieu Lizotte

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GKNY Top 10 Rankings: Welterweight (May 12)

With three welterweight fights scheduled for GKNY 7 on May 16, including the title fight between Shin and Goss, I figured it a good time to shed some light on the current GKNY Welterweight Rankings. Depending on the results, the 170 lbs division has the potential to shuffle completely.

So, let’s take a quick look at the current state of things in the Welterweight division heading into this Saturday’s event.



Adlan Amagov

Record: 8-3-0

Form: W (TKO), W (TKO), W (DEC), L (SUB), L (SUB)

‘Borz’ is the current #1 ranked welterweight and is on a 3 fight win streak, having won all three fights since joining GKNY, his last Fight of the night TKO win coming over Lawler. If he wins his match against Nelson at GKNY 7 he’ll find himself first in line to challenge the title holder.

Next Fight: Vs Nelson (GKNY 7)



Lao Shin

Record: 1-1-0

Form: W (DEC), L (SUB)

‘To Chin’ is one of the best Muay Thai fighters in GKNY. He showed enough in his decision win against Nelson at GKNY 4 to have him headlining against Goss for the title at GKNY 7.

Next Fight: Vs Goss (GKNY 7)



Alex Goss

Record: 3-0-0

Form: W (TKO), W (SUB), W (DEC)

‘The Anvil’ heads into his fight against Shin on a 3 fight win streak and may still be considered by some a slight underdog in a match that has the victor walking away with the title.

Next Fight: Vs Shin (GKNY 7)



Modified Horse

Record: 4-2-0

Form: W (SUB), L (TKO), W (SUB), L (DEC), W (SUB)

‘Snap Your Face’ is coming off a strong submission win against Skank Pier at GKNY 6. He’s faced two other top 10 welterweights in a loss to Amagov at GKNY 4 and a Sub of the night win over Skywalker at GKNY 1.

Next Fight: None



Archie Nelson

Record: 7-6-0

Form: L (DEC), L (KO), W (SUB), W (SUB), W (SUB)

‘Full’ hasn’t won a fight since March and is up against the current number 1 welterweight Amagov at GKNY 7 this weekend. He’s been in the most fights out of the division, signing on with GKNY after returning from The Island Season 3 in April.

Next Fight: Vs Amagov (GKNY 7)


Anakin Skywalker

Record: 3-1-0

Form: W (SUB), L (SUB), W (SUB), W (SUB)

‘Vader’ had a recent Sub of the night win over Crowley at Underworld 1. He faces off against Lomholt at the second instalment of Underworld, May 30. He’s also faced #4 ranked Horse, losing by submission at GKNY 1.

Next Fight: Vs Lomholt (Underworld 2)


Tyron Lawler

Record: 4-8-0

Form: L (TKO), W (DEC), L (SUB), W (TKO), L (SUB)

Lawler has split his first two fights with GKNY, a decision win over Hunter at GKNY 3 and a Fight of the night loss to #1 ranked Amagov at GKNY 5. He’s set to face Teller at GKNY 8 on May 23.

Next Fight: Vs Teller (GKNY 8)


Brian Lomholt

Record: 1-0-0

Form: W (SUB)

‘Scarface’ is yet to fight with GKNY yet is scheduled to face current #6 welterweight Skywalker at Underworld 2. He won his lone fight before signing with GKNY, a RNC submission against unsigned Nelson.

NextFight: Vs Skywalker (Underworld 2)


Ron Jeremy

Record: 1-0-0

Form: W (SUB)

Jeremy is undefeated so far, tapping out Crowley in a Sub of the night victory at GKNY 3. He’s facing Feline in the first welterweight match at Saturday’s GKNY 7.

Next Fight: Vs Feline (GKNY 7)


Rick Teller

Record: 1-0-0

Form: W (TKO)

Teller is also yet to make an appearance with GKNY yet comes in undefeated, the ref having to stop his first fight early against unsigned Apple. Teller will make his GKNY debut against #7 ranked Lawler at GKNY 8.

Next Fight: Vs Lawler (GKNY 8)

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GKNY 7 Owners Brief

This weekend will see GKNY's 8th show being put on and will be at our biggest booked venue yet - Hayashi's lounge (Capacity 2000). The headline event will be a 5 round fight between Alex Goss and Lao Shinn for the vacant 170lbs GKNY title, the first prize that can be won with the GAMMA franchise. We are mixing it up for this event a little where the fights will take place in a ring like in the old days, so it will be fun to see the tactics change up and what happens at this event. With $15000 being spent on advertising and another $3000 on production, hopefully this show will draw the crowds in. Of The Night Awards are on offer and will be $1000 for each FOTN fighter, best KO and best Sub.


Betting is now also available at Combet LOD - http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8249 - remember to post your predictions here or mail them to me privately if you don't want to give the game away for your chance to win $10k at the end of the month. Odds will be changing throughout the week as people post their predictions.


Fight safe, fight fair and put on a great show. Good luck to all you warriors!

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Brought to you by Underworld Clothing, Combet LOD and GAMMA.

GKNY 6 hit a couple of milestones last weekend. First, it was the highest event to date in the way of fighter pay ($108,000) and second it was equal to Underworld 1 in attendance (1,000), packing New York’s The Underground to the rafters with fight fans.

Due to the steady growth of Gamma Kids New York, GKNY 7 - Goss Vs Shin is scheduled to take place for the first time at Hayashi’s Lounge on Saturday, May 16, and shows just how well the GAMMA feeder is progressing.

For the first time we will also see the best GAMMA up-and-comers squaring off in New York inside a ring. The GKNY Welterweight (170 lbs) title is on the line this weekend in the co-main event match. We’ll also see #1 and #5 ranked welterweights battle it out and the #1 and #3 lightweights tussle in the divisional rankings.

[Main Event] (170 lbs) #1 Amagov v #5 Nelson

A top welterweight division clash has the #1 ranked Amagov against popular draw and #5 ranked Nelson.

Adlan Amagov (8-3) is head of the welterweight division and on a current 3 fight win streak leading into this fight, his last victory a late TKO Fight of the night win over Lawler. ‘Borz’ is a known finisher, 7 of his 8 wins not needing the judges input.

The Russian fighter training out of New York has had his most success with his hands, known for his solid boxing and TKO finishes (5). Amagov’s wrestling is respectable, yet going up against Nelson his glaring weakness in this fight would be his lack of BJJ training.

Archie Nelson (7-6) spent some time on The Island in Season 3, coming back and signing with Gamma kids with 2 wins and a loss. His last match was against the heavily touted Shin at GKNY 4 in April, a loss by unanimous decision, so he will no doubt be itching to get back to his winning ways.

‘Full’ is versed in all areas, really, yet his game really starts to heat up with his grappling, and really stands out with his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All of his 7 wins have been submissions and impressively all in the very first round.

Nelson is a good chance here against the #1 ranked GKNY welterweight. Amagov has the advantage standing, so if he can keep him at a distance and prevent the fight going to the ground he’ll get a nice TKO to add to his stats. However, if it does go to the ground or Amagov can’t find his rhythm with his hands, I pick Nelson.

Leigh’s Pick: Amagov via TKO


[Co-Main Event] (170 lbs) #3 Goss v #2 Shin

Whichever GAMMA Kids fighter walks away with their hand raised after the dust settles will be doing so with the GKNY Welterweight (170 lbs) title around their waist. Both fighters are top of the weight class and this 5 minute 5 round championship bout should be a good one.

Alex Goss (3-0) has showed he is worthy of the title shot, coming off a Fight of the night TKO victory over Henderson at GKNY 2 in March. ‘The Anvil’ fights out of New York with Midnight MMA and comes to the table with a good grappling game and is a respected boxer among his peers, as his previous victory confirms.

Even with his good form and being undefeated, Goss is going up against a very tough opponent, his toughest to date.

Lao Shin (1-1) is a sensational Muay Thai fighter, one of the best in the sport. ‘To Chin’ backs up his striking with some strong wrestling and is an accomplished brown belt in BJJ. His last fight against Nelson went the distance and the Chinese fighter out of London walked away with the unanimous decision win last month.

Shin is definitely one to watch long term and a very worthy opponent for Goss and the 170 lbs title.

This could really go either way. Goss has better boxing and has proven he has the ability to take the fight to the ground. On the other side of the ring, we have a world class Muay Thai fighter with a better BJJ skillset which he’s worked on considerably since his submission loss in September last year. I can only see Shin winning this one.

Leigh’s Pick: Shin via submission

(185 lbs) Fallen v Przepiorka

This middleweight fight has the more experienced Przepiorka with 18 MMA fights to his name up against Fallen, who’s heading into his third fight.

William Fallen (2-0) is showing his face for the first time with Gamma Kids New York. Both of his first two matches ended with his hands, yet his solid Muay Thai is where he is strongest. ‘Vendetta’ trains out of New York, yet he’s yet to find his way to a more premiere gym in the MMA world.

Piotr Przepiorka (7-11) may just have one of the hardest names to pronounce to go along with his wonderful wrestling game. This is the second stint the Polish has opted for beyond the independent circuit, his first with Ring Of Violence late last year where he lost both fights before returning to the Indy scene. ‘Przepior’ is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Gerald in April at GKNY 5, an event he headlined.

It’ll be close, maybe even judges close. Przepior has the grappling skills to control the fight, yet Fallen has the slicker striking. Both men also like to mix it up in the clinch and if Fallen gets his way we’ll see it end sooner rather than later.

Leigh’s Pick: Fallen via TKO

(205 lbs) #3 Lizotte v Nabokov

Light-heavyweights battle it out in a match that has two fighters streaking, yet in opposite directions. This match has striker against wrestler in a match to see who will continue, or snap, their current fight streaks.

Matthieu Lizotte (4-1) is on a current 4 fight win streak, the last two earning him the Fight of the night award, and the KO of the night award. His hands are some of the best in the Gamma Kids NY 205 lbs division, 3 of his 4 wins being straight KO finishes. The heavy handed boxer is one to watch moving forward and a win here will make it 5 straight.

Lizotte currently sits at #10 on the GKNY Top 10 P4P rankings and #3 in the Light-heavyweight division.

Vladimir Nabokov (1-2) is on a different streak, two straight losses. This is his third fight with Gamma Kids New York and the Russian fighter, training out of New York with Midnight MMA, will be looking to add to his win column.

Nabokov is a top wrestler and has some skill with his hands, yet against such a gifted boxer in Lizotte he will be leaning heavily on his grappling skills to get the upper hand.

I can see Nabokov taking it straight to the ground, otherwise the heavy hands of Lizotte will give the crowd a great KO end in the way of the Frenchman. Lizotte has iffy takedown defense, yet Nabokov has persisted in standing in previous fights. If the Russian gets Navokov on the ground, a submission victory is a sure fire road to success.

Leigh’s Pick: Lizotte via KO


(155 lbs) #3 Manning v #1 Sphinx

Two lightweight’s battle it out in the 155 lbs division for the title of who’s the better fighter with a Mohawk.

Rashad Manning (1-0) is making his first appearance with Gamma Kids New York, after submitting Bogdan Trojan via guillotine on the independent circuit. ‘Machinegun’ trains out of M.V Gym in New York and has a decent all round game, yet his hands stand out as his biggest asset.

Jimmy Sphinx (5-2) is alternatively making a name for himself with 4 wins on the trot, 3 in the Indy scene and his last a Sub of the night award win over Gareth Mark at GKNY 5 a month ago. 4 of his 5 wins have come via way of submission, his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu his strongest area yet he’s no slouch with his hands either.

‘The Calculator’ will be looking to make it 6 straight, and keep his current status as the #1 ranked GKNY Lightweight.

I can’t go past Sphinx in this match. His ground game will have Manning in all sorts of knots, and that should take his streak to 6 straight. Manning’s only hope is to clinch and work on controlling Sphinx against the cage and hopefully wear him down enough to get a good shot in for a TKO.

Leigh’s Pick: Sphinx via submission


(185 lbs) Rock v #6 Landry

Micky Rock (1-1) will have his work to do against Ed Landry (3-0) who is the #19 ranked P4P GKNY fighter, and #6 in the Middleweight division and coming off 2 strong wins since signing with Gamma Kids New York.

Rock has a really good chance here, and if he takes the fight to the ground I see him winning it. Landry has some of the best hands with GKNY and if he’s able to let loose he could just rock, Rock.

Leigh’s Pick: Landry via KO

(265+ lbs) #5 Kowalczyk v Middleton

Two undefeated Superheavyweight strikers in Marcin Kowalczyk (2-0) and Mike Middleton (1-0) will square off. Middleton is fighting his first bout for Gamma Kids New York, whilst Marcin is coming in off a win against Alex Rodriguez at GKNY 4.

Kowalczyk is currently ranked #5 in the Superheavyweight division, and #20 on GKNY’s P4P rankings.

A battle of strikers which could go either way really. Kowalczyk has gone the distance twice, Middleton hasn’t. If Kowalczyk gets his legs firing it could be a very tough day for Middleton, yet the newcomers more polished skills has me thinking he might pull one out here.

Leigh’s Pick: Middleton via TKO


(170 lbs) #9 Jeremy v Feline

Ron Jeremy (1-0) is the current #9 ranked GKNY Welterweight and will meet Alex Feline (2-1) in the first of the welterweight battles inside the ring. The typical striker versus grappler match, with Jeremy having one of the better sets of hands in the organization against a proficient wrestler in Feline.
It could go either way, and if Feline gets his strategy right he could prove an upset victory here against the ranked fighter in Jeremy. I like an underdog, and can see Feline winning this one.

Leigh's Pick: Feline via submission

(155 lbs) #8 Rude v #7 Mark

A lightweight fight that has Gareth Mark (1-1) looking to bounce back from a loss and Nick Rude (0-0) making his first step as a competitive fighter.

Rude has some serious skill with his BJJ and Mark is coming off a loss to Sphinx from an armbar. Mark is a much better stand-up fighter, and I can see him utilizing his solid boxing. I’ve seen nothing from Rude, so I’ll have to go with what I’ve seen so far.

Leigh’s Pick: Mark via TKO

(185 lbs) Williams v Roc

In the GKNY 7 opener we will see two 19 year old GKNY debutants in Xavier Williams (1-0) and Enzo Roc (2-2).

I hope to see a good striking battle to open the event. I do believe Roc will take this one. Both have good strength in their punches, so anything could happen.

Leigh’s Pick: Roc via KO.

GKNY 7 brought to you by:

Underground Clothing – Underground clothing for all your needs

Combet LOD – Bet better with Combet LOD

GAMMA (Global Association of MMA™) – The oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world!

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GKNY 8 Owners Brief

After a successful showing at the Hayabusa lounge last weekend GKNY returns to The Underground this Saturday with GKNY 8. Fights will be back in the more familiar cage this weekend where we will have 20 warriors battling out over 10 MMA 10 point must scoring bouts. The headline event takes place with a Middleweight fight between Mr Complete and John Matrix who will put everything on the line for the vacant 185lbs title. $11000 has been spent on advertising and another $3000 on the production to ensure we once again pack out The Underground.


Look out for previews for this event from Adam Leigh which should be up on his website - http://www.fighterelite.tk/ where you can find out all GKNY News.


Betting for this event is now available at COMBET LOD - http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8249


Good luck to all fighters and their teams.

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Clark Still Eyes Kickboxing Greatness


“The reasons quite simple I think I can be a KT champion. Which is more appealing to me then MMA, I like the stand-up game more, and I dont have a lot of talent for BJJ, so me and my manager worked out this strategy we're going to move forward with, for good or for bad.”

For the full article visit FighterElite.tk - GKNY's source for all event previews, reviews, GKNY news and fighter interviews.

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"This middleweight division is beginning to heat up! Lot of action going down this saturday night and I'm gonna be on the front row checking it out. I've got my eyes on the title fight, Complete vs Matrix, neither of them are a match for me and let's be honest.. this division needs a real champion for anyone to take it seriously."

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Underworld 2 Owners Brief


After another great event at GKNY 8 which saw quite a shuffle in the 185lbs division aswell as seeing the first GKNY middleweight champ being crowned in Matrix (Full fight write up available at http://www.fighterelite.tk from our writer and GM Adam Leigh) its time to look forward to this weekends exciting round up of fights at Underworld 2.

Underworld 2 will once again be held at The Underground in NY and will have 10 highly hyped fights on the card headlined with the Super Heavyweights where Ivan Ziadouh takes on Mike Tyson. Also on the card we will see 2 vacant titles on the line in the Light Heavyweights between Marcus Hardy and Charles Batzcaselmore and in the Super Heavyweights between Beast Putin and Castor Rollins.

Remember to get to Underworld Clothing at http://www.mmatycoon.com/clothingpublic.php?cid=4581 to buy all your fighters gear for these fights as the following prizes will be up for grabs and paid straight into your managers account!

Winning fighter wearing Underworld clothing - $500 (Per Piece)
Winning fighter wearing GKNY branded Underworld clothing - $1000 (Per Piece)
Winning fighter sponsored by Underworld and thanks them post fight - $2500

Betting for this event is now up at Combet LOD - http://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8249 - Where $26000 was paid out last weekend.There is only $17000 of prize money left for this month, so get in quick!

Im looking forward to this event, hopefully we will be breaking some records across the board at GKNY and wish all fighters a great fight and hope they stay injury free (within reason!).

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Matrix dominates, comes away middleweight champion


GKNY 8 is in the books as 1000 die hard GKNY fight fans made their way to The Underground on Saturday, May 23 to witness an entertaining undercard and the vacant middleweight title wrap around Matrix’s waist to end the evening.

Ed Landry and Matrix had some words for one another which got the crowd rowdy and had one attendee being ejected from bottling another, one a Matrix fan and the other an unsuspecting victim.

A tattooed up amateur American fighter was also seen applying a rear naked choke to a British club goer in the rowdy aftermath.

[Main Event] Matrix def Complete by Unanimous Decision (50-41 x3)

John Matrix padded his win streak a little more and more importantly walked away as the new GKNY Middleweight Champion after the judges declared him the winner after a five round stamina tester. The Muay Thai striker and previously #4 ranked GKNY middleweight sits pretty at the top of the division after he pulled at an impressive win, stuffing an incredible 50 of 52 takedowns throughout the fight and not surprisingly out striking his opponent in a strong win.

Complete managed two first round takedowns, but that was it, the Finnish fighter opposite him and new title holder practically dominating all 5 rounds. Matrix’s strikes were on point and towered in comparison, landing 166 in total compared to just 2 and astonishingly didn’t miss one kick. It was truly a one sided affair and the FinnFighters alliance member became the very first to hold middleweight gold before exiting the GKNY cage.

After the fight, the new middleweight champion said how pleased he was fighting for GKNY. Although happy with the win, he also let the fans know how disappointed he was to not finish the fight and when he steps into the GKNY cage against Ed Landry on June 27 he plans to take his head clean off.

Landry ended up leaving half way through the fifth round, not sticking around for the finish, but said later Matrix deserved to be congratulated. Landry also said playtime is over and the champion will be taking 5 steps up when they face each other in the cage.

John Matrix and Ed Landry will square off at Underworld 3 where we get to see if the newly titled champ can defend his position on top of the middleweight division against the vocal #2 GKNY middleweight Ed Landry.

The fight was given the Fight of the night award and both competitors went home with an extra thousand dollars in their pockets.

[Co-Main Event] Holdsworth def Thompson by TKO (Head Kick) at 03:26 of Round 2

Aaron Holdsworth scored a devastating TKO in a come from behind victory against Oliver Thompson, pushing himself up the middleweight division in remarkable fashion. After being dominated in the first round and for most of the second, The Hammer connected with a superb head kick that knocked Thompson out cold and put his powerful kicking on notice, this being his second straight win by a head kick.

Thompson had landed 31 strikes to Holdsworth’s 2 before the Englishman let his leg to the talking. Holdsworth was cut in the first round and the Aussie looked in complete control before the single heavy kick ended his night.

The comeback puts the Legion of Doom allied fighter into solid placing in the 185 lbs division, earning him the #5 rank and his second straight victory with GKNY. His current record is 2-1 with the GAMMA feeder, and 3-1 overall.


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