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  1. Watching Jack Reacher season 1 now. So far i like it, nothing special, other than you have a big white musclehead beating people up (which is unusual these days, it was the norm in the 80s and 90s). It is more detective orientated than i thought, also Reacher is a high IQ guy. I never got that impression from the games.
  2. Yeah, i watched that. As a big fan of the Fallout games, i think they did a great job with the series.
  3. Aleksey Nikulin (48376) has been inducted into the GAMMA Hall of Fame, congratulations to him! Aleksey is a Tycoon long time veteran player, who has been in this game since 2011-10-01. He currently is not in any alliance and his historical highest ranking in the game is #2. In GAMMA he has had a legendary run, currently ranked #38 among all managers who have competed in GAMMA. Among active managers, still competing in the game, he is ranked #12 in total points accumulated. As of the latest update, his all time GAMMA record stands at 58-41-3, with a winning percentage, just under 57%. His 102 total fights ranks #32 all time. He also has 17 title fights to his name. To see Aleksey's total stats, you can look up his rankings here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PUBoZ76tUVYpy_catEueWyYOFJmuzuShj9IpdqmsMX0/edit#gid=396796386 In the latest update in total accumulated points for the period of May 2023 until March 2024 Aleksey accumulated the most total points in GAMMA, so with the game currently at it's "later" stages, I expect to see Aleksey among the top managers in the near future.
  4. Watching the 2022 Game of Thrones (or House of Dragon is the right name i think). I liked the original series more, i think the characters were overall better, but if you liked the first one, you will like this.
  5. Now we know where Bob got his surname from.
  6. Maybe he is on a long holiday 😀
  7. yeah i have not played in a while actually as well, at least over a year.
  8. It seems bookies are pretty dead in the game now from what i see.
  9. Yeah, i am also a fan of Rimworld, they have a new mod that just came out and they constantly update.
  10. It is funny how that can was the stepping stone for many fighters who made it to the top 100 or there abouts. He actually has quite of few of them i know by name such as Luke Daigle, Bob Baramari and Super Salajudin.
  11. I also starting watching that last night. I was a massive fan of the original Fallout games back in the late 90s, so i can also relate to a lot of the scenes and general vibe of the series. So far i got through the first 2 episodes and I have to say, they did an awesome job with this one, i had zero expectations, but they did a great job, expecially if you played the game or like that type of genre (post-Apocalyptic).
  12. Welcome to the game! There is 100% no advertising for the game, at least not in the past year or more. I suppose most people that get here is from using the search on google, there is not that many MMA games and even less MMA tycoon/booker type games + there is a few who come through a couple of sports sims sites such as this one: https://gmgames.org MMA Tycoon is top 10 ranked on that site.
  13. Damn, i was thinking of watching that movie.
  14. Karim Johnson HOF Induction! Karim Johnson (347353) competed in GAMMA from 2021-09-18 until 2024-04-06 under GAMMA Hall of Fame manager Laz Staz. Before competing in GAMMA, he was a Combate 265lbs and 265+lbs world champion. He even competed against GAMMA back in 2021-06-26 in a super fight against the then champion Hiro Manowaru in a fight that he won. He was already 13-2 when he joined GAMMA, so he obviously joined with lots of hype and promise. Karim had 41 fights with a record of 27-14-0. 26 of those wins came via finishes (which is 5th all time) and he also had 27 Fight of the Night bouts (which is 6th all time). He is a 5 time 265lbs+ world GAMMA champion! This could be an all time record, at least for the division but that is very hard to know without going through the whole list. Either way, winning then losing and then regaining the title 5 times, is obviously rediculous, especially at this level. Karim has a total of 24 title fights, which ranks as 5th all time. He also had a crazy amount of super fights, in total 9, which is a modern era record and 4th highest in GAMMA history. His combined Super + Title fights is 33 which ranks 4th all time. He is a GAMMA and MMA Tycoon Hall of fame fighter at the same time, he joined the game HOF back in 2022-03-13 becoming the #1 ranked fighter. Back in 2022 he won the GAMMA fighter of the year and in 2023 he came 2nd. This is only the 8th time in history a fighter was ranked in the top 3 fighters of GAMMA for the year. In 2021 and 2022 he was ranked #1 among all fighters for the 265+ division in the whole game. Only 2 other fighters in GAMMA history have achieved the same feat. He also competed in the latest (and probably last), MMA Tycoon Olympics back in 2022-04-07. He had many memorable wins over former GAMMA champs, top 100 ranked fighters or GAMMA HOF fighters, including Leonardo Da Vincible, Viktor Babinski, Hiro Manowaru, LaTroy Johnson, Bento Barboza, Yago Nascimento, Billy Bob Brown, Hero Shima, Zahbit Lovanov, Beau Canada, Herbert Kreischer, William Riker, but his biggest win has to be over Kilo Maluga in probably the most hyped fight in modern MMA history. He has a total of 556 ranking points which places him 4th in the all time list, just 1 win below Jeremy Tonal (31632) who is in 3rd place. He is also the fighter with the fewest fights among the top 12, meaning he achived more due to the quality of fights, not the quantity. This is Laz Staz #5 induction into the GAMMA HOF, only 1 other manager has more and only 2 others have the same amount. This also pushed Laz to just 69 points away from surpassing Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) for the #1 all time GAMMA manager position, something he should achieve in 2024.
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