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Better Call Paul

Top 3 Picks: Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt, Aaron Judge

Steal: Andrew McCutchen (9th Round)

Sleeper: Matt Olson (20th Round)

Rundown: Better Call Paul hit the small market jackpot with their draft this year. Picking up 3-time Silver Slugger Award winner Nolan Arenado with the #4 pick was a no-brainer. Although he may not get the attention he deserves, playing in Colorado will do that, Arenado should be a darkhorse MVP candidate this year. Over the last three seasons, Arenado has averaged 40HRs and 131RBIs and there is no reason why he shouldn't continue that trend in 2018. Following the pick of Arenado, Better Call Paul drafted the man behind the name, Paul Goldschmidt. Also, a 3-time Silver Slugger Award winner, Goldschmidt may have had the best of his career last season by hitting .297 with 36HRs and 120RBIs. The only knock on Goldschmidt is that he is a "slower starter", but once he gets things going, watch out. Ok, maybe Aaron Judge isn't small market, but who thought he was going to do what he did last season (52HRs, 114RBIs). My guess is that Judge and Giancarlo have a friendly competition to see who can put up the better numbers and I think Judge might just win. Finally out of Pittsburgh, Andrew McCutchen seems to have a renewed energy in San Fran. With the pressure of having to be "the guy" off his back, it wouldn't surprise me to see McCutchen set a new career high in RBIs with the Giants talented line up. Better Call Paul may have found a diamond in the rough with Matt Olson in the 20th Round. Olson's numbers looked like this last season (his rookie season): .259AVG, 24HRs, 45RBIs. Oh did I mention he did all of that in 59 games??

Conclusion: The auto-draft can be a cruel mistress or an absolute savage, luckily for Better Call Paul they ended up with the latter. They are a little light on the pitching side, but having three MVP finalists from last season doesn't exactly suck.

Draft Grade: B

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Bryzzo Souvenir Co.

Top 3 Picks: Kris Bryant, Joey Votto, Anthony Rizzo

Steal: Adrian Beltre (12th Round)

Sleeper: Didi Gregorius (19th Round)

Rundown: The pick that we all saw coming as soon as the draft order was announced: Bryzzo Souvenir Co. selects Kris Bryant with the #3 pick. Was it a reach?? Probably. But it's not like Bryant wasn't ranked as a top 10 player. Although Bryant's numbers dipped a little a year after winning MVP, he still managed to put up 29HRs, cut back on his strikeout to walk ratio and have a .409 on base percentage. It's a bit hard to pinpoint what he will do this season, but I'm guessing around a .305AVG with 35HRs and 110RBIs. With it's second pick, we assumed we knew who Bryzzo would be picking, but they pulled a shocker by picking Joey Votto. While disappointing the fans with the pick, Bryzzo gets a former MVP who has missed hitting over .300 only twice in his career; his rookie year (he still hit .297) and 2014 when he only played in 62 games due to injury. While he may not have as much "pop" at age 34, he will still deliver a high batting average and draw a solid number of walks. A few picks into the 3rd round and Anthony Rizzo was still on the board. Fans in attendance began chanting "we want Rizzo". Finally Bryzzo Souvenir Co. obliged. Rizzo stuggled a bit in the batting average department last season, hitting .273, but when he did get hits they were clutch. Smashing 32HRs and driving in 109 base runners for the second straight season, Rizzo will have a good chance at another 100+RBI season with the talent the Cubs roster has. Another ageless wonder worth mentioning, Adrian Beltre put up very good numbers again last season (17HRs and 71RBIs). Unfortunately, he only managed to play in 97 games after battling calf and hamstring issues most of last season. If I told you there was only one shortstop in the league that finished in the top 5 at his position in batting average (.287), home runs (25) and RBIs (87), I bet you wouldn't guess that the player was Didi Gregorius. Surprising, right??

Conclusion: Bryzzo Souvenir company is loaded with talent, but if they can't stay on the field then it will be a long season and loads of waiver wire pick ups.

Draft Grade: C+

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