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NFL Fantasy Football 21-22



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Well Fear Boners is boning me for sure!   ?  

Looks like Gus Edwards will be out w/ a torn ACL, and Boners picked up his next 2 backups before me.  I ended up drafting Gus in the 5th rd in both of my leagues and the same thing happened in my other league too.

You guys must have twitter NFL/injury alerts setup or something, because I highly doubt this could happen organically.       

Anyway I guess that's my just desserts for letting Alfred pick Dobbins after his injury.  

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Congrats Butch, well done!  

Brutal championship week for me, since I've been riding the Vikings all year and Cousins was out this week.  But it probably wouldn't have mattered against your 140+ pts!  

I'm having trouble finding your manager ID, you must have switched names or something.  Anyway, link me to the ID and money will be on the way! 

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