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  1. I'll sign up Ardahan Battuga to 170 and Pyotr Petrov to 155 (if you confirm, I'll start dropping his weight) https://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=390775 https://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=390681
  2. Oh nice, we're doing this again. No one wants to run it on the Forums like the last few times? I know it's a bunch of work but it's the only option imo other than autodraft. Live draft will NEVER work with this group.
  3. GWad wins another tournament, what's up? I accept your prizes, admiration, and everlasting devotion when you have a chance.
  4. ALFRED'S KAMPF Chapter 4: Indoctrination Based on shocking testimony from a inside source, we delve into the origin and innerworkings of Alfredmacht. As soon as his conscription was complete, Alfred, hand in hand (literally), with top Commandant Christopher Karter, systematically set about brainwashing his recruits (henceforth referred to as victims) to fit his reprehensible worldview. Our source tells us that the harrowing ordeal began with listening to several hours of Kanye West over a loudspeaker followed by a three-hour lecture by Commandant Karter exploring in minute detail Herr Nick Fuentes’ opinion that sex with women is gay, before concluding largely sympathetic to Fuentes' view (or, as Karter put it, at least in the case of biological women). Afterward commenced a series of menial mental and physical tasks designed to break the spirit of even the most resolute among them. Upon completion of the curriculum, victims had only to clear a mandatory prostate exam (two in the case of Mannetosen who insisted not to have been confident in the results of the first) before goosestepping into full membership of the perfidious organization. Rumors of sexual improprieties against the victims during the indoctrination process could not be corroborated but leaked images of the Fuhrer and Commandant Karter salivating as victims are seen practicing the downward dog have done little to dampen suspicions. One also wonders if ‘thou doth protest too much’ as members of Alfred’s camp hurl baseless accusations against Team GWad and inexplicably denigrate the good name of the greatest president in American history, Joseph Robinette Biden. The end result is clear as day. Their scientifically developed curriculum has, for reasons not yet fully understood, successfully erased victims’ command of English and transformed previously sound minds into mush. The world waits with bated breath to see if, once GWad has secured the unconditional surrender of Alfred and his top Commandant, there’s any chance at rehabilitation for the victims.
  5. Tоварищ Тоссин расстроен тем, что не получил приглашения на секс втроем.
  6. Nothing will end GWad and Billy's great love affair. Not your jackboots, not your gas chambers. Nothing.
  7. Now that's a real American right there god bless. A shame the Nazis sent you to be a sacrificial lamb.
  8. The Nazis took bites out of shrimps like Poland and Czechoslovakia before spreading their cheeks for the big dogs. They don't want none of this.
  9. Really should have Midnight Express'ed him when I had the chance.
  10. Keisuke will to make furious combat to finish Finnish fool.
  11. Glorious. The Alf-right are gonna whine and cry but what can you do.
  12. Albert Summertop huh? What kind of crypto shiz is this?
  13. Republican translation: [has furious gay sex in truck stop bathroom] lol cope bruh
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