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NFL Fantasy Football 22-23 Season

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    • August 31rst (after the end of Preseason)
    • August 24th

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17 minutes ago, The1rstSaint said:

I should have picked up Tua and dropped Matty Ice Cold.

Don't judge the first 4 weeks very much. In the past 6 years it's gotten common which for me has made the first 4 weeks hard to watch because you don't see good football. But most teams hold out all or most of their starting lineup on both sides of the ball through the preseason so the first 4 weeks everyone is trying to gel together.

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16 minutes ago, XxxtremeT13 said:

I wouldn’t be against it. I’m looking to get more into/serious with it this season. Looking to work on making it a part time income gig in some platforms. 

do you have a preferred go to

NFL network,yahoo, ESPN…..? 

I don't really have a preference. I think I normally go NFL.Com route though. Im in if you get a league started though.

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When you do a new thread for this season , sign me up...So, Its almost Preseason, where are we on this?

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