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Heroes of Rio Kickboxing Federation


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  • WHO?

Heroes of Rio Kickboxing Federation is open and actively recruiting for weight classes 155-265+, with 135 and 145 possibly opening with enough interest. HEROES will operate on a ‘hybrid’ ID restriction. The 155, 185, and 265 lb weight classes will be Restricted to the 390k ID range while the 170, 205, and 265+ weight classes will be completely Unrestricted.

  • WHAT?

To separate ourselves from run of the mill MMA orgs, our match formats will feature fewer and shorter rounds to reduce energy loss, cuts, and injuries with the tradeoff hopefully being more fights and quicker turnaround. Restricted weight classes will fight 2 rounds of 3 minutes as a standard bout, with title fights eventually being 3 rounds of 3 minutes to mitigate draws as much as possible. Unrestricted weights will start at 3 rounds of 3 minutes with title fights being 5 rounds of 3 minutes. All matches will utilize a 10 point must scoring system and will take place in a ring hopefully to limit prolonged clinching, similar to real life. The idea behind all of these decisions is to provide a fast paced, action packed experience!

  • WHEN?

Recruiting is open now! We will be actively scouting all of the above stated weight classes to build a robust and active KT roster. If you are interested in being a part of HEROES, send all contract requests to Rush “Flipper” Grayson in game!

This thread will serve as our ‘smack talk’ thread. Watch this space for any and all HEROES content!


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s here….



The HEROES of Rio Championship Title!


Title bouts will be scheduled as the divisions fill out and become competitive, starting with the 170lb division. Thank you all so much for helping me bring this org to life, and filling our Pantheon of Champions will put us even closer to the ultimate goal of being the Greatest KT org of ALL TIME!


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HEROES of Rio Match Format


145, 170, 205, and 265+: 3x3 fights, 3x5 title fights


155, 185, and 265:  2x3 fights 3x3 title fights


The purpose of the format is to promote aggressive fights whether you’re going for the kill or trying to outpoint each other. In the Restricted weight classes, all of the normal risks of fighting with your prospects are mitigated by the matches being 6 minutes max instead of 15 like the standard MMA fight. Lower energy loss and the realistic possibility of a draw will help keep your fighters in the gym and keep the unfortunate L’s from appearing as often to preserve their hype. With the reduced workload, the goal is to have the existing ID class be nearly ready to integrate into the Open ID classes by the time the next ID turn hits. Of course, I will always matchmake using skill levels first and ranking second to keep the fights fair and competitive. Your fighters won’t be fighting out of their depth at any point in there careers at HEROES!

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Dru Quick is a legend in the kickboxing game. A long time veteran of AKF, Quick is the former #Heavyweight AND SuperHeavyweight kickboxer in the world. Quick recently signed with Heroes of Rio Kickboxing Federation for an undisclosed amount of money, but it is reported that the aging Quick is looking at one more chance at Gold. 


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