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Sol União FC 400k Tournament!


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He’s no billionaire, just an ambitious road warrior. Just following a path, like the path of karma or Tao or the little big concrete street path to the bodega down the block that sells the most bomb empanadas. 

Domingo has a vision, young men and women getting wet in excitement for the brawl of a lifetime. As he runs his cafe, he sees potential outside of his shop, the brutes that wear gloves or saints that go bare fisted, they are there to make an impression. They know he’s been a fighter manager in the past but they also know the tragic story in which made him leave (more on that in the future) once before. They know he’s a humble businessman but also a man you can’t provoke.

Domingo sees these kids and catches an idea so he goes to his wife and discusses the idea with her. Astonishingly his wife Flora Agreed to help and they go to the garage and build back what was once known as Relativity but this time in a new land with dangerous favelas and beautiful beaches,  Pilão, pain de queijo, and Beach Brazilian Ju Jitsu, boxing, tennis, futebol, women and more. They commence their plan to breed the younger generation to come for the first 400k fight I’d org in mma tycoon history!



the rewards will be noted as time goes by until the 400k start because they need to raise some money. They took out the 50k loan to start from the bottom, as the money grows in the future the prizes will grown bigger, the 32 man tourney will rebuild South America to relevancy once more so more people can move in train for the future, I will allow up to two fighters per manager, and when the time comes Domingo  Will produce one or two as well. The list will begin now.


1.Comte (Domingo)

2. Curix 170:



3. Hello 303


4. Pandachu


5. Melker 170:       


6. Omniscious


7. Colombo: 170












THANK YOU EVERYONE, Let’s make this happen!


gratefully and really up about this,

Domingo Aka Comte!




only one fight for testing 

Starting ages are 16-18

The fighters must be from Brazil or moved there when they were young, you can create a story in your bio.


your fighters are allowed to be from heaven so they could save Rio.

managers are allowed up to two entrants.


135 weight class.

170 weight class. 

I encourage very good, cool or hilarious custom avatars.


I will add a fighter when the time comes.


Creation Date will be July 4th, 

One month to train until the first Event.


Prizes so far include- Invitation to Private gym Sol União Elite Fight alliance for private training.

1,000,000 prize

looking for a Nutrition Partner to sponsor this, give me a shout!


Much more to come …






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Ey, where’s the energy to build back Rio?

let’s get 10 more fighters in, I’m moving the creation date to July 14th to create fighters 16-18. 3 weeks of training for the 1st round and then we’ll separate the rounds month by month, toward the end we’ll move the rounds closer together. Let’s go guys!

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