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Franchising Gyms

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Suggestion: Franchising gyms/owning multiple gyms in different cities

Suggestions Description: There are certain cities or certain times where there are very few public gyms and have public gym shortages. Let gym owners franchise their gyms and open them in multiple cities. By letting people franchise their gyms and open them in multiple cities it lets those who know how to properly run gyms give their gym access to more fighters in cities with poor public gyms. There's Golds gym, Planet Fitness, Equinox franchises all over why can't MMA Tycoon do that? Tycoon is in the name let me be y'know a Tycoon. Franchised gyms would be charged VIP like a single business in order to encourage more public gyms. There is a catch though if you make a franchise they can not go private. Also there should be a possibility of losing your franchises if the cleanliness and equipment conditions fall and aren't maintained the system could force some locations to close. Franchising would be simple 1 location per city.


  • Cities with horrible public gyms now get better run gyms
  • Encourages more public gyms


  • Someone could have a monopoly
  • People could get discouraged and don't want to compete against the franchises leading to less gyms being opened
  • Gym crisis if the owner goes inactive


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