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[APPROVED] Press conferences

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Suggestion: Press conferences

Suggestions Description: Make it an option for orgs to run pre-event press conferences and select one or two fights from the card to be featured. A successful event will gain some benefits like increased event attendance or hype. Add an option on the fighter bio page how to act during press conferences, like neutral, confrontative, sportsmanlike, crazy etc. (like post fight options). And of course an optional custom line to be quoted from them.

Depending on fighter options, media skill, any friendship/rivalry, and some randomness generate a result. Results like fights almost breaking out should probably count as positive for the org as it generates more interest. There could even be options for the org to try and stage fake incidents for increased risk/reward.

Outcome of the PC could have some effect on fighter popularity (we may not want it to affect hype?). And if media skill is a thing being featured on a PC should work like a training session to increase it.

Another cool thing would be mind games. If one fighter manages to get under his opponents skin let it result in a morale drop. The roll for this could be based on confidence.

I think there should some org hype level requirement (above id org) before you can use this option and it should cost a small amount of money for the org.

Message all managers on the card when the PC happens (like 2 days before) and include link to the org forum thread to encourage continued smacktalk there.

A successful press conference could also gain some little hype for the event sponsor. Clothes worn by a fighter featured on a PC could earn the producer company a few hype points.


  • Adds to feeling of different tier orgs
  • Would be a nice tie-in to make use of media skill and make such fighters more desirable for orgs
  • Could inspire players to some forum follow up smack talking


  • May discourage/replace player driven press conference events via forum, but i have not seen any of those in a long time now anyway
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This is a cool idea and I like the potential to improve realism and give the managers something else to look forward to during the week.


The benefits of these types of events can't be very one-dimensional and it feels like they might need a simulation engine of their own to some extent. Still, I like the potential this has especially since we can create a whole new visual aesthetic for the press conferences and introduce perhaps an element of getting more TycoonTimes involvement with the action that occurs during the PCs.



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