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Suggestion: Cornermen

Suggestions Description: Make it possible to select up to two cornermen for a fight. Could be on same page as where you set sliders. For each cornerman you select one secondary skill that they will provide a bonus to based on their own skill level. This can work similar to the training bonus. Cornermen can be selected from other active fighters or from coaches at your gym. It would be nice if you can also invite fighters from other players to act as cornermen. Cornermen would have to be free for the event, so not fighting on the same day or giving a seminar etc.

Cornermen bonus could also be weighed by coaching skill (if that is added). Having a friend in the corner could add a morale or confidence bonus, maybe even enough that it would make fighters with bad hiddens on those stats more viable overall?

If your fighter fails an intelligence roll (whenever those are made) the corner may get a rollĀ  to save him and change the result to a better one. Could result in some text about fighter taking instructions from his corner.

There is already some flavour text saying something about a fighter moving closer to their corner. make that have an actual effect and provide increased corner bonus for the rest of the round or similar.

Cornermen would also factor heavily into getting a read on your opponent in round breaks. Base that on their experience and intelligence.

You would not know in advance what cornermen your opponent has but it will be revealed in the fight text and possibly some commentary with clues on which skill they boost.


  • Provides some adaptation possibilities for different types of opponents
  • Nice role for older fighters to fill


  • One more per fight setting to make, but it is optional of course
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