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Toggle for different kinds of Flavour Text for Fighters

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Given previous suggestions asking for more variety of flavour text and also offering different ways of potentially even unlocking these as 'signature moves', I was thinking that it could be cool to have some sort of flavour text toggle in your "Edit Fighter Details" page.

What I mean by this is, assuming you've unlocked some signature techniques (purely flavour text) you'd like your fighter to attempt, these toggles would then enable you to filter for it and have some control in what kinds of techniques they 'attempt'. This would then mean that assuming your fighter scores a finish or a successful technique attempt of that type, the corresponding type of flavour text would appear. For example, if I've ticked only 'Axe Kick' then any time my fighter lands a successful head kick KO, I'll get the axe kick KO flavour text.

My vision would be that this is a multi-selection enabled toggle, so that if you've unlocked a special signature technique, you can tick that along with other signature techniques and/or default skills to get a mix of flavour text. e.g. If your guy HATES armbars, select every other submission except armbars and default and he'll never attempt an 'arm bar' again.

It'd look something like this:

SUBS from Guard

Default (default flavour text) Yes/No
Armbar Yes/No
Guillotine Yes/No
Gogoplata Yes/No

In this instance, my guy would only get flavour text about him trying/getting a gogoplata when attempting a sub in guard because I've made up that he's the gogoplata machine!

If this is all a bit too much, it could also be turned into something a bit more general. e.g. a toggle for "Striking Style" where selecting "Brawler" would mean your flavour text is full of hooks and winged punches Wanderlei Silva style or selecting "Ring General" you'd just get more flavour text for jabs and straight punches. Ultimately as it stands, there's no difference between a successful overhand right and landing a slap - they're both a successful head punch from distance.

In combination with a potentially community driven effort to expand flavour text along with the above suggestions on potential ways to unlock some of this flavour text (money sinks, etc), this could really be beneficial to the roleplaying aspect of the game and making fighters that little bit more potentially unique.

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7 hours ago, jjsquirrel said:

I would like it even better if there was some connection with fighter skills and actual game effect of their style, but just a flavour thing would be nice too actually.

Yeah I don't mind the idea of certain texts/techniques being unlockable either through your seminars idea and/or through skill thresholds (though what happens if people decline, you don't forget a technique even if you can't pull it off as well anymore). The idea of more options being 'earnable' in some spaces rather than just bought is definitely a nice idea.

Actual game effect is a tricky one because A) You don't want things to be too pay to win or introduce too many obvious advantages that are gatekept behind criteria and most majorly B.) I don't think the engine is really setup for complexities like that. A successful head strike from distance is a successful head strike from distance no matter what it currently says. I could be wrong about the engine limitations or it could be part of some big engine revamp that's going to happen, but I figured just a cosmetic change for now would be less likely to upset any balance issues and also be much more feasible to implement in the short term.

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