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Remove Brabo Choke from MMA Ruleset's available ground finishes.

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Suggestion: Ruleset specific moves need to be carefully considered before being available in another ruleset

Suggestions Description: Remove Brabo Choke from MMA, this choke is only possible while your opponent is wearing a GI and involves using the GI to actually perform the choke, it can stay in the grappling ruleset if that is intended to be a in-GI ruleset but in the MMA ruleset its inclusion is 100% ridiculous because nobody should be wearing a GI under MMA rules.


  • Improved realism


  • somebody might get some sand in their mangina
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There are actually people who call it Brabo choke for no-gi as well, and possibly a few slightly different definitions floating around. It's not exactly as if there is a naming standard enforced in the sport. Still replacing it with the more widely used Darce choke would make sense. TWGC is supposed to more or less be ADCC I think, so no-gi.

Something even more silly is the text lines that mention someone wearing gloves or faking a punch that can appear for grappling.


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