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Inactive Org Owner

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This is a big issue in todays game because of the amount of managers quitting and leaving there orgs, and fighters have a long inactivity clause.

Suggestion name: Inactive Org Owner

Suggestion Description: If an org owner has been inactive for 10 days, all fighters in the organization EXCEPT fighters who have a fight booked (has to be booked, still on the offer sheet doesn’t count) are given the option to leave the org UNLESS there is a staff member in the org, in which case he would be temporarily give full control of the company until the owner comes back and has to manually select something to retake it. After 30 days of the original owner not logging in, the staff member takes control and the original guy gets the boot. If the staff member also is inactive for 10 days, the fighters can leave the org except for ones with fights booked.

Pros: Won’t waste people’s times sitting in inactive org

Cons: The owner might be mad if he comes back and half the fighters are gone, but to be honest, that’s on him.


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Would suck if you had a major surgery I suppose, but really if the current inactive clauses counted off properly 100% of the time everyone would be free after the agreed upon clause in the original contract. Where this becomes a problem is when the bug strikes leaving it at zero days inactive no matter when the last fight was. Solve that, and no issues for Orgs going under.

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