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  1. I wasn’t around when this was still a thing, but I wouldn’t be playing this game if I had to deal with all that crap all the time. Too much work.
  2. This is why I don’t win tournaments
  3. https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=404600
  4. What time is creation? Will the 22nd in GMT be fine? I think that translates to roughly an hour from now where 1 am.
  5. Sent out now. Josef Stalin, if you are wondering, your opponents fighter was dropped, and we are working on getting that sorted out, so your fight offer may come a bit later. Don’t worry though, we have plenty of time.
  6. Well, this time I set sliders. But it was on mobile so I set 100 percent takedowns instead of stay standing. I still have absolutely no clue how good my fighter is, and if I lose this next fight I’m eliminated. This tournament is going great!
  7. Don’t worry guys! He’s just renovating his bathroom!
  8. Gonna need a lot of alternates huh
  9. Not fair! I didn’t see it! Hope some more are coming (but probably not) great job butch!
  10. Is that Karters false advertisement? He’s a businessman, what can I say lol.
  11. Bob Slay kills 99.99 percent of spambots. Freakin’ 0.01%
  12. Lot of fighters, most older and they’re all 25 year olds… doesn’t sound like the most appealing org to take on.
  13. Mike told me a few weeks ago that he was working on translating the game into Spanish. But that can’t take that long, can it? I keep telling myself that he bought part of the game, he can’t just abandon it, but it’s at least looking like a lot of those visions won’t be accomplished.
  14. https://forums.mmatycoon.com/index.php?/profile/123013-carsonmq/ Here’s one that was just online. Only 2 letters at the end, but still a pattern. Edit: https://forums.mmatycoon.com/index.php?/profile/124543-viktorinai/ another one. Damn there is a lot
  15. I’d look for any name with 3 letters at the end. All of their naming patterns seem to be the same.
  16. This interview is being conducted by a reporter from the Tycoon Times. Happy Gilmore: Whatsup my man! TTP: Hello Happy. You certainly sound excited. HG: I freakin am, bro! With the money I made from my KOTN I got my grandmas house back! TTP: That’s very nice. But what everyone is wondering, that fight. What was going through your head? HG: I just wanted to bash that guys skull in. Takes me back to my hockey days. TTP: What was your game plan leading up to the fight? HG: My manager put some intricate stuff together, but I wasn’t really listening. All I could think about was kill, kill, kill. TTP: And that you did. How did you feel after the KO? HG: I mean, it was such a short fight. I kind of wanted more. Like, he didn’t even give me a real battle. Bro didn’t know how to punch or takedown. I was just mad. I wanted to punch some more people. TTP: It’s true, Jones didn’t look too good out there. How are you prepping for your next fight? Are you excited? HG: Heath has no shot. His manager was talking crap the other day, cuz Heath was too scared to do it himself. Don’t think he knows how to punch either. I’m prepping by watching his film and laughing every time his does something stupid, which is often. TTP: I wish you good luck, and I’ll see you later!
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