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  1. i think the point system would be way better if it was averaged across 100 fights per month as opposed to 30, that way there is no penalty for having lots of fights. just my 2 cents anyhow.
  2. good to see you back in action bro, welcome back to the game!
  3. you didn't tie Yabai bro, we won 5 months this year. hats off to you guys though, you had a very strong ending to the season!
  4. can't wait bro, should be fireworks!
  5. i second that, 50 ko's is worthy of a trophy!
  6. first thing is first, i hope you get well soon bro! this is a game and everything in RL takes precedence so i wish you a speedy recovery. i personally had a whale of a time on this thread and i think it has added fun to the tourney for the lions share of the managers reading it or involved in it! if not fun then spice at the very least!
  7. i'll stick in a million for prizes as well, with the hype up the reward should be up as well!
  8. to be honest the guys in Yabai that have interacted with you have said you are a good guy and i concur after the interaction on this thread bro. it seems more like Teyo needed an extra edge in this tourney and unfortunately you ended up with half the shit. for the record Teyo is not a bad guy either but he should now man up and admit he pulled a fast one, or possibly by some misunderstanding somewhere down the line. the silver lining on all this is there will be way more hype, way more eyes watching this tourney. i will most definitely be following the rest of the rounds!
  9. just to make it clear you are saying the opposite than Teyo i posted your last quote. the intrigue continues...
  10. here is another time Teyo said you knew he didn't create his fighter but are ok with it. what's going on Saklain? someone is telling porkies that's for sure, i'm curious to find out who it is after all this.
  11. this wasn't in the interview bro, it does imply that you had no issue with him being "gifted a fighter by Scottie". that is probably why i thought you were in the know.
  12. i'm not one to ask for him to be disqualified bro, i'm just trying to get to the bottom of this mix up. had Teyo not tried to put some weird blame on Mikey then this whole can of worms would not have been opened in the first place. in this thread we have Teyo saying he checked with you it was all cool (more than once) and we have you saying you didn't know he didn't create his own fighter, add to that you are teammates so you can see why it all looks a bit iffy from the outside.
  13. but he said he followed the rules you gave him bro, it doesn't add up. at least one of you is being stingy with the truth...
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