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  1. We are now down to the final six! Four men given a second chance still battle it out on their way to the finals, while the two yet to face defeat thus far are coming together to earn a spot at the finishing line. The updated bracket is as follows: Fight offers have been sent out - good luck !
  2. Yeah, I will do as many have said they'd like it to continue. Will update the brackets and get fights sorted over the weekend. Cheers for your patience boys!
  3. My bad, sorry to worry. I'll be around to accept the fights on time going forward.
  4. Chito Vera Benoit Saint-Denis Kevin Holland JDM Song Yadong Blaydes Barber Gamrot Phillips Cutelaba Pereira Despaigne Almabaev Moroz
  5. For me its been around long before I was born, and Toriyama has shaped my interests in more ways than I can even imagine. The domino effect caused by his creations (Dragon Ball birthing the whole modern shounen anime/manga genre and Dragon Quest shaping J (and western) RPGs as we know them) is really hard to imagine. I'm not sure I'd even be an artist if it weren't for him lol
  6. rip, goat https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2024/03/08/dragon-ball-akira-toriyama-dies/ there would've been no budokai ff if not for toriyama
  7. he never had any lol wrote that entire page of what avatars should look like and posted it on the same day that he accepted avatars that went against his rules
  8. As you boys know, round 3 took place on the 25th, and the fates of many were changed once more. We say goodbye to another four fighters, as only eight remain - exactly half of the original competitors! Jethro King, Hung Takedo, Bottom Feeder and Giorgi Gorgodze have been eliminated as Shirley Crabtree and Earl McCoy now find themselves dropped into the loser's bracket! The updated bracket is as follows: (note that due to the nature of double elimination brackets, some fighters will periodically sit out of rounds while the tournament progresses.)
  9. will update when back home tomorrow boys, I have NOT forgotten about you beautiful peoples
  10. I go on holiday and come back to this?
  11. Moreno Rodriguez Zellhuber Rosas jr Yazmin Torres Barcelos Mendonca Chairez Ziam Rodriguez Dos Santos Naimov
  12. You get charged extra for owning multiple companies - could it be that? https://www.mmatycoon.com/companies_charge.php
  13. Topuria Whittaker Garry Merab Hernandez Dern + Tafa Nakamura Zhang Barlow Elliot Maverick
  14. Rei

    He can't retire.

    Does he have any pending contract offers? You can't retire if you do
  15. Pyfer Ige Bryczek Rodrigues Johnson Petrosyan Prates Oki Loma Clark Wells Pauga Amil Marcos
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