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  1. My available funds was 23000, after my last two picks it is now 3000. I keep a spreadsheet, I actually thought I must have made a mistake so I went back through each events results and re-tallied, I got the same figures at 23k.
  2. Bryan Battle = 10k Isaac Dulgarian = 10k
  3. Rude. You really want to be buying yourself some bad karma right now?
  4. Christian Leroy Duncan -10k Kyler Phillips - 10k
  5. Steady tiger. We are two months in lol
  6. The Silva fight was embarrassing. I thought she'd fight way better than that. And I've been this far ahead a few times at the start of the season, and each time I've been caught. Very early days.
  7. Manuel Torres - 10k Daniel Zellhuber - 10k
  8. Anthony Hernandez 15k Luis Rodríguez 10k
  9. Ah of course. No wonder Cyborg offered to come back at ufc 300, no more USADA.
  10. I'd be worried about the steroid testing too.
  11. Rodolfo Vieira 10k Renato Moicano 10k
  12. Very close fight. I'm not convinced he has a long rein, but, was a good close chess match to watch. Good pick.
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