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  1. For sure, if we are training them for that long, I would presume they'd likely would have a career and not just be tourney fighters.
  2. it means....what will the date be whereas everyone will create their guy and when the tourney will start. As previously stated, it determines the type of builds created, whether they are one-dimensional, etc. Quite frankly 25 years olds are way better for a throwaway tourney with less time with varied builds; however if you are giving an upwards of 2/3 months for projects to actually be worth a damn, it has a much greater chance to NOT be a grappler snugglefest.
  3. Well this is exciting; I might have to make my way back on in.
  4. I'd venture to say this manager is also Frank Costello Disregard, as the avatar was initally stolen by Frank and then he was dropped lol
  5. Dear Mike and Rush, Could there P L E A S E be a KT End of Island Tourney in the upcoming island season ? Warm Regards, Thibs
  6. I've kicked his ass quite a few times, we wouldn't want it to be for the ole school grapplers. Reijo Halli would take that money easy.
  7. I’d like to apologize for not setting my sliders.. won’t happen again.
  8. I don't know why yall even snitched on this one.. I took the money and stfu.
  9. if that one doesn't work. use the WWW. when that stops working.. take it out.. rinse and repeat.
  10. 25-0 with Cecil Lightning now affectionately known as KT Failure. https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=373559
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