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Laundry Services Thread


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2 hours ago, jjsquirrel said:

I don't have much experience with these things, but I think I could offer close to 2mil right now. Would prefer someone who can buy all of it.

I’m fairly inexperienced myself but I can tell you that it’s a bit of a ball ache - not as simple as transfers one large sum back 

you need to break it down into small transactions - I think 25k was the optimal amount - that way you/the receiver gets charged less transfer fees 8-10% from memory 

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There's a few creative ways to still get money to people without having to transfer directly and paying fees, but I think they semi-recently put limitations on one of the more common ways so it's not like the powers that be don't know about them. These methodologies also have some other caveats, but nothing too difficult to potentially save buckets in fees, particularly since one of the methods is only constrained by a time limitation rather than an amount limitation.

One of the more 'legit' ways of doing it is just to do laundry swap - which tends to be my preferred way. Play long enough and usually you'll also have laundry you want to do back.

As for manager to manager transactions, I've sometimes split payments into two when I realised there was an opportunity to save some fees there, so there are cases where this is the case but it's not a hard and fast rule. Just depends if you've got an amount that only just ticks over into the next bracket threshold and would benefit from you splitting it in a way that the bulk of the amount gets taxed at the lower bracket rate (and during your first transaction). E.g. If you have $225k, it's better for you if I send $200k and then $25k, rather than just straight up $225k (and it's also better than sending $25k first and then $200k).

The one thing that throws a bit of a spanner in the works for transaction fees is that if you have any staff for any org/business you own, you will be paying them a salary (minimum being $1) AND THIS COUNTS towards your rolling 30 day manager to manager transfer history. It's kind of stupid, but that's the reality. For example, Jason Swanson pays me $1 every week as a staff member of Dynasty Contenders, and he gets slapped the full 7% fee for under $5k transactions (e.g. the rate for 3+ transactions for a rolling 30 day period). If he were to actually have to transfer me a proper amount, he's going to be taxed the absolute highest rate for that appropriate bucket. This is despite him not actually properly transferring me any cash for any reason at all recently (other than laundry swap, a mechanic outside of this). The same is true for the staff member I have on Dynasty.

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Yeah so from memory - the first 500k you send for 15%, any more and it’s 20%
and then any transfer after that above 25k was 20% - again, this is from memory, correct me if I’m wrong - so I kept the remaining transfers at 25k to keep the fees around 10% 

It’s definitely a bit of work, but I figure you’re getting paid so, Is what it is haha 

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Got remaining 2100 units for laundry... i need someone to take it all since i am closing the company.... 75% return to you... 15% transfer fee and 10% for me to keep... if anyone interested.. pm me 

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