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MMA Hype -- with Brett and Jared


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http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/mma-hype-ascension_zps945d6d22.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/posters/1385430907asc-lhw2.png

Ascension Quarterfinals Post-fight Press Conference

Jared Asante was live in our Los Angeles studio to host the post-fight Press Conference for Ascension's LHW Quarterfinals.

The 4 winners were with him and answered some of the questions from the media.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words, there is no better motivation than good feedback!

To all MMA Hype fans, Elite Canadian Threads in Montreal is now the proud supplier of our branded clothing, check it out and get your MMA Hype apparels today!



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Spin & Win live event inside our studio in Amsterdam


MMA Hype decided to play around with the new MMA Tycoon addiction, Spin & Win. In our studio in Amsterdam, Brett and Jared invited a few managers and business owners to try it out, just to see how well they react to the wins and losses.


Spin & Win is a game where you can only win, so basically, Mike Tycoon found a way to addict everyone even more to the game, and we thank him for that!


Let’s go live with Brett and Jared, along with our last 2 contestants for the night.


-- -- --


Brett Clarke: Welcome to MMA Hype’s Amsterdam studio, we are live, in front of something I like to call “Tycooners’ new addiction machine”. Oh yes, you know what I’m talking about, it’s the Spin & Win slot machine!


Jared Asante: I have to admit, I sure am glad I’m not a manager and that I’m not allowed to use this machine, because I would go crazy about it.


Brett: You don’t need the machine to be crazy Jared, trust me. We have a few managers and business owners with us tonight, who brought their credits for two spins, and they will spin for a chance to win big!


Jared: Let’s go right ahead with our first contestant!


Jared: We have Roger Kint with us, the owner of Kaiser Fightwear, and leader of the Amsterdam Alliance, Evolution Fightwear. Mr. Kint, before you spin, is there anything you would like to say to the audience or to the viewers watching right now?


Roger Kint: Show me the money, Jarred, shooow me the moooney... WOOHOOO!!! I also would like to add: buy KAISER and get all the girls and the dubs, you fine people here in the attendence and sitting at home, eating microwave maccaroni and cheese!


Jared: Here goes the first spin of the night! Wow, I feel like I’m hosting “Wheel of fortune” right now, this is so exciting!

First slot stops on Lottery Tickets, second on Lottery Tickets, third on Cash. Aw, nothing for your first spin Mr. Kint. Spin it again!


Roger Kint: Not good, Mr. Woolery, not good... i'm a simple man, i like my girls brunette, my binary cagefights bloody and my beer german, but good lord, i prefer my anticaptcha non-existing. See this grey hair here on the left side? Anticaptcha! I hear you laughing at me, Mike Tycoon, at the fireplace, swiveling some old and expensive cognac - which certainly both was financed by my project fighter research addiction.... *shakes his fist*


Jared: Now the first slot 1 and 3 stopped on Super Quality Supplements, while the second slot is still active. It just stopped, on the Super Quality Supplement!! Congratulations to Roger Kint, who just won 2x Super Quality Supplements! How do you feel about that?


Roger Kint: The fraud 170s? I feel awesome, Mr. Sajak, JUST... AWESOME!!! It's like the warm feeling in the tummy on christmas morning when you unwrap your present and this lovely knit jersey pops out... you know... with the elks... and stuff.


Jared: And how is your experience in general with Spin & Win?


Roger Kint: It's a wonderful addiction, Mr. Hasselhoff, just wonderful... but let me express and summarize my experience with just two words - lottery tickets. They better get me that goddamn million, i swear, this is gonna be ugly at some point! And now excuse me, i have to make some quadruple posts in Tycoon forum that even will make the original "Spin Doctor" Chris Garcia look like an amateur!



Brett Clarke: What a character that Roger Kint! Now on to our last contestant, Scooby Jr!

Scooby owner of BEEF in Montreal, came to visit us all the way from New York, let’s hope he wins at least a little cash to pay for his flight!

Hello Scooby, anything you want to say to the audience and viewers at home before your first spin?


Scooby Jr: Of course I hope MMA Hype is just the rabbits foot I need to help me win something big here, im sure whatever it is will get recycled into BEEF which is in turn my satisfaction.


Brett: Alright, with that said, let’s go with the first spin!

First slot stops on Cash, second on Lottety Tickets, and the third one.. on a Jet. Wow, not even close! How does it feel to be so far off?


Scooby Jr: Ah man I couldnt even get my hopes up, whenever a jet shows its face here I get glossy eyed. No worries, I guess il take another whack at it...


Brett: Another spin for you, let’s hope it’s going to be a better one this time!

First slot stops on Free Agent, second stops on Free Agent! Looking good! Third one stops on… oooh, stops on Lottery Tickets. No luck this time either. Nothing for you. How does that feel?


Scooby Jr: Hahaha that sucks even more! Mystery Machine Fight Team is always looking for worthy free agents and the idea of having the ability to choose the one who fits our mold the best is fascinating, I cant wait to get that opportunity.


Brett: And how is your experience so far with Spin & Win? Do you like it? Did you win interesting stuff?


Scooby Jr: Its been excellent so far, I havent really won much aside from lottery tickets and a couple thousand dollars recently but im confident my lucky day will come soon and just having the opportunity to win so frequently is a pleasure I will enjoy.


Please note that no managers were harmed and the prizes won, were only fictional. This was only a dramatization. No prizes were given away, and Spin & Win was not really in our studio. It was a reproduction of the slot machine.


Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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Ascension: Europa opens in St Petes, Brett meets with owners Jax and Meat

Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke went over to St Petersburg, to visit owners of newly formed organization, Ascension: Europa, in their new offices still under construction.

Here is Brett with co-owner Matthew "Jax” Rostenkowski.

Brett Clarke: Hey there Jax, the new office is starting to look good, how are you today?

Jax Rostenkowski: The office is great, I have my big comfy chair, great view from the window and the secretary is one hot momma. So, yeah I am good.

Brett: It looks like Ascension is expanding and everything is going well for them. What exactly will Ascension: Europa represent towards Ascension? Will it be a feeder for the bigger league?

Jax: Hell no. We aren't no feeder org. We're a European partner. Fighters are located all over the world, up and coming fighters, world class fighters. We want them all. Some fighters don't like to travel too much, so we're another solution for these type of fighters as well as offering what the industry calls "super fights" between cities. We will make this happen with numerous luxarious private jets for the fighters, top match ups that the fans want to see and of course, brilliant pay.

Brett: You, along with Meat, will be owners of the expansion. Are you guys going to be both equally involved?

Jax: Yes, Meat will be with me 100%. We don't make any decisions without speaking to each other first. We also hired Sam for another pair of hands to help out.

Brett: Who’s idea was it to expand over to Europe, and why St Petersburg exactly?

Jax: Talks had been around for a little while between myself and Scott before we decided to set up shop. We choose St. Petes because I don't think they have a truly world class org based in the city. It hasn't been the same since Blitzrieg Russian Combat decided to close. I enjoy working from Europe too, so it was a no brainer really.

-- -- --

(Meat steps inside Jax’s office.)

-- -- --

Brett: Oh hello there Meat, I guess you’re done with the medias?

Meat850 Lee: Yes Sir just finished up.

Brett: I was having a chat with Jax about the organization, we’re pretty much done here, so I can head to your office to get your side of the story. Thanks for you time Jax, I’ll let you finish whatever you were doing.

-- -- --

(Meat enters his office and sits down at his desk. Brett takes a seat in front of him.)

-- -- --

Brett: So, how’s the new St Petes office treating you?

Meat: This is just the beginning of things to come. I still have a ton of boxes to unpack but outside of that the office is perfect.

Brett: Jax told me about the orientation of the organization, that it should be as big as Ascension, and that you hired a certain Sam Redovian to help out. How’s the contract signing process going?

Meat: The contract process is the slowest process of them all. With us being a newly established org, guys are hesitant to come in with us having no prior history of running a org together. But patience is the key, and in time I believe we will have a stacked roster.

Brett: What’s the relationship between you, Jax and Sam? Have you dealt with each other in the past?

Meat: We actually all came from CBK together and before that i had sort of mentored Sam, and Jax and I are best of buds and assure to agree on something before we make a official decision.

Brett: Back to Ascension: Europa, I’m sure it will take time to build a decent roster. When will the first event be, and do you plan on having events twice a week, or keep a roster to accommodate events once a week?

Meat: Our first event is already confirmed for the 28th of December and as far as the consistency of the rate we hold events at is sort of an unknown at this point. We are still in process of promoting ourselves and selling our brand.

Brett: Will you guys be working directly with the Ascension staff?

Meat: We won't be working directly with them but we will keep in touch and discuss plenty of business matters in the future. But as far as events and contracts go, thats all our doings.

Brett: I know that with jets nowadays, it’s easier to manage businesses all around the globe. You have a gym in Las Vegas, and you currently reside in Montreal. With the expansion over here in St Petes, do you find it hard at times to move around?

Meat: In this line of business you can't be thinking about what could hold you back, you can only think about what moves you forward.

Brett: Well, it pretty much sums it up. I don’t have any more boring questions, so I’ll leave you with this. Looking forward to see Ascension: Europe rise to the top!

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http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1385531595fnpfcpost.png

New org in Tokyo, Jared meets the owner Floris Maljers of Flocorp Fight Club


Tonight on MMA Hype, Jared Asante receives owner of the night organization, Flocorp Fight Club in Tokyo, Floris Maljers.


After a little over 2 weeks, the org already has over 150 fighters signed, and the first event is already in the books. It’s one of the fastest start for a fight organization in MMA Tycoon, and we’re looking forward to see it rise to the top!


Here is Jared with the owner, Floris Maljers.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hi there Floris, it’s a pleasure to have you with us in our studio, how are you doing today?


Floris Maljers: Hi Jared it's a pleasure to be here, though I am a bit nervous for my first actual live interview.


Jared: First of all, congratulations for the great job you’ve been doing with the org since it’s creation. A little over 2 weeks in, and you already signed over 150 fighters. How hard a job was it to get the attention of all those fighters?


Floris: Thanks mate. Well it wasn't that difficult mate, just making sure you sleep no more than 5/6 hours per night and right after you wake up start contacting all new managers around the globe. Sending them a warm welcome message and requesting them to find a new tokyo talent which i would be happy to sign.


Jared: You’ve been working closely with Skap Omdahl, the Technical Director for Flocorp FC. Have you guys known each other before?


Floris: I've known Skappy for just under a week before we decided to go in business together. We were and are both wet behind the ears but with the combination of our energy and dynamics we make an excellent team.


Jared: Tokyo has a lot of history with MMA, and it’s a great place to run an organization. Was Tokyo your definite choice when you started, or did you look around to see what was the best location for new fighters?


Floris: Tokyo was one of the three options I considered starting my business. Hawaii and London were the other two. London because that was where my gym was at the time I found out it was my calling to start a fight club for new players. There were a lot of companies who were recruiting promising talent which was why this place was the first one i scrapped.


The Hilo climate is very appealing, but thinking of the heat there and me working 18-20 hours a day made me reconsider that place too, especially when I discovered there weren't many clubs that were actively recruiting new talent.


Another reason for Tokyo is that its advanced technology allowed us to setup a much better and easier network


Jared: Your first event was a success. Are you happy with the outcome, and did you have different expectations with the way it went?


Floris:My first event was great despite of several mistakes I made there, over advertising, booking a club thats oversize and several more like that. My expectations of the fights were more than met, but I did expect to fill all the seats which as you probably noticed weren't even half filled.


Jared: You seem to have a low roster of Openweight fighters, which is not a surprise since most fighters want to fight in a specified weight class. Do you have any intentions with the openweight, or will you just keep recruiting until the roster becomes more stable?


Floris: My openweight class is one that's hardly coming off the ground so far. If I don't manage to sign at least 12 fighters by the end of the month I'll definitely consider a change there. I've always dreamt of an openweight KT roster and will pursue that in case openweight remains difficult to fill out


Jared: We were talking earlier, me and the MMA Hype crew, and we have a little something for you. MMA Hype will be giving the amount of $50,000 to Flocorp, to help with the contracts and events. How does that sound?


Floris: That would be awesome Jared, this means I'll be able to sign 15-20 fighters that are eager to make their debut at the FNPFC. On behalf of them, and of course myself, I thank you and your crew.


Jared: Well, it’s all the questions I had for you. Is there anything you would like to add, to the fans, or any fighters and managers around the world?


Floris: Yes I would, First I'd like to thank all the managers and fighters who have joined my brand new club for having the faith in me to help their careers. Secondly I'd like to ask the managers around the world who signed talented fighters in Tokyo to check out my organisation and contact me if they are interested in signing their talent to my organisation and last but definitely not least a massive thanks to my TD Skap "Skappy" Omdahl and my mentor Dark Soul who helped me out in the turbulent first weeks of my career.

Thanks Jared, It was a great talking to you.


Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1381039235orglogo2.jpg

Brett Clarke tests the new MMA Hype Jet, goes to Hilo to meet with owner of Fallen Champions


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke traveled to Hilo, Hawaii, to meet with owner of the fight organization Fallen Champions, Jonah King.


Fallen Champions has been around for almost a year, they have grown into something big, and should become even bigger in 2014 if they keep going that way. Hilo is a great place to fight, not only for the weather, but for the history of MMA Tycoon.


As soon as the plane landed in Hilo, Brett was already full of energy, since he’s a sucker for great weather. Here he is, with Jonah King.


-- -- --


Brett Clarke: Hello guys, I’m here today inside Jonah King’s office, to talk his organization, Fallen Champions.

Weather is freaking great here, how are you today Jonah?


Jonah King: I'm great Brett, and indeed the weather is great here. My family is from back in the states and right now they are covered in ice and snow so I'm pretty happy with 70 degrees and the sun shining.


Brett: When you first started the org, was Hilo the first choice of location, or did you have different thoughts back then?


Jonah: Actually it was Brett, Hilo is rich with tycoon heritage. I mean when I first started playing back in late 2009 early 2010 you had some of the games greats based in Hilo, like Blitz, Reach, EFC, Ring of Fire, Hilowars, and Cage Wars. It seems like as of late that glory has passed, but I want to try to put HIlo back on everybodies map.


Brett: The org’s been around for quite a while, and the fighters seem to love it there, just by looking at the satisfaction rating or 98%. What do you think makes the org so loveable?


Jonah: Not to toot my own horn Brett, but I think its the management. I go out of my way to try to make everybodies experience at Fallen Champions the best that it can be, and I have a passion for the game that I think that shows through with how I handle the business. I think that the managers can see that and most of them can relate to it, plus I have heard that the pay isn't too bad either. Haha


Brett: With Mr Crisse as the VIP of Operations, it must help a lot. Have you dealt with him before and outside of the org, and how long has he been involved with Fallen Champions?


Jonah: Well its actually funny that you ask that, as that just recently happened. Mr Crisse is a hell of a guy, and he has experience working with some top orgs in the game so I think that his knowledge will be a great asset to me. Due to time restraints though it will be some time before Crisse actually gets involved with the day to day operations, but I are just glad to have him as a member of the team. I would like to give a shout out to Meat850 Lee, who has been a great help to me, he goes out of his way to lend his guidance and knowledge of org running.


Brett: Around 3 months after the first event of the org, you decided to split into 2 different type of events. You now have the regular Fallen Champions, along with Lost Legends. What is the difference between the two of them exactly?


Jonah: Well I actually did that to help bring fighters in, as each event added something a little different to appeal to the different genres of managers. I mean it wasn't easy getting good managers to bring their fighters to Hilo, so I had to offer them something different. I played around a lot with the number of rounds and time, but now it seems like everybody just likes the tradition 3 5 minute rounds so thats what way we are heading now. As of right now the only real difference is the Lost Legends events are held in a cage and the Fallen Champions take plus in the trademark FC ring.


Brett: The org’s events are a different setup than most typical orgs, by that I mean, all fights are inside a ring, and the judging system is 2x10 minutes rounds. Has it always been that way, and is there a reason you went with that setup?


Jonah: I actually set up the events like that because of our Medieval theme, I mean back in those days they just fought until one man couldn't go any longer and if you look at our event history there wasn't a whole lot of decision. We are actually converting over to just the tradition 3 5 minute rounds now, and the reason for that is the 10 minute rounds just takes too much out of the fighters. I mean they are usually wore out before the end of the first round, and usually when you get two wore out fighters it makes for a pretty boring fight for the fans. Also it can result in injuries and a bigger loss of training time, so I just felt like it was the best direction to go in not only for the fans but the fighters


Brett: You have a nice roster of up and coming stars. Some of them are surely the future of the sport, and may have to part ways to move on the bigger things soon. I’m sure you’ve dealt with this in the past. Is it hard to see someone like that go, or is it more an accomplishment on your side?


Jonah: Well that is a kinda ironic Brett, as my first big let down was when we were still young and I signed Petro Farantini's Kickboxing beast Tarik Gibson, he fought for me 3 times and I just didn't have the competition to match him so he moved on. Well 7 months has went by and Tarik has actually came back to fight for us, which I think is a great tribute to how far we have come in the last 6 months or so. Other than that I haven't really had to deal too much with people leaving, I mean I know its going to happen but I'm trying to do everything that I can to slow down the process. I'm constantly bigger in new talent to all the division, and if I noticed that one division is getting pretty slim then I try to stay on top of it before it becomes too big of problem.


Brett: Fallen Champions sure is a great org, and I’m sure it will grow out to be bigger than what it already is right now. Must be really easy to get fighters to sign in Hilo, even myself, I think I’ll stay over here for a few days just to cool off and get a little sun.

I won’t take anymore of your time, so is there anything you’d like to add before I go?


Jonah: We have been nominated for New Org of the Year, and it will be an honor if we could bring home such a prestigious award. We have came a long way since we opened the doors in January, and I hope that 2014 will be an even bigger year for us as we are going to be moving into the Pipeline Arena at the end of the year, we just signed a new partnership with TFP-Graphics, and the addition of Mr Crisse things are already looking pretty good . I have to say though I would be no where if it wasn't for all the fighters and their great managers, this group of guys are some of the best in the tycoon world. Thanks for coming all the way here to talk with me Brett, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit. If you want I can have my secretary email you a list of some hot spots around town?


Brett: I was just about to beg for that haha. Here is my email, I’m going to stick for a couple days for sure, weather forecast is looking really good so I’ll enjoy the time here until my boss brings me back to Amsterdam.

Have a good one!

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http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/13867998945077.jpg

Brett meets with Dominance's HW champion, along with his manager, Louie DePalma


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke took a nice drive to Los Angeles and stopped at Masaru Fighting Systems’ gym, to visit Dominance’s Heayweight Champion, Damien Sepultra, along with his manager Louie DePalma.


Here is Brett, with sweaty Damien Sepultra.


-- -- --


Brett: Hey Damien! Guess it’s good timing, looks like you’re done with your training for today, so I’ll be able to bug you a little bit with a few questions. How are you doing? Not too exhausted from the training?


Damien Sepultra: My coaches make sure to work me extra hard, thats why I am learning new skills every day and getting more dangerous with every training session. Louie has surrounded our entire team with the very best coaches money can buy and some of the young guys like myself are very close to bursting onto the scene.


Brett: Louie should be joining us soon, he told me over the phone he was on his way, but meanwhile, do you have any idea who you will defend your title against next?


Damien Sepultra: Right now I am unsure of my next opponent but really when you think about it does it really matter? I have destroyed everyone placed in front of me, why would that change now? I look forward to stepping into the cage soon, but in the meantime while I wait on who might be my next dance partner, I am focused on improving myself for anyone.


-- -- --

Louie DePalma walks in the gym and spots Brett along with Damien. He takes a seat with them.

-- -- --


Brett: Hey Louie, just in time, we were discussing about Sepultra’s next fight, is there anything you discussed with Sami about this?


Louie DePalma: We have talked briefly but nothing has been decided upon just yet. We are wanting to see Damien continue his "Dominance" pardon the pun, but at the same time he is still young and we are ensuring he remains within his id range for the time being for obvious reasons.


Brett: Damien, at 22 years old, you’ve already been a champion in 2 different organizations, and you recently defended your title for the first time with Dominance against Gordon Ramsay. Did that fight go the way you expected?


Damien Sepultra: Not gunna lie to you, the start of that fight wasn't going the way I wanted it to go but in the end that only motivated me to bring the BOOM!! Ramsay got me in the clinch and though he wasn't doing a lot of damage he did cut me which really cheesed me off, once I tasted my own blood, nothing was going to stop me from evoking a stunning beatdown of retribution and before Ramsay knew it was coming, his lights were out!!


Brett: 10 wins, no losses, all wins in the first round except for one in the second, where you dominated the first round anyways. Are you a little nervous about eventually going into a third round, or even championship rounds, and running out of gas?


Damien Sepultra: Yo man, are you a dummy? Why would I be worried? I train with the very best, I have experienced teammates who have seen it all and I soak up all their knowledge like a sponge, no matter where, when or for how long this monster is not afraid of anything, nervous bout no situation and really, I beg someone to finally test me.


Brett: You have 1 fight left on your contract, which will be a title defense. Maybe this question is better for Louie, win or lose, do you think Damien will or should resign with Dominance? And Damien, how’s been your experience with Dominance so far?


Louie DePalma: Why would we think about signing anywhere else? You poaching for another company boy? We have no plans or desire to go anywhere else but right here with Dominance. Part of the reason we made our overall camp move from Sydney to LA was to be closer to NY because of Dominance, we are here to stay.


Damien Sepultra: Dominance has been nothing but top notch, even after that bum Louie eff'd up my flight plans when I was supposed to face Marcus Avery the first time. He made me look like a Chump and not a Champ and Widing was a real Pro and because he showed me that respect, I intend to do nothing but the same in return for him! I got no plans on moving on anywhere else, Dominance is my home and this is where I will stay!


Brett: There’s a big fight coming up on December 18th, between 2 undefeated fighters for the Welterweight title. Brandon Hale is defending his belt against Dominance newcomer, Mr Anderson. Will you follow that fight? Any prediction?


Damien Sepultra: I am not gunna lie, but that fight has no bearing on me at all, I am focused solely on me and my future, no disrespect to either of those guys, but right now I am in LA focused on my training and little else.


Brett: Well, it’s all the time I will take from you, thanks a lot for you time Damien and Louie. Is there anything any of you would like to add before I go?


Damien Sepultra: Thank for your time on this, and for showcasing me, bout damn time I received some recognition for my accomplishments, remember the name Damien Sepultra, before you know it it will be a household name.

Louie DePalma: Thank you, we are really hoping this springboards Damiens stock little on the Global stage, he is a monster but hope he doesn't scare all away!!



Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/Burningbush.jpg?t=1387068722

Jared received Scooby Jr to talk about Burning Bush Season 1


Tonight on MMA Hype, Jared receives Scooby Jr, Owner of BEEF in Montreal, to talk about his upcoming tournament, Burning Bush, that generated a lot of interest really fast.


Burning Bush is the first of many seasons to come, and it will feature the Openweight class. Who’s eligible? Any young prospect looking to prove himself in the big leagues. 20 fighters will start in the tournament, but only 12 will be retained to enter the “Burning Bush House” to start the show. If you’re looking for something to follow starting 2014, this is the real deal!


Here is Jared with Scooby Jr.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hello there, MMA Hype fans! I’m sitting comfortably in our new cozy chairs, with BEEF owner, Scooby Jr.

Hey Scooby, how are you doing?


Scooby Jr: I'm excellent, just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico! Thanks for having me on again.


Jared: When I first heard of the season tournament “Burning Bush”, I thought it was a really great idea, and a really good way for young fighters to start their career. How did you come up with that idea, and why?


Scooby Jr: Well, I was watching Raquel Pennington and Jessamyn Duke go at it in a fight I would absolutely love to see happen again when I realized I would be excited to trade finance for extreme fun in a season style setup. At that time I was not yet owner of BEEF and Steel Lion Elite in Rio was my sole focus. The thought became real once LFC went up for sale, it was such an excellent opportunity I pinched myself twice.


Jared: One thing I notice about the tournament, is that it will be Openweight. For the people who are not familiar with that weight class, it’s basically no weight restriction, so a 155lbs fighter could face a 300lbs. Was Openweight your first choice when you came up with the idea?


Scooby Jr: Yes sir. I was interested in seeing how fighters perform with weight or speed advantages and after testing it, I noticed that it made fighter’s strategy much more important. I also noticed that in this Tycoon world, Super Heavyweights have a hard time finding organizations to thrive in so I wanted to see if openweight would get their attention better.


Jared: The signup phase is currently completed, it was pretty fast, and we will know the names of all fighters after Sunday, December 22nd. The great thing about this is, no one will know who’s got the most potential to do well in there, until we see the first elimination round on January 15th, is that correct?


Scooby Jr: Yes sir, Wednesday January 15th, this gives fighters enough time to test their fighters in QFC matches if they decide to and a way to allow determined fighters to fill out their skills.


Jared: There are a lot of prizes fighters can receive throughout the season, and that’s very interesting. Usual prizes for good performances are giving, of course, but I like a certain prize, “$50,000 to any fighter who loses all fights”, this is very interesting, because it’s not something we usually see. Do you think this will give hope to struggling fighters?


Scooby Jr: This 50K is going to ANY fighter who loses all their fights specifically to retain participants. This is a season that you must be invited to. Only 12 fighters get to enjoy the ups and downs of a season. Of course when it comes to any competition, you always want to win and fight to your best, but by staying involved rather than exiting the season there may be a lot a fighter can learn. They say you learn more from a loss rather than a win and I can imagine it actually is hard to lose a fight against someone trying to lose. I think this will be fun.


Jared: The season will be supported by some great sponsors, like Kaiser, Rush Supplements and us, MMA Hype. Was there any other sponsors for the season that we don’t know of, or will those be the major sponsors throughout the season?


Scooby Jr: These will be the main sponsors, PIN UP in London has just joined us and will be assisting but we are always looking for sponsors. Eventually Burning Bush will become a worldwide event and I cant wait for that to happen so every sponsor involved will give us the exposure we need, Along with the best exposure between MMA Hype and BEEF: Tree Of Life.


Jared: Well, I was informed before the show to make it official during the interview, so here is what MMA Hype is going to give out. First of all, we have a small collection of clothing with our branding at the Elite Canadian Threads store. We will give out 2 outfits to all 20 participants. All 12 fighters entering officially the season will then receive 3 outfits each (total of 5 outfits for them). On top of that, MMA Hype will be giving $100,000 to put in the prize money giving out at the end of the season. How’s that?


Scooby Jr: Wow that’s awesome, I’m sure all the fighters will enjoy that and can't wait to wear their threads in combat during the season.


Jared: Thanks for coming Scooby, I’m glad we had a chat about this season tournament, which I’m looking forward too, as are a lot of fans and managers all around the community. Is there anything you would like to add before we go?


Scooby Jr: Actually I do, in this hat there are 4 pieces of paper with either a letter or number on it, go ahead and pull one out.


Jared: Hmm, okay. Got one right here, here it is.


Scooby Jr: Thanks Jared, you pulled a letter "R" do you know what that means guys? All 20 managers will be ranked from 1-20 by their current rank and scheduled in pairs #1 vs #2 and so on... Gosh you’re tough. Good luck to all the fighters and may the best man win! Thank you all for hosting this, send my regards to Listerman and Tree of Life will hope to see you at the weigh ins for the house invitational. Thanks buddy.


Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/25/25b25.jpg http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/39/39w3.jpg

Brett meets Dirk Copeland and his fighters, Christopher Samba and Juan Sebastien Veron in Hilo


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke travelled to Hilo to meet manager Dirk Copeland, and his 2 superstars, Christopher Samba, EVO’s Heavyweight champion, and Juan Sebastien Veron, ITFL and Syn’s champion.


Christopher Samba is a well respected fighter in the Heavyweight division. With only 1 loss in his last 19 appearances, he’s been dominating EVO’s roster for a while, and will be looking to defend his title for the first time, on December 25th, against Austin Powers.


Juan Sebastien Veron, a very well decorated fighter, is the ITFL champion, and recently new champion of Synchronicity, who will be looking for his first title defense on December 27th, against Jan Sobieski.


Here is Brett with Dirk, Christopher and Juan Sebastien.


-- -- --


Brett Clarke: Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to another edition of MMA Hype. Again, I travelled to Hilo, and man do I love this place, but this time, it’s to meet with well known manager, Dirk Copeland, along with 2 of his superstars.

Hello Dirk, how’s it going and how are things here in Hilo?


Dirk Copeland: Hi Brett, thanks for having me on the show, it's great being in Hilo this time of the year while the sun is still shining, it certainly makes the stress of training every day and competing at the top that little bit easier.


Brett: First of all, congrats on the success you’ve been having in the past years. You’ve been developing great fighters, and it’s starting to show more and more lately. I’m sure a lot of credits can go to the coaches at Rage XXX Elite?


Dirk Copeland: Oh for sure, a lot of the credit has to go down to the boys at Rage XXX Elite, we put together that fight camp a couple of years ago now and have some of the best coaches in the business training the team in every facet of the sport.


Brett: We have the pleasure of having 2 of your best fighters here with us. Let’s start with Juan Sebastien, who’s currently holding 2 different championship belts. Juan, first of all, welcome to the show. How was your experience during your participation at the biggest tournament of the year, and how did it feel to come out on top?


Juan Sebastien Veron: Well it was great to be part of such a tournament, I was lucky to go in at late notice after there was a withdrawal earlier on in the tournament, perhaps early on you could say it was an advantage going in fresh, having not competed in the earlier rounds, but I think I proved that I was more than deserving of being there when I went on to win the whole thing and handed Tweedle Dee his first and only loss of the tournament.


Brett: You also won Syn’s Light Heavyweight title in your last fight, which you will be defending on December 27th. A fight is a fight, but is it a different preparation when it comes to a regular org fight, instead of a tournament?


Juan Sebastien Veron: It's no secret that I had a bit of a tough run in EVO prior to the tournament, but winning the ITFL trophy just filled me with confidence and I knew from then on that I could compete with anyone in the world, preparing for fight's is still pretty similar but now I feel I have that mental edge to keep on pushing through.

Whether I have one day or one month to prepare for a fight I'm still going to get in there and give it my all.


Brett: Well, best of luck against Sobieski. If I may direct this question to you, Dirk, you must be very proud of Juan for those accomplishments, do you think he still has a lot to learn, since he’s only 27 years old, and that his career is still in early stage?


Dirk Copeland: In all honesty I think it's the opposite, Juan peaked at an early age and I believe his performances in recent times have proved just what a talented fighter he is. He doesn't have a whole lot to learn from here on out, it's up to others to learn how to beat him and up to Veron to just carry on doing what he does best.


Brett: Now let me turn towards the Congo native, Christopher Samba. You became EVO’s Heavyweight champ in your last fight, and you will be defending the belt against someone you already faced in the past, Austin Powers, who you pretty much controlled and dominated during 3 rounds. Do you see the fight going any differently, or do you think this time, you will finish him off?


Christopher Samba: I think the previous fight with Power was quite a while ago now, we've both evolved as fighters and given his current form I expect him to be doing his upmost to make things difficult for me. While I'm prepared for everything come fight night and expect things to play out differently, the outcome won't be any different, it'll be my hand getting raised come the end of the fight.


Brett: You are still undefeated with EVO, currently holding a record of 6-0 with them. Being the champ now, do you think you’ve reached the highest step on the ladder in your career, or is there still things you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming years?


Christopher Samba: There's still plenty for me to establish in both EVO and the sport as a whole, I don't want to just be regarded as one of the best, I want to be remembered as THE best. It's taken me a long time to get the recognition I feel I deserve and now it's about creating a legacy and prove those doubters who ignored me wrong.


Brett: Now Dirk, Christopher is one of the best fighter in the world, no doubt about that. I’m sure you’ve been in contact with other fight promotions, with the possibility of having “Super fights”. Is there something you can give us regarding that subject?


Dirk Copeland: Well the good thing about EVO is that the competition is stacked, there is no need at the moment to go out chasing other super fights. Samba fully plans on beating Powers on the 25th, then I'd assume there's a good chance he’ll face the winner of the EVO heavyweight tournament, with the final pitting Dustin Douglas up against Mitchell Stehling, two men he already defeated admittedly but he’s always keen to prove that they were no fluke results.


Christopher Samba: In terms of super fights I'd love to get a crack at the SHW champion Neo Kable as that kid is looking unstoppable right now, but perhaps that's only because he hasn't faced someone on my level before. If I can achieve those goals then we won't have to go searching for fights, they'll all be coming to EVO to take on the very best in the heavyweight division.


Brett: Well, thanks a lot for your time guys, it was a pleasure to meet you all. I wish you luck in your fights guys, if you want to add anything, go right ahead, the fans are listening.


Juan Sebastien Veron: Keep your eyes on me because I'm about to start making waves in the MMA world, starting with a long run as champion in Syn, if you feel that you have what it takes to beat me then you know where to find me.


Christopher Samba: My time is now and I plan to establish myself as the greatest of all time. I've given it my all to get where I am and I don't plan on slowing down now. It's bollocks those that say "Good things come to those who wait", let me tell you right now, "Good things come to those who go out and fucking earn it!"


Brett: Thanks for having me here Dirk, I brought my swimsuit and I’m off to the beach, Hilo is now my favorite spot. If you have free time later on, you can join me, have a bunch of chicks coming my way this afternoon.


Dirk Copeland: I'm always happy to spend some time on the beach with a few beautiful ladies, I'll call a few of the locals for you, I'm a bit of an icon around here ;) Thanks for having me and the guys on the show.


Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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