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MMA Hype -- with Brett and Jared


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Womba vs Bennet on March 5th, MMA Hype hosts a Q&A with the fighters


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke and Jared Asante are hosting a special event in London, where fans will be able to participate in a Q&A session with Scotty Bennet and Smokudju Womba, the most popular fighters in the world as we speak.


As you all know already, Bennet and Womba will face each other in a much awaited bout, on March 5th at the Wombley Arena, here in London. The fight will have Womba’s Evolution Light Heavyweight title on the line, along with the #1 spot as the best fighter in the world. Womba is currently the #1 p4p fighter in the world, and Bennet is looking to take that away from him.


Here is Jared Asante, along with Smokudju Womba and Scotty Bennet.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hello MMA Hype fans from all around the world, and welcome to our Q&A session with the two best fighters on the planet at the moment, Womba and Bennet, who will be fighting each other, on March 5th, to determine who is the best P4P fighter in the world.

There’s an online poll going on right now to let people vote for who will win, and how will it end. As we speak, 65% of the community think that it won’t go to a decision, and also 65% of the same community think that Womba will be the winner. Do you think that’s fairly accurate, making you the favorite in this fight?


Smokudju Womba: I'd say so. Bennett is unproven at the highest levels of the game. He has a few good wins in his career but overall, not so much. I still think he poses a huge threat though and I am by no means underestimating him.


Jared: What do you think about those results Scotty, putting you an underdog in the fight.


Scotty Bennet: First of all, thanks for having me. I want to say thanks to EVO and Syn for putting this fight together. This is a fight I asked for, I knew going in that I would be the underdog. I really don't care what a bunch of mouth breathers think of my chances. They need to buy their tickets, watch me win, cheer for the great one and then shut the fuck up.


Jared: Womba, there’s also a “not so related” poll that states “Does Karter die a little everytime Womba wins”, referring to the manager Chris Karter, where 100% of the community says that, yes he does. Can you explain to all the fans clueless about this part, what does Karter have to do with this?


Smokudju Womba: Haha, Karter doesn't like me very much. He's tried to beat me on 7 occasions with various fighters and lost every time by submission except for 1 decision loss. He manages some tough fighters but I guess it just wasn't their night(s). We all have a dream and Karter's is to beat me. It's not going to happen!


Jared: Alright, we’ll now head over to Brett with the fans, to start our much awaited Q&A. You’re on Brett.


Brett Clarke: Thanks Jared, I’ll be running around the crowd to give fans a chance to ask some questions. I’m here with an excited fan who volunteered to break the ice with the first questions of the evening, go ahead buddy.


Fan #1: Hi! It’s a question for Womba. Womba, you’ve been #1 for a long time now, and you won many awards for all you’ve accomplished in 2013. Do you think you will be able to repeat this in 2014?


Smokudju Womba: Honestly, I have no idea. I just look for the best guys out there and hope to keep my run going. I've had a lot of success lately against some great fighters and if I lose, that's OK too. We all fall at some point. I just want to fight the best guys in the world.


Fan #2: Hey Scotty, I’m a big fan, and really love your style. Being 26-0 and going into this fight, yet again, as an underdog, do you think it’s quite unfair for you, since you’ve proven you were one of the best in the world, especially being only 27 years old?


Scotty Bennet: Womba might be the greatest fighter this game has ever seen. Most of the fighters in this game have their managers go out of their way to find the easiest fights possible, the weakest org with the weakest fighters to farm some hype. My manager and I are trying to set a precedent, we are going to lead by example. The best fighters shouldn't be hiding in safe orgs, they should be out on the biggest stage in MMA fighting each other.


Fan #3: Scotty, I saw an article in the newspaper, I think it was from an editor of the TWW news, who stated that most of your wins in your early career were against weaker opposition. Is this something that plays in your head a little, seeing that people still doubt you, or do you use it as a motivation to prove them wrong?


Scotty Bennet: I read that article as well. It's not often that editor takes a break from washing his alliance mates balls, so I felt honored to be mentioned by a multiple time rage-quitter. No one starts their career fighting future HOF'ers, but if you look at my opponents there are plenty of big names and up and comers. Anyone that thinks I should be somehow ashamed of my opposition isn't paying attention.


Fan #4: Hi Womba! I bought a shirt of you and I wear it every time you fight, I’d love you to sign it after the show!


Smokudju Womba: Talk to me after the fight. I'll gladly sign it.


Brett: Hmm, do you have a question for Womba?


Fan #4: No, I just want to say, I LOVE YOU WOMBA!


Smokudju Womba: <3 you too! I love all my fans. Thanks for the support everyone!


Fan #5: Womba, you’re without a doubt, the most feared ground fighter in the game, whether it’s wrestling or BJJ. Did you ever think of giving a shot at the TWGC, or is this something you have no interest in?


Smokudju Womba: I am very interested, unfortunately when TWGC 1 came around I was already booked for a big fight and I couldn't make it. Then TWGC 2 was only for 185'ers so I was unable to participate in that one. Hopefully in the future I will be able to attend one of the grappling championships and see how I do against some of the best BJJ guys.


Fan #6: Scotty boy, mah man! How’s it going man, nice suit. You’ve faced grapplers before, but nothing near Womba’s skills. Do you find it difficult to find a good sparring partner to mimic his style?


Scotty Bennet: Thank you, this suit cost more than that hovel you call a home. I know if most of the fight is on the ground then Womba is going to beat me. I've got a few black belts helping me prepare, of course no one on Womba's level. I know if I keep it standing I will win.


Brett: Well folks, that’s all the time we had for the Q&A with Bennet and Womba. I wish we could keep going.

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Team Listerman’s top prospect Jacob Koch speaks the truth


Tonight on MMA Hype, Jared Asante has the privilege to interview James Listerman’s top prospect, Jacob Koch, who recently lost his WarZone lightweight title.


Koch lost his first fight with WarZone, after a perfect run of 8 fights, with 1 title win, and 1 title defense. Losing his last fight to a clear underdog, Koch is already looking past this fight and wants to move to other things.


Here is Jared with his special guest, Jacob Koch.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hello to all MMA Hype fans, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us I’m sure, but here I am tonight, with a special guest, coming straight from Team Listerman, Jacob Koch.

How are you Jacob?


Jacob Koch: A little disappointed about the loss to be honest, but I’m still doing good, thanks for having me here.


Jared: About that loss. Before the fight, we spoke quickly with your manager, who was saying that fight didn’t mean anything for your career. What did he mean exactly about that?


Jacob Koch: Thing is, as soon as I won the lightweight title at WarZone, I felt like I was at the top, and that no one in the division could come close to giving me a good fight. I should have moved on to other things and seek better challenges.


Jared: Why didn’t you do so?


Jacob Koch: I asked my manager about this. He said that I should defend the title a couple times before we could move on. It made sense, but what did I have to prove? Fighting cans is not in my career plans.


Jared: After your first title defense, you were matched against Alexandre Dumas, a guy you easily KOed in the first round before. Everyone saw this as a really bad matchup, but Dumas still managed to submit you. What happened there?


Jacob Koch: I’m going to speak the truth here, and let it all out. We didn’t accept that fight at first. We re-signed to a 3 fight deal, and I was promised challenging fights. The money was really bad, but my manager told me money wasn’t an issue at this point. After the first fight of that contract, where I faced a much weaker opponent that I underestimated and went on to win an easy decision, he then threw Dumas at me. We just couldn’t believe it, so my manager had a chat with Tony Martin, about not fulfilling his promise. That was clearly a bad matchup and wasn’t at all a challenging fight. Only thing WarZone had to say was, “for better challenges, you should have joined our tournament”.


Jared: Tournament?


Jacob Koch: Yeah, turns out there was an openweight tournament going on, where all champions were jumping in to get better challenges. I guess this is the only way the organization could offer good challenges for champions, to make them fight each other. I’m fighting at 155lbs, did he really think I was gonna fight at openweight? Especially that his contract offer for this was a 10 fight deal, with shit money. Really?


Jared: Wow, I heard a lot of things about WarZone, but I didn’t know it was that bad. I’m sure you could have found a way to negotiate something else for your contract? Either get a challenging fight, or get released from the actual contract?


Jacob Koch: Oh Jared, we tried. Listerman was going back and forth with Tony Martin about this. He wanted to get me released from the contract, but Tony didn’t want to because I was the champ, and it would have looked bad for his org. Seriously, how selfish is this?

Anyways, Listerman just got sick of his crap and told him that we would lose the fight, just to be able to get out of the shitty org. Funny enough, I did lose the fight, but still have 1 fight left on my contract. Will he release me? Pretty sure he won’t, but I know that never again am I going to compete in such a bad organization.


Jared: It makes a lot of sense, I’m with you on this. Other than that, you were champ of WarZone and were ranked first in the org for quite a while. You must have been treated really well.


Jacob Koch: I’ve probably been treated like every other fighters in WarZone. Nothing is happening in this org. Every fighter is considered a nobody. There’s no interaction between the owner and the fighters, so we never know what is going on. I’ve been treated very well by the community in general, so this is an accomplishment for me.


Jared: So what now for you? 1 fight left on your contract, I’m guessing you will test the market?


Jacob Koch: Yes and no. Right now I will try to find an organization that will help me grow further in my career. I’m still far from my peak, so I still have a lot to learn.


Jared: That’s good, I hope you find what you’re looking for. That’s all the time I will take from you, thanks a lot for being on our show, and good luck with everything my friend.

Jacob Koch: Thanks Jared, have a good one.

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http://i1349.photobucket.com/albums/p742/kevinfurlotte/MMA%20Tycoon/MMA%20Hype/MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1403694227Impactv3%20logo.jpg

MMA Hype Coverage - IMMA 38: Monster vs Landen


Tonight on MMA Hype, Jared Asante and Brett Clarke are live in the Amsterdam studio to discuss IMMA’s next big event. IMMA 38 will featured two championship fights. The Lightweight and Welterweight titles are on the line, and great hyped fights are filling this event.


Here are Brett and Jared.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Greetings ladies and gentlemen, we have a hot subject for all the IMMA fans here tonight! We’ve been following closely IMMA for the past few weeks, and we had no choice to gather here today to chat about IMMA 38, which is a highly anticipated event.


Brett Clarke: Agreed Jared. IMMA 38 is full of talent, and we’ll be in for one hell of a night once that event starts. The event will feature mainly welterweight bouts, because we all know that IMMA has a pretty stacked 170 division. Co-main event of the evening will be the welterweight championship, showcasing Ronaldo Souza, who will be looking to defend the title for his first time, and it won’t be an easy task against Ken Masters.


Despite being a huge favorite to win the fight, Souza still has to take this fight seriously. When it comes to a title fight, fighters tend to get nervous and get thrown off their game. This is where we’ll see if Souza has what it takes to be the face of IMMA’s welterweight division.


Jared: Ken Masters has shown so great talent though Brett. Currently 9-1, he’s not scared to fight from anywhere. He’s very unpredictable, because he doesn’t care where the fight goes, he’ll find a way to control and take advantage of any situation.


Brett: You’re right about that, but the one place he doesn’t want to go against Souza is on the ground. Souza is a brazilian with a black belt in BJJ, he’s no joke on the ground. 5-0, with all wins by submissions, that’s how good he is.


Jared: I still think Masters has a chance to show the IMMA fans that he should be taken seriously.


Brett: Think whatever you want Jared, I always win those bets.


Jared: The welterweight championship is not the only exciting bout on the IMMA 38 card. Of course, all fights will be a delight, but the main event has a lot of experts talking. The lightweight belt has a chance to change owner for the first time in IMMA’s history.


Brett: That’s right. Pale Monster is looking to defend that title once again, this time, against rising star Paul Landen, who showed amazing talent since he’s joined IMMA. He’s on a 3-fight win streak, and was a clear contender for that title. We met with him during one of his workout, man is this guy on a mission. He ain’t the best grappler, but let me tell you, if that fight stays standing, he’s going home with a golden belt wrapped around his waist.


On the other hand, Pale Monster wears his name perfectly. The guy IS a monster. 10-1, 9 wins by submissions, and 3 of those are title defense. He brings the fight where he wants, which is on the ground, and from there, he works his magic.


Jared: I thought he was going to lose his last fight, he almost got KOed by Aoki at IMMA 30.


Brett: Yeah, that’s why I’m saying, IF the fight stays standing, Landen gets it. But if you look back at IMMA 30, Monster was man handled in the first round, for rocked in the second, but Aoki didn’t take advantage of that. Monster succeeded to get the fight on the ground and it wasn’t long until he submitted Aoki. He’s just a monster when it comes to the ground game.


Jared: I’m looking forward to that fight man, it can go either way, and that’s what I love about MMA. Randomness at it’s best!


Here is the full IMMA 38 card:


155lbs - Pale Monster © vs Paul Landen

170lbs - Ronaldo Souza © vs Ken Masters

170lbs - Santa Claus vs Ming Ling

205lbs - Sisu Okunaba vs Cas Maverick

170lbs - Shapovolov Sokoloff vs Omari Akhmedov

170lbs - Pernell Karl vs John Doe

170lbs - Bang Wuzz vs Chico Sanchez

205lbs - Super Fly vs Tank Worries

205lbs - Ewen Davis vs Matt Lauzon

265+ - Iouri Blunderskard vs Pops Mcgee


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