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Yearly Tournaments

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Suggestion:Annual tournaments with prizes

Suggestion details: Every year a mass mail is sent out, and managers can either accept or decline to join the tournament. They will be given a free fighter slot which will be taken away after the tournament so they have nothing to lose. Once the tournament hits a certain amount of managers (64, maybe even 128) then the rest of the managers that say yes become alternates. Managers are given 3 days to create and if they don’t an alternate will take their spot. Winner gets a manager trophy & free VIP and cash. Maybe some prizes for 2nd and 3rd also

Pros: fun, friendly competition where players can earn prizes

hopefully lots of smack talk and excitement

Cons: probably some small ones but nothing that bad


P.S Are we doing the Olympics this year? We need to bring that back.

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Not too sure about the free fighter element as that treads into the realm of the Island but we do have plans to introduce regular events through the annual calendar - it will take a few months to flesh out the events, when they'll be held, functionality and logistics but since your suggestion touches on it, I figured I'd share.

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