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Fighter status items

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Suggestion: Fighter status items

Suggestions Description: Cars, houses, luxury watches, their own whiskey brand or whatever. Let there be things to spend fighter money on. Some discussion on luxury items already happened here.

Let each such item have a status value roughly scaling with price. The more hype a fighter has the higher total value of status he will expect. Not meeting his expectations there will make him unhappy = morale loss. Below some hype threshold the expectation would be 0. Ideally there would even be a new hidden added that is a modifier to the expectation level making it individual per fighter, similar to other such non-fight attributes suggested here.

A fixed relationship for expected status level and hype may not age well as the game economy grows or shrinks. So consider making it dynamic. Since everything is in a database you could split hype levels in a couple tiers, calculate an average per tier once per week or so. Then use fighter luxury desire hidden x current average for his tier to determine if he is happy with his current level or not. That way the expectation level shifts dynamically when fighters compare themselves to their peers.

Like there is a floor with the bottom tier having 0 expectation there should probably be a roof as well or things may get silly for the top guys. Cap the max expectation at some percentage above the second tier maybe. Maybe holding a title would add a little extra expectation, at least as long as it also comes with some additional benefits so it doesn't become a disincentive to holding belts.

Reaching a certain level of status items can also be a thing in itself, there should certainly be a fighter trophy for it. Could be a current and all time high list of the fighters spending the most on status items.

Eventually something could also be done with manager hype being gained from retiring a fighter in the top status tier (as opposed to being robbed in shady laundry deals fighters would like to work with managers who get their guys luxury cars), but I think I made enough suggestions for a while now.

Morale depending mainly on repetitive clothes changing is silly and I hope we can one day move away from that.


  • Money sink
  • Better model for fighter happiness, more realism
  • Reduces laundry incentive


  • Will in practise only be a limit for players not sitting on "old money"
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