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[DENIED] In game avatar business


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In game avatar business

Instead of just selling avatars on the forum, there would be a way in game to create an avatar business. You would not need VIP for this business. Once you create your business and make an avatar, when you submit an avatar for sale it goes directly to Mike, who has to prove it before it can be sold. So then it can be paid for straight up and can’t be stolen as easily. There would be a tab on the in game menu called avatars, where a player can view all avatar’s currently for sale. Avatars can be listed as Buy Now, or Auction. 

Pros: People not on forums have more access to avatars

More people would sell avatars


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Avatar creation is more of a social business in my opinion, it isn't one that you can consider 'real' for the sake of the simulation.


Likewise, I used to sell avatars as a new user, it was one of the ways that I managed to make money to eventually buy VIP, open an org, etc. If we gate-keep avatars and make them a company that you need VIP for, that immediately puts anyone with VIP at a competitive advantage and has a reverse effect to what you're suggesting in reducing the number of new users getting involved in the creative side of the site.


With the above in consideration, this suggestion is unfortunately denied.

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