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  1. Guys I fucked up the matchups this round. I’m asking Mike @MMATycoon to fix in which case you’ll have new fight offers sent. Apologies.
  2. LEVEL SUMMIT SERIES - MMA Level Round 2 Highlights Tokyo, Japan FOTN - Lysander Birdwhistle vs Tinashe Chukwuma Gotta hand it to these boys, that was a helluva fight! Birdwhistle surprised me with his willingness to throw hands and did surprisingly well in the opening minute. The Slay Camp sent their fighter out looking light on his feet and willing to trade, but it wasn’t long before Chukwuma would assert his dominance on the feet, landing some heavy shots and sprawling well to dictate the fight position. Credit to Birdwhistle for weathering the storm though, as his chin stood to task until the TD’s started landing and he was able to take the fight to his comfort zone, where Chukwuma found himself in deep water. Lysander takes home the submission win and his share of FOTN. KOTN - Don Rockmuller Taste the rainbow! Good ol’ Donny Boy brings some flava and feeds Panda some GnP over 2 rounds. Getting hit 50 times while lying on your back is never a winning strategy. SOTN - Hung Young Wang Wang gets in and gets out. Takes a chicken wing home for the family. HONOURABLE MENTIONS Due to the demise of the Shinjitsu Tournament, the remaining rounds have been brought over to Level. Magomedov vs Pulaski Perhaps it was the ring rust, but Pulaski couldn’t stop the takedown, and consequently, the superior Jiu Jitsu of Magomedov. This easily could have been SOTN on paper if it weren’t being held within Summit Series. Doggy got a bone for the kneebar finish and 5k has been passed under the table. Khamzat finds himself in the semi finals with Charles Lee Ray next. Piggybacking on that news, Jack Brittle has been cut from the Summit Series. Rumour has it that the Rei Camp is heavily in debt with the downfall of their recent tournament venture, and have possibly fled the country. Young Blood will receive a bye in the next round. Yeah baby! A win is a win.
  3. @The1rstSaint @stpierrecanada @Jersey Contracts sent. Hope you’re all down for this. Pulaski vs Magomedov will face off on Sunday if you’re in. Winner fights Ray. Winner of that fights The Prez for glory.
  4. Correct you are! My bad. @Jersey you down to move over to keep this going?
  5. Looks like this is all done. VIP gone and Company up for sale. There are 3 competitors left in this tourney - President, Magomedov, and Ray. I can’t commit to honouring the full prize payouts as described in the OP but I’d be happy to see let the final 2 fights play out on the remaining Summit Series cards if you’re interested @The1rstSaint @stpierrecanada A winner should be crowned here. Let me know!
  6. Breastfeeding babies for fun.
  7. All cuckoo for cocopuffs.
  8. The last one ruined my holiday season, so why wouldn’t I sign up for another good ol’ fashioned soul crushing?
  9. First time I’ve seen this sequence: Punch is rocked! Dalton has control of Punch and unloads with a rapid fire barage of elbows, sending Punch crashing to the mat! Punch looks in big trouble - I don't think he's going to beat the count! He hasn't! The referee has reached 10 and this fight is all over! Dalton looks delighted, as well he should. Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:35 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Elbows). James Dalton! James Dalton thanked the fans post fight for their support.
  10. LEVEL SUMMIT SERIES - MMA Level Round 1 Highlights Tokyo, Japan FOTN - Frank Brown vs Young Blood Frank Brown. Wow. In a spectacular display of violence, PJ Jones fighter literally chose how this fight would finish by absolutely smashing Blood on the feet before opting for the armbar to finish his opponent. Blood’s performance throughout the tournament hasn’t shown to be a successful formula, however, his balls of steel see him answer every bell without hesitation. KOTN - Rogelio Nunez Nunez must realize that he cannot win the tournament outright, but the door to cash and prizes for the MMA rounds remains open. His response was to walk into the cage and spark Kenji Matsuda. The Westacott camp is still in the game and relishes the opportunity to steal thunder and cause a commotion. SOTN - Lysander Birdwhistle Whistle while you work! The Bob Slay camp is thankful for the opportunity to fuck up some limbs. Lysander shows flashes of Leg 1 brilliance and immediately takes home another prize. This man is in the same boat as Nunez and is still poised to shatter another contenders dreams. HONOURABLE MENTIONS Victories from Robillard, Macho Man, Brown, Wang and Kona have serious implications for the next round. Their performances in the next matchups may very well dictate their overall standing in the series.
  11. One more sleep until the final leg of the tournament begins! There have been ebbs & flows, and aside from a few challenges, this tournament format is playing out exactly as intended. While the real dream of dominating in every leg was squashed as soon as the fights shifted to standup-only, there is a very real possibility for Macho Man or Robillard to take the now coveted 2/3 legs. In any event, field has definitely narrowed on which fighters can actually reach the Summit to hold claim as the overall Champion. This will be a very interesting final stretch, as while not everyone can reach the top, the possibility of VIP and cash prizes remains real for every participant. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Butch won’t talk to me on Discord. We’re limited to him tolerating me on the forums. Full stop
  13. So next Tuesday then? Lol i see what you’re saying bro. Can’t blame me for trying though.
  14. Get your shit together Butch, the masses demand it.
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