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  1. Yeah, I was keeping it simple, this is a much more in-depth and fantastic explanation of what to look for when testing.
  2. I'm no longer there, but you could also try SSD in NYC. He closed most of the divisions and is looking to reopen fully at 405k, but still has the openweight and HW divisions. He might be interested in hosting that to help fill out those cards and might also let you be staff and book them.
  3. I agree. Even though I don't think these awards will do much of anything, I think Silverback and Rei should absolutely be nominated. I would like to throw in Mae Joon(#117901). If there is any question, take a look at some of the BE reviews. They deserve more attention.
  4. No, no quality difference. That's more for specific designs. Most of my fighters have basic black shorts and black shirts or stuff they got through sponsorships. I usually get shirts and shorts in NYC for $15-$25 each. I believe Fantasy Threads has plain black shirts and shorts for $15 each, so I'll buy in bulk there sometimes, or I think Brooklyn Threads has them at $25 where I buy them also.
  5. Left or Right is whether they are in the red or blue corner, as the ToTT is usually different depending on that. As far as the heirarchy, that means that the highest ones on the list tend to be the most desirable, as the fighter may also have the ToTT qualities below it. That's why Granite Chin is so desirable, the fighter can also have every other hidden at a high level. If I recall correctly, KO power is #2, I think.
  6. Mine are like that, but I also tend to replace lots of them at 1 time so I don't have to change a different fighters clothes every day.
  7. Yep. Org+Gym=VIP. Pretty much anything + Gym = VIP
  8. I agree and think it's unlikely, but I wouldn't be TOO surprised. Some of the judges names are based pretty closely on some of the worst judges of that time period haha.
  9. I'd actually be interested if anyone ever took the time(I'm definitely not), to see if certain judges by name are the ones always dissenting, or if certain judges value different phases of combat/strikes differently. I wouldn't put it past this fight engine. There might be a Cecil Peoples in there that doesn't score leg kicks, etc.
  10. I think there is definitely random fuckery built in, otherwise every judge would score every round the exact same.
  11. That actually might be a fun ongoing format for an entire league, the more I think about it. Anybody who loses at level 1 gets cut, title fights are always between level 9-10 guys, incoming guys all start between 4-6(or strict level 5, depending on hiring policy/ID restrictions), depending on their skill level(or hype/pop/rank). The added fresh blood at times, the larger pool of fighters, and the fighters losing at level 1 getting cut negates lots of the issues I brought up.
  12. It depends on how many participants where the issues arise. There are scenarios with way too many rematches, with multiple winners, or with it basically being a regular tournament with an ongoing losers bracket. Not bashing the idea, it's a good start, just might need a little brainstorming and specifics.
  13. Jersey

    He can't retire.

    I wasn't sure if you maybe signed something after SMASH. Orgs disappear daily sometimes. In that case, sounds like an error for Mike.
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