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BANZAI COMBAT - Official Media Thread


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BANZAI COMBAT - Official Media Thread.


(Here you will find all media related to our promotion.)





Mixed Martial Arts Management - Roman Benson

Roman Benson

Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen!

It's Roman Benson here; welcome, all MMA fans and friends from all over the world!

It's time for something totally fresh. The 400k has arrived! You know what it means?! It's time for the new era!


I really like Tokyo, and I really like Japan, so why not locate here the big, new MMA organization for the new talents all over the globe?




The MMA world is evolving, and it needs more creative organizations, so that's why I opened an organization - BANZAI COMBAT.

We need everyone who wants to fight and everyone who is good at smashing and crashing opponents in the cage.

Strikers, clinch masters, or grapplers?! I don't personally care. You just need to fight against everyone! Use your skills and kick some asses! Do what you can. LOL. (Only fair fights [Age, skills. ID])

It's time for new stars, new careers, and new champs. Come to BANZAI COMBAT. All or nothing.

Waiting for champs and legends!




Who can join us?

Every skilled 400k fighter.


Rules of fights?

Fights in cages,

Normal fights - 3 rounds x 5 minutes (same for the test fights if you need)

Main Events/Title fights – 5 rounds x 5 minutes



10 point must



Contact me wherever you want – here – DM’s, Messages – in game, Discord (username - Curix)


Who can help?

Everyone, just contact me.


Contact me if you want donate something.


 Click to view banner full size

Come on! Let’s make some fun.

Big thanks to @Rei for help with the graphics.

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Banzai Combat 1


Everett Miller (+233) v Junior Calderon (-335)


Everett Miller, a fighter whose versatility in the octagon is nothing short of impressive. Miller brings a well-rounded arsenal of skills, combining striking finesse with solid ground game. Despite being pegged as the underdog in this matchup, Miller's determination and adaptability make him a force to be reckoned with.

Miller’s proficiency in multiple martial arts disciplines gives him an edge in unpredictability. His striking technique is honed from years of training in various striking arts, allowing him to navigate stand-up exchanges with finesse.His ability to get in the clinch and deliver punishment is a threat to be noted and not overlooked.

His opponent, Junior Calderon, stands as a formidable challenge with his first fight only lasting 38 seconds. Calderon’s mastery in Muay Thai and wrestling is a force to be reckoned with. With a background deeply rooted in these disciplines, Calderon possesses a skill set tailor-made for striking dominance and ground control. His technical prowess and experience in high-pressure situations make him a daunting adversary for anyone in the division.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Everett Miller's adaptability and strategic approach might prove to be his secret weapon. His ability to analyze and adjust to his opponent's style during the fight has been a hallmark of his career. As the underdog in this clash, Miller enters the octagon with a hunger to defy expectations and showcase his well-rounded abilities against the specialized skill set of Calderon.

The stage is set for an intriguing showdown between the versatile Everett Miller and the specialized prowess of Junior Calderon. Will Miller's adaptability and versatility outshine Calderon's expertise, or will Calderon's mastery in Muay Thai and wrestling prove too much for the underdog to handle?


Trevor Richardson (+233) v Hail Satan (-335)


In the upcoming bout, the electrifying clash between Trevor Richardson, the embodiment of versatility and adaptability, and Hail Satan, the stand-up maestro, promises an exhilarating spectacle.

Trevor Richardson, a jack of all trades, embodies a rare fusion of diverse skills. His ability to seamlessly transition between various martial arts disciplines makes him an enigmatic and unpredictable force within the ring. Richardson's arsenal isn't confined to a single facet; instead, he wields a comprehensive toolkit, drawing from his proficiency in grappling, striking, and the nuanced intricacies of mixed martial arts. His adaptability, coupled with a strategic approach, renders him a formidable opponent for anyone who steps into the octagon.

Opposing Richardson is Hail Satan, a standout in the realm of stand-up fighting. Hail has honed an unparalleled expertise in striking, mastering the art of precision, timing, and devastating power. His technique, refined through relentless dedication, revolves around delivering lightning-fast strikes with unparalleled accuracy. Hail's command over striking techniques, from traditional punches and kicks to unorthodox maneuvers, positions him as a formidable threat to anyone who dares to engage him on the feet.

This bout stands as a true test of contrasting styles—the multifaceted adaptability of Richardson against the specialized prowess of Hail. Will Richardson's diverse skill set prove too dynamic for Hail's striking finesse? Or will Hail's mastery in stand-up combat be the key to overwhelming Richardson's versatility?


Jackson Highlander (+233) v Hillbilly Walker (-335)


Two contrasting forces are set to collide in a clash of styles and strengths that promises an exhilarating spectacle. On one side stands Jackson Highlander, a Muay Thai wrestler renowned for his impeccable technique, strategic prowess, and unyielding determination. With a towering presence and a disciplined approach to combat, Highlander embodies the essence of calculated aggression.

Opposite him stands the enigmatic force of nature known as Hillbilly “Somewhere” Walker, a fighter whose raw power and lightning-fast strikes have left a trail of awe and intimidation in the ring. Walker's reputation precedes him, with his devastating punches earning him the moniker that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents.

Highlander, with his background deeply rooted in the art of Muay Thai, brings to the ring a blend of finesse and calculated brutality. His mastery of clinches, devastating strikes, and methodical takedowns has proven to be a formidable challenge for adversaries.

On the flip side, Walker's approach is one of sheer aggression and explosiveness. His thunderous punches and uncanny ability to find openings in his opponent's defense make him a force to be reckoned with. With a demeanor that exudes unpredictability and an aura of danger, he instills a sense of uncertainty in his opponents, never allowing them to settle into their comfort zones.

As the anticipation mounts, the clash between Highlander's calculated technique and Walker's ferocious power becomes the focal point of the night. It's a classic battle of styles, where the precision of Muay Thai meets the explosiveness of raw punching prowess.

The stage is set for an electrifying showdown as these two titans step into the ring, each carrying their own strengths, strategies, and aspirations. The collision of Highlander's technical mastery and Walker's sheer force is a spectacle that promises fireworks, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the moment when skill and power converge in a display of raw, unbridled combat.


Hirota Jiro (-113) v Damion Krueger (-117)


This is not just a fight; this is a collision of dreams, an opportunity for these young warriors to etch their names in the annals of combat sports history. Jiro, with lightning-fast strikes and a warrior's heart, enters the arena with an intensity that's bound to send shockwaves through the entire division. He's been honing his craft, waiting for this moment to prove himself under the bright lights.

On the flip side, Krueger, an unknown force, brings an aura of mystery and unpredictability. His training has been shrouded in secrecy, leaving experts and fans alike speculating about the arsenal he might unleash upon his opponent. Is he a master of the clinch? Does he possess knockout power that can shake the very foundation of this cage? Tonight, the veil of mystery will be lifted as Krueger steps into the spotlight for the first time.

Both fighters share a common goal: to claim that elusive first victory and announce their arrival in the MMA world with a thunderous statement.


Takanori Gomi (+125) v Mason Barbosa (-167)


Get ready for fireworks, fight fans! Takanori Gomi and Mason Barbosa are about to step into the ring, promising a collision that's destined to light up the night. With both fighters carrying dynamite in their fists, this bout is more than just a showdown—it's a guaranteed explosion waiting to happen.

Barbosa, the veteran warrior, brings a wealth of experience and a lethal striking arsenal honed over years in the game. Known for his devastating knockout power and ironclad determination, he's a force to be reckoned with. His opponent, Gomi, enters the ring as a rising star, showcasing lightning-fast hands and a hunger for victory that's impossible to ignore.

When these two titans clash, expect nothing short of a slugfest from the opening bell. Both Gomi and Barbosa possess an innate instinct to go for the finish, throwing caution to the wind as they hunt for that one telling shot that could end the fight in an instant. With their aggressive styles and a shared aversion to leaving it in the hands of the judges, the likelihood of this battle reaching the final bell seems slim.

Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hats because when these two enter the cage, the only certainty is an all-out war where fireworks are guaranteed, and the outcome hangs on the edge of a fist.


Common Carp (-106) v Lewis Rocha (-125)


Common Carp, renowned for his quick hands and precision strikes, steps into the ring for his debut match. His opponent? The formidable Lewis Rocha, a force to be reckoned with in the world of Muay Thai and wrestling. Rocha, under the guidance of an undefeated manager, brings a unique blend of striking prowess and ground game finesse.

Carp's reputation as a boxer with impeccable hand speed and calculated combinations precedes him. His training regimen, focused on mastering the sweet science, has sculpted him into a virtuoso of the boxing ring. His footwork, honed to perfection, allows him to maneuver with elegance and strike with pinpoint accuracy.

On the other side of the ring stands Rocha, a maestro of Muay Thai strikes and a grappling wizard. Rocha, with his unparalleled agility and diverse skill set, embodies his manager's finest product. His ability to seamlessly transition from striking to grappling has confounded opponents time and again.

It's a classic clash of styles: Carp's technical boxing expertise against Rocha's multifaceted arsenal of striking and ground control. The anticipation hangs heavy as fight night approaches, the air electrified with excitement and speculation. Will Carp's hands be enough to outmaneuver Rocha's versatile approach, or will Rocha's dynamic skill set prove too much for the debutant boxer to handle?

When the bell tolls and the two enter the ring, the stage will be set for a showdown that promises to be a mesmerizing display of skill, strategy, and sheer determination. Both fighters carry the weight of expectation, one seeking to establish his dominance in the boxing realm, while the other aims to continue his manager's legacy of unbroken victories.


Kevin Hooty (+233) v Tyrese Mercado (-335)


Charged with the promise of an electrifying clash between two emerging pugilistic talents. On one side stands the precocious 18-year-old sensation, Kevin Hooty, a prodigy in the making whose lightning-fast reflexes and uncanny precision had set eyes upon him to be a future star.

Opposite him, a seasoned 25-year-old Tyrese Mercado, a fighter whose journey had been etched with relentless determination and unyielding resolve. Though a newcomer to the Octagon, Mercado's years of disciplined training in martial arts had endowed him with an arsenal of skills, blending power and finesse in a way that demanded respect.

The buzz surrounding this bout stemmed not only from their individual prowess but also from the clash of their distinct styles. Hooty, possessing the raw exuberance and boundless energy of youth, relied on his speed and agility to weave through defenses, striking with surgical precision. Mercado, on the other hand, exuded a calculated calmness, his movements deliberate and measured, poised to capitalize on any opening his opponent might inadvertently reveal.

For Hooty, it was the opportunity to prove his mettle against a more experienced adversary, a chance to etch the first win of his career into the books. For Mercado, it marks a new chapter, a debut in a new arena where he sought to showcase his hard-earned skills to a wider audience.


Nguyen Thanh Tung (+178) v Theo Almeida (-245)


Get ready to rumble, fight fans! Brace yourselves for a colossal clash in the heavyweight division that's set to redefine the meaning of raw power and sheer determination! In one corner, we have the young prodigy, the 18-year-old sensation Nguyen Thanh Tung, a rising star who embodies unbridled energy and an insatiable hunger to prove himself against the odds. And in the other corner, the veteran, the heavy favorite, Theo Almeida, a force to be reckoned with, seven years Tung's senior, bringing experience into the cage!

This fight isn't just about age; it's about the collision of generations, the passing of the torch versus the desire to cement a legacy. Tung, barely out of his teens, possesses a raw, untamed power that has left his opponents in awe. His fast strikes and unwavering resolve have marked him as a force destined for greatness. But can he weather the storm that is Theo Almeida?

Almeida, a titan in the heavyweight division, enters this bout carrying the weight of expectations and a reputation as a dominant force. He's seen it all, and he's conquered it all.

The contrast in styles, the clash of youth against experience, sets the stage for an epic showdown. Will the exuberance and fearlessness of youth prevail, or will the seasoned warrior remind everyone why he's considered the favorite?

The world is buzzing with anticipation, eager to witness this clash of titans. It's a battle that transcends mere physicality; it's a test of wills, a contest of heart and fortitude. Tung steps into the arena with a hunger to carve his name in the history books, while Almeida aims to prove that experience and skill triumph over youthful vigor.

The atmosphere is charged, the stakes are sky-high, and the energy is palpable. Who will emerge victorious? Whose hand will be raised at the end of this monumental showdown?

Get ready for an explosive night of action, because tonight, Nguyen Thanh Tung and Theo Almeida are about to shake the very foundations of the heavyweight division!


Troy Knight (-355) v Lamar Moody (+245)


Knight vs. Moody is set to be a clash of who has mastered the art of eight limbs. Knight, who is 5 years Moody's elder, is coming into this bout looking for his first ever win in the octagon and plans on leaving nothing behind when he enters the ring.

Moody, coming in as the underdog after he lost his first bout in the MMA, is looking for some revenge and wants to start getting his name etched in the win column here at Banzai Combat.

Knight has displayed an arsenal of skills at Bowsh Gym in London and is going to be looking to put it all together and start his MMA career off with a bang.

Opposite to him, we have been seeing Moody put on some weight for this bout. At the moment, he is weighing in at 158 and has been seen putting a ton of work in the bags. At just 20, you can tell that he really wants this fight and wants to avenge that loss.

There should be an explosive fight on our hands, and hopefully we can see some fireworks fly when these two match up.

Anakin Osborne (-190) v Srabion Mkhmeljian (+141)

The impending showdown between Anakin Osborne and Srabion Mkhmeljian has ignited a fervor among fight enthusiasts, poised to witness a clash of contrasting disciplines and fervent determination.

Anakin Osborne, a formidable force blending the artistry of Muay Thai with the tactical prowess of wrestling, steps into the cage for his highly anticipated debut. Osborne's background in Muay Thai has endowed him with a striking arsenal, proficient in delivering punishing blows with precision and finesse. Combined with his adept wrestling skills, Osborne presents a multifaceted threat, capable of dominating both in stand-up exchanges and ground control.

On the opposite side of the octagon stands Srabion Mkhmeljian, a seasoned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt whose recent setback hasn't diminished his resolve. Despite a brutal KO loss in his previous bout, Mkhmeljian's proficiency on the ground remains a formidable asset. His mastery of BJJ techniques and relentless pursuit of submissions make him a daunting adversary for any opponent, showcasing an ability to swiftly turn the tide of a fight once it hits the mat.

As the atmosphere crackles with anticipation, the clash of styles looms large. Osborne's striking prowess and wrestling pedigree set the stage for a riveting battle against Mkhmeljian's grappling expertise. The canvas of the octagon becomes a battleground where Osborne's calculated aggression meets Mkhmeljian's quest for redemption. The stakes are high as both fighters enter, seeking to establish their names in the organization.

The impending collision between these two warriors promises an enthralling spectacle, where the contrast in styles is set to ignite a display of skill, determination, and resilience. In this clash of disciplines, only one will emerge victorious, propelled by their grit, technique, and unyielding spirit.


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(W)Junior Calderon vs Everett Miller(L)

Junior Calderon dominated the featherweight MMA bout, securing a quick victory in just 10 seconds with a powerful left hook that knocked out Everett Miller. Calderon's precise strikes and Miller's early cut contributed to the decisive outcome.

(W)Hail Satan vs Trevor Richardson(L)

In a brief but explosive encounter, Hail Satan triumphs in the light heavyweight showdown, claiming victory over Trevor Richardson in just 30 seconds of the first round. Richardson's miscalculated head kick opens the door for Satan's lethal counter, leading to a decisive TKO with a barrage of strikes.


(W)Hillbilly Walker vs Jackson Highlander(L)

In a brief but intense welterweight clash, Hillbilly Walker showcased superior striking skills against Jackson Highlander. Highlander struggled with unsuccessful takedown attempts, exposing himself to Walker's crisp counters. Walker's well-timed jabs and powerful strikes proved decisive, rocking Highlander and leading to a knockout just 36 seconds into the first round. Walker's victory not only demonstrated his prowess but also included a nod to his sponsors, Uncle Rufus Clothing .Co, in the post-fight interview.


(W)Hirota Jiro vs Damion Krueger(L)

In a battle between debutants, Hirota Jiro and Damion Krueger delivered a competitive welterweight bout. Krueger demonstrated solid takedowns and ground control in the early rounds, but Jiro showcased resilience, managing to escape and return to his feet. Despite Krueger's attempts to dictate the pace with takedowns, Jiro's striking and takedown defense stood out. The fight saw moments of ground and pound, with both fighters grappling for control. Jiro's well-rounded performance and ability to nullify Krueger's takedown attempts earned him a unanimous decision victory, as reflected in the judges' scorecards (30-27).


(W)Mason Barbosa vs Takanori Gomi(L)

In a brief but explosive lightweight debut, Mason Barbosa showcased superior striking skills against Takanori Gomi. Gomi's wild swings left openings for Barbosa, who capitalized with precise counter punches. A well-timed hook rocked Gomi, leading to a knockout victory just 48 seconds into the first round. Barbosa's efficient striking and knockout finish marked an impressive debut, overshadowed only by a less-than-polished post-fight attempt at self-promotion.


(W)Common Carp vs Lewis Rocha(L)

In a quick and explosive middleweight debut, Common Carp showcased powerful striking against Lewis Rocha. Carp's devastating uppercut sent Rocha to the mat, leading to a flurry of ground strikes that forced the referee to intervene just 1 minute and 55 seconds into the first round. Carp's precise and aggressive performance secured him a debut victory by TKO. In the post-fight interview, Carp expressed genuine gratitude to his fans, emphasizing their motivating impact on his career.


(W)Tyrese Mercado vs Kevin Hooty(L)

In a dominant performance, Tyrese Mercado secured a first-round victory over Kevin Hooty. Mercado showcased effective striking, taking control of the stand-up exchanges. Utilizing a clinch against the cage, Mercado delivered powerful uppercuts that visibly rocked Hooty. As the fight progressed, a devastating uppercut from Mercado left Hooty on unsteady legs, prompting the referee to intervene and declare Mercado the winner by TKO at 2 minutes and 28 seconds of the first round. Mercado's striking precision and ability to capitalize on openings marked an impressive debut in the lightweight division.


(W)Theo Almeida vs Nguyen Thanh Tung(L)

In a one-sided bout, Theo Almeida dominated Nguyen Thanh Tung with a strategic mix of ground control and effective striking. Almeida showcased his superiority by repeatedly taking Thanh Tung down, controlling him on the ground, and unleashing a barrage of ground and pound. Thanh Tung struggled to mount any offense, and the fight was eventually stopped in the second round after Almeida delivered a series of powerful strikes that left Thanh Tung unconscious. With this impressive victory by KO at 3 minutes and 56 seconds of the second round, Theo Almeida extends his undefeated record and leaves a strong impression in the heavyweight division.

(W)Troy Knight vs Lamar Moody(L)

In a lightweight clash, Troy Knight swiftly overwhelmed Lamar Moody. Knight's precise strikes, including a powerful head kick, secured a quick victory in just 1 minute and 7 seconds of the first round. Moody struggled to withstand Knight's dynamic attacks, resulting in a knockout win for Knight.


(W)Anakin Osborne vs Srabion Mkhmeljian(L)

Anakin Osborne wasted no time in asserting dominance, stunning Srabion Mkhmeljian with a powerful uppercut early in the first round. Osborne swiftly capitalized, dropping Mkhmeljian with a vicious hook and securing the win via TKO in just 12 seconds. A quick and decisive victory for Osborne.

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Sim Hwan vs Louis Gibson

In this highly anticipated MMA bout, Sim Hwan and Louis Gibson are set to clash in a showdown that promises intense action. Hwan, known for his striking prowess, faces off against the versatile Gibson, who excels in both grappling and striking.

Hwan's lightning-fast combinations and precise kicks make him a threat on the feet, while Gibson's well-rounded skill set allows him to adapt to various situations. The outcome may hinge on whether Hwan can keep the fight standing or if Gibson can leverage his ground game.

Expect an explosive encounter with each fighter aiming to impose their strengths. Hwan's fans anticipate a knockout, while Gibson's supporters hope for a strategic submission. The outcome rests on which fighter can implement their game plan more effectively in this MMA Tycoon clash.

Colby Strong vs Matt Bloomer 

In this intriguing matchup between Colby Strong and Matt Bloomer, both fighters showcasing submission skills and Muay Thai proficiency adds another layer of complexity to the bout. Strong's adeptness in submissions suggests a well-rounded ground game, while Bloomer's dual expertise in submissions and Muay Thai indicates versatility. The fight could evolve into a chess match, with both fighters seeking opportunities to exploit weaknesses in their opponent's skill set. Fans can anticipate transitions between striking exchanges and ground battles, making it a captivating contest with potential surprises in both stand-up and grappling scenarios. The outcome might be determined by which fighter can effectively implement their diverse skill set and adapt to the evolving dynamics of the match.

Johannes Balrog vs Aryan Deshpande 

In the upcoming MMA showdown between Johannes Balrog and Aryan Deshpande, the plot thickens with Balrog's proficiency in wrestling and submissions against Deshpande's Muay Thai expertise. Balrog's well-rounded skill set, particularly in wrestling, suggests an ability to dictate where the fight takes place. Deshpande's Muay Thai prowess introduces a striking dimension that could be challenging for Balrog if he fails to impose his grappling game.

Expect a tactical battle with Balrog aiming for takedowns and submission attempts, while Deshpande looks to utilize Muay Thai techniques to keep the fight standing. The outcome may hinge on whether Balrog can successfully implement his wrestling and submission skills or if Deshpande's striking can keep him in control. It's a matchup that promises dynamic exchanges and keeps fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the resolution of this intriguing clash of styles.

Blake Souza vs Chaim Castro 

In this MMA matchup, Souza's "Submission Sniper" moniker meets Castro's "Boxing Dynamo" in a clash of styles that promises high-stakes drama. Souza's ground wizardry seeks to grapple Castro into submission, while Castro's nimble boxing aims to keep the fight standing. It's a tale of tactics, with Souza plotting takedowns and submission setups, and Castro dancing on the edge of danger with his striking brilliance. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of action where every move holds the potential for a fight-altering moment, making this matchup a must-watch for fans craving an unpredictable showdown.

Panished Snake vs Oscar Fernandes 

In the hypothetical MMA matchup between Panished Snake and Oscar Fernandes, the excitement builds as two skilled fighters prepare to enter the cage.

Panished Snake, known for elusive movements and precision strikes, faces off against Oscar Fernandes, a fighter with a reputation for his ground game finesse.

Fans can anticipate a dynamic battle with Panished Snake showcasing his striking flair, attempting to keep the fight standing. Meanwhile, Fernandes might look to exploit grappling opportunities, bringing his submission skills into play.

The outcome of this matchup could hinge on Snake's ability to avoid the ground game or Fernandes' success in taking the fight to his preferred domain. It's a clash of styles that promises twists and turns, keeping MMA enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

James Jones vs Scabs McGee 

In this MMA clash between James Jones and the Muay Thai specialist Scabs McGee, the dynamics of the fight take an intriguing turn. Jones, known for his striking prowess, now faces a challenge in McGee, who brings a unique skill set with his proficiency in Muay Thai.

Jones will need to be cautious of McGee's striking capabilities, as Muay Thai expertise often involves a diverse range of powerful kicks, knees, and elbows. The outcome might hinge on whether Jones can effectively navigate and counter McGee's Muay Thai arsenal or if McGee can dictate the stand-up exchanges.

Expect a thrilling contest with potential for striking fireworks, as Jones seeks to showcase his power while McGee aims to display the finesse of Muay Thai techniques. It's a matchup that adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, making it a must-watch for fans of diverse fighting styles.

Ejiri Kenzo vs Hans Job 

In the virtual ring of MMA matchup between Ejiri Kenzo and Hans Job takes an exciting turn as both fighters showcase their prowess in boxing. With both competitors possessing solid boxing skills, fans can anticipate a high-level striking contest.

The bout could evolve into a technical display of boxing techniques, footwork, and defensive maneuvers. Kenzo and Job may engage in calculated exchanges, each looking for opportunities to land significant strikes and gain an advantage on the feet.

As the bell rings, watch for the ebb and flow of their boxing styles, with potential for dynamic combinations, head movement, and strategic feints. It's a matchup that promises excitement for fans of precise and powerful striking in the MMA world.

Issac Serrano vs Tommy Hitman 

In this MMA showdown between Issac Serrano and Tommy Hitma, fans are in for a captivating clash of striking styles. Serrano, with his proficiency in boxing, aims to showcase crisp and technical striking, while Hitma, with his Muay Thai expertise, brings a diverse array of kicks, knees, and elbows into the equation.

Watch for Serrano's boxing precision as he seeks to navigate and counter Hitma's Muay Thai arsenal. Hitma, on the other hand, may look to leverage the full range of striking techniques Muay Thai offers to keep Serrano on his toes.

The outcome hinges on whether Serrano can effectively use his boxing to control the stand-up exchanges or if Hitma's Muay Thai skills will prove decisive. It's a stylistic matchup that promises dynamic and strategic moments in the simulated Wild Bob's Bar arena.

Mitsugi Kitahachi vs Tommy Lee 

In the virtual arena of MMA the matchup between Mitsugi Kitahachi and Tommy Lee sets the stage for an intriguing clash. Kitahachi, whose strengths may lie in a particular facet of the game, faces off against Lee, a fighter known for his unique skill set.

The specific strengths of each fighter—whether it be striking, grappling, or a specialized discipline—will shape the dynamics of the bout. Fans can expect a strategic battle as Kitahachi and Lee vie for dominance, each aiming to capitalize on their strengths.

It's a matchup that holds the potential for tactical brilliance and unexpected turns, making it a focal point for MMA enthusiasts eager to witness the simulated clash of these skilled virtual fighters.

Kameron Sweeney vs Reynaldo Haley 

In the simulated arena of Wild Bob's Bar the clash between Kameron Sweeney and Reynaldo Haley takes an intriguing turn, as both fighters showcase proficiency in submissions. This sets the stage for a ground-focused battle, with fans anticipating a technical and strategic display of grappling skills.

Watch for Sweeney and Haley attempting to secure dominant positions and capitalize on submission opportunities. The outcome may hinge on which fighter can effectively impose their ground game, showcasing a variety of submission attempts and counters.

It's a matchup that promises a thrilling ground battle, adding an element of suspense as these skilled virtual fighters vie for control on the mat in the world of MMA.

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(W)Sim Hwan vs Louis Gibson(L)

The welterweight bout between Sim Hwan and Louis Gibson showcased intense ground control by Gibson in the first round. However, Hwan turned the tables in the second with a powerful stand-up display, ultimately securing a knockout victory with a devastating left hook. The crowd witnessed a thrilling matchup, and Hwan emerged victorious in this exciting clash.

(W)Matt Bloomer vs Colby Strong(L)

In this intense MMA showdown, Colby Strong and Matt Bloomer engaged in a strategic battle, showcasing their skills in takedowns, striking, and clinch work. Bloomer's precise counters and effective defense proved pivotal, leading to a unanimous decision victory. The crowd witnessed a technical display, with Bloomer's well-timed strikes and Strong's resilient takedown attempts making for an entertaining clash of styles.

(W)Johannes Balrog vs Aryan Deshpande(L)

In this middleweight clash, Johannes Balrog secured a dominant victory over Aryan Deshpande. Balrog's ground control was on full display as he smoothly transitioned from guard to mount, eventually locking in an arm triangle to secure the submission win just before the end of the first round. Balrog's post-fight charisma added an entertaining touch, ensuring he left an impression on the crowd.

(W)Blake Souza vs Chaim Castro(L)

In a swift and impressive performance, Blake Souza secured victory in the bantamweight bout against Chaim Castro with a Triangle Armbar submission just 18 seconds into round 1. Souza's transition from a triangle attempt to an armbar showcased his grappling skills. However, his post-fight interview, marked by self-praise, received mixed reactions from fans who found it somewhat arrogant. Overall, it was a decisive win for Souza in the early stages of his career.

(W)Panished Snake vs Oscar Fernandes(L)

Panished Snake showcased solid takedown defense, effective striking, and control throughout the fight, earning him a unanimous decision victory over Oscar Fernandes. Despite some slow moments and stalling tactics, Snake's dominance in various aspects secured the win. The judges scored all three rounds in his favor, marking a successful debut for Panished Snake in the lightweight division.

(W)James Jones vs Scabs McGee(L)

James Jones secured a quick victory in the middleweight bout against Scabs McGee, finishing the fight via kimura just under two minutes into the first round. Jones displayed effective striking, successfully defended takedown attempts, and capitalized on the ground by securing the submission. It's a successful debut for James Jones, earning him the win in the middleweight division.

(W)Hans Job vs Ejiri Kenzo(L)

Hans Job claimed a decisive victory in the lightweight bout against Ejiri Kenzo, securing a TKO with a powerful uppercut that dropped Kenzo to the canvas. The fight was stopped after just 1 minute and 30 seconds into the first round. Job's effective striking and well-timed uppercut proved to be the determining factor in this matchup, earning him the win and maintaining his undefeated record in the lightweight division.

(W)Issac Serrano vs Tommy Hitman(L)

Issac Serrano secured a unanimous decision victory over Tommy Hitman after three rounds of action in the light heavyweight bout. The judges scored the fight 30:28, 29:28, 29:28 in favor of Serrano. Despite a strong effort from Hitman, Serrano's overall performance earned him the win, showcasing effective striking and defensive skills throughout the contest.

(W)Tommy Lee vs Mitsugi Kitahachi(L)

Tommy Lee secured a unanimous decision victory over Mitsugi Kitahachi after three rounds of action in the lightweight bout. The judges scored the fight 27:30 in favor of Lee. Despite Kitahachi's efforts, Lee's dominance in both striking and grappling earned him a well-deserved decision win.

(W)Kameron Sweeney vs Reynaldo Haley(L)

Kameron Sweeney secures the victory with a second-round submission, utilizing an Anaconda choke against his opponent Haley. Despite Haley's resistance, Sweeney's technique proved too much, forcing the referee to intervene as Haley went unconscious. Sweeney celebrates the win with his corner, showcasing his skills in the match.

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Tyrese Mercado vs Mason Barbosa

In an upcoming MMA clash, Tyrese Mercado is slated to face off against Mason Barbosa. Both fighters, recognized for their exceptional boxing abilities, are expected to deliver a riveting stand-up battle. MMA enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating this matchup, foreseeing a spectacle of precise strikes, tactical combinations, and a fierce competition in the realm of mixed martial arts.

Aidan Cooty vs Flynn Silva 

Get ready for a ground symphony when Aidan Cooty steps into the cage against Flynn Silva. Their upcoming clash is like a chess match in the octagon, with both fighters wielding impressive wrestling and submission skills. It's not just a fight; it's a strategic dance on the canvas, promising twists, turns, and suspense that will keep MMA fans on the edge of their seats. The question lingers: Will Cooty's calculated moves prevail, or will Silva execute a submission masterpiece? The mat is set for a thrilling spectacle of skill and strategy!

Demarcus Mckee vs Bentley Santos 

In a twist of versatility, Demarcus McKee and Bentley Santos both bring strong submission skills to the table. The upcoming matchup is not just about striking; it's a potential ground war where each fighter may seek to outsmart the other with their grappling expertise. MMA fans are in for a treat as they witness the convergence of striking power and submission savvy, making this clash a fascinating puzzle of skills and strategies in the unpredictable world of mixed martial arts.

Kalle Kaataja vs Mikail Bekaert 

Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Kalle Kaataja steps into the cage against Mikail Bekaert. Kaataja, a boxing virtuoso, faces off against Bekaert, a master of Muay Thai. The stage is set for a striking extravaganza, where Kaataja's precision meets Bekaert's versatility. MMA enthusiasts are in for a treat as these two dynamic fighters go head-to-head, each aiming to impose their striking dominance. The anticipation is palpable as the octagon becomes the canvas for a thrilling display of skill and strategy in this epic matchup.

Hirota Jiro vs Roberto Nunes 

In a matchup where versatility meets a blend of skills, Hirota Jiro and Roberto Nunes bring a unique dynamic to the cage. Jiro's well-rounded, albeit average, abilities contrast with Nunes, whose mediocre proficiency in both boxing and wrestling sets the stage for an intriguing bout. MMA fans are in for a contest where adaptability and strategy may take center stage, as these fighters navigate their strengths and weaknesses in pursuit of victory. The outcome remains uncertain, adding an element of unpredictability to this clash of contrasting skill sets.

Bentley Rocha vs Diego Lopes 

In a ground battle of brown belt submission artists, Bentley Rocha and Diego Lopes are gearing up for an intriguing clash. With both fighters boasting proficiency in submissions, the mat becomes a potential battleground for a technical grappling showcase. MMA fans can anticipate a chess match on the ground, as Rocha and Lopes vie for control and look to capitalize on their brown belt expertise. This matchup adds an exciting dimension, making it a must-watch for those craving a display of high-level submission skills in the world of mixed martial arts.

Nuori Makunochi vs Dylan Martins 

In a high-stakes battle of the fists, Nuori Makunochi and Dylan Martins gear up for a striking spectacle. While both possess solid boxing skills, the intrigue deepens as Makunochi holds the edge with higher proficiency. MMA fans can expect a showcase of precision and power, as Makunochi's superior boxing technique meets Martins in the center of the cage. The question lingers: Can Martins withstand Makunochi's striking prowess, or will the fight unfold as a testament to Nuori's boxing supremacy? The stage is set for an exciting clash of fists in the world of mixed martial arts.

Oliver Da Silva vs Junior Daniel 

In the upcoming clash between Oliver Da Silva and Junior Daniel, fans are in for an exciting matchup. Da Silva, recognized for his well-rounded skills, faces off against Daniel, a formidable opponent with his own set of strengths. MMA enthusiasts can anticipate a dynamic contest, where Da Silva's versatility meets Daniel's unique fighting style. As the octagon becomes the battleground, the stage is set for an intriguing display of skill, strategy, and the unpredictable nature of mixed martial arts. Stay tuned for a thrilling encounter between these two fighters.

Harrison Lima vs Greg Redman 

In a clash of diverse skill sets, Harrison Lima's proficiency in boxing and wrestling meets Greg Redman's expertise in boxing and Muay Thai. This matchup promises a multifaceted display of striking and grappling, as Lima and Redman bring their unique strengths to the forefront. MMA fans can anticipate an intriguing battle where the fusion of boxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai creates a dynamic canvas for tactical exchanges. The octagon is poised for a thrilling contest, leaving fans eager to see how these fighters blend their skills in pursuit of victory.

Bobby Bobson vs Tom Curvers 

In this showdown, Bobby Bobson's well-rounded skills in boxing, wrestling, and submission go head-to-head with Tom Curvers, who excels in boxing and wrestling. This matchup promises a versatile display of mixed martial arts, featuring Bobson's diverse skill set against Curvers' formidable strengths. MMA fans can anticipate an action-packed contest with potential for dynamic striking exchanges, grappling battles, and strategic maneuvers. The octagon is set for a thrilling clash as Bobson and Curvers bring their multifaceted talents to determine dominance in this mixed martial arts showdown.



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Post event - BANZAI COMBAT 3


Date: 2024-01-06

City: Tokyo

Arena: The Underground - Tokyo (1,000)

Event Rating: 58.79

Attendance: 946

 KO of the night: Nuori Makunochi

Sub of the night: -

Fight of the night: Junior Daniel vs Oliver Da Silva

Merchandise Partner: Sakura Style



155 lbs 5 Tyrese Mercado Mason Barbosa TKO (Strikes) 2 02:57  
265+ lbs 3 Flynn Silva Aidan Cooty Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00  
205 lbs 3 Bentley Santos Demarcus Mckee Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00  
205 lbs 3 Kalle Kaataja Mikail Bekaert KO (Punch) 1 00:58  
170 lbs 3 Roberto Nunes Hirota Jiro TKO (Strikes) 1 04:57  
145 lbs 3 Bentley Rocha Diego Lopes Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00  
155 lbs 3 Nuori Makunochi Dylan Martins KO (Superman Punch) 1 00:53  
265+ lbs 3 Junior Daniel Oliver Da Silva Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00  
205 lbs 3 Harrison Lima Greg Redman TKO (Punches) 1 04:06  
265 lbs 3 Bobby Bobson Tom Curvers Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00  
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(W)Junior Calderon vs Bentley Rocha(L)

In this featherweight bout, Junior Calderon from Rio de Janeiro faced Bentley Rocha from London. Calderon, with a 2-0-0 record, showcased impressive striking skills, landing solid jabs and a devastating hook in the second round that resulted in a knockout victory at 0:41. Rocha, with a 1-0-0 record, demonstrated resilience with takedown attempts, but Calderon's defensive skills and superior stand-up game ultimately secured his dominance. Despite Rocha's efforts, Calderon's strategic punches and ability to escape ground control led to a well-deserved KO win for the fighter from Rio de Janeiro.


(W)Kalle Kaataja vs Ochi Tomouchi(L)

In this light heavyweight clash, Kalle Kaataja from Helsinki secured a dominant victory over Ochi Tomouchi from Tokyo. Kaataja's impressive striking, highlighted by a well-executed cross and a powerful right hand, left Tomouchi visibly rocked. The fight ended in the first round, with Kaataja displaying excellent footwork and delivering a devastating uppercut that sent Tomouchi to the canvas. The referee called the bout at 1:22, declaring Kalle Kaataja the winner by KO. Kaataja's skillful stand-up game and strategic punches proved decisive in this entertaining match.

(W)Junior Daniel vs Zaid Silva(L)

In this super heavyweight battle, Junior Daniel from Rio de Janeiro secured a victory over Zaid Silva from Los Angeles. The fight showcased both fighters exchanging heavy blows throughout the three rounds. Silva demonstrated solid striking, but Daniel's relentless pressure and effective counter-combinations proved decisive. As the fight reached its climax in the third round, Daniel landed a series of powerful strikes, forcing Silva against the cage and leading to a TKO victory at 4:55. Junior Daniel's relentless pace and striking accuracy earned him the win in this entertaining bout.

(W)Troy Knight vs Panished Snake(L)

In this lightweight division matchup, Troy Knight and Panished Snake had a competitive start in the first round. Knight showcased effective striking, avoiding Snake's attempts and delivering a thudding leg kick. Snake, on the other hand, struggled to land significant shots.

The turning point came when Knight unleashed a powerful overhand right, rocking Snake and eventually securing a knockout victory at 3:30 of the first round. Knight's striking accuracy and takedown defense played crucial roles in his success.

Overall, it was an exciting bout with a highlight-reel finish, and Troy Knight emerged victorious with an impressive KO.

(W)Anakin Osborne vs James Jones(L)

In this middleweight clash, Anakin Osborne showcased quick and precise striking, effectively countering James Jones. Osborne's well-timed punches, including a powerful overhand right, led to a quick and decisive victory at just 24 seconds into the first round. The fight ended with Osborne securing a TKO win, demonstrating his dominance in the striking department.

(W)Hans Job vs Ejiri Kenzo(L)

In this lightweight bout, Hans Job demonstrated excellent striking, landing a decisive three-punch combo that left Ejiri Kenzo rocked early in the first round. Job capitalized on the opportunity, finishing the fight with a powerful overhand right and a subsequent ground-and-pound assault. The referee intervened, declaring Hans Job the winner by TKO at 36 seconds into the opening round.

(W)Nuori Makunochi vs Israel Palestinov(L)

In a quick and explosive start to the lightweight bout, Nuori Makunochi displayed aggressive striking, landing a powerful right hand that dropped Israel Palestinov just 13 seconds into the first round. Makunochi wasted no time and sealed the victory with a TKO, showcasing his dominance in the stand-up game.

(W)Nuori Ukkonen vs Roberto Nunes(L)

In this welterweight contest, Nuori Ukkonen demonstrated resilience and striking skills against Roberto Nunes. Ukkonen showcased effective striking, causing trouble for Nunes throughout the bout. In the second round, Ukkonen's relentless attack led to a significant moment where Nunes was visibly rocked.

Capitalizing on Nunes' weakened state, Ukkonen secured the victory with a flurry of strikes against the cage, prompting the referee to intervene and stop the fight at 49 seconds into the second round. Nuori Ukkonen emerges victorious by TKO, maintaining an impressive performance in his MMA debut.

(W)Lewis Rocha vs Reynaldo Haley(L)

In this middleweight clash, Lewis Rocha showcased impressive striking skills against Reynaldo Haley. Rocha's precise kicks and powerful head kick proved to be decisive, sending Haley crashing to the canvas and securing a knockout victory at 3:14 of the first round. Rocha displayed sportsmanship by thanking his fans and expressing humility after the win.

(W)Greg Redman vs Matt Bloomer(L)

In this light heavyweight bout, Greg Redman demonstrated resilience and striking proficiency against Matt Bloomer. While Bloomer had control in the clinch and attempted takedowns, Redman's striking proved decisive.

In the second round, Redman showcased his stand-up skills with a well-timed combination, dropping Bloomer to the canvas. Following up with a powerful right hand, Redman secured the victory by knockout at 4:20 of the second round. A remarkable performance by Greg Redman, earning him the win in this MMA Tycoon matchup.

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BANZAI COMBAT Appoint Chief Marketing Officer

Hi all, I am pleased to have taken up the job as Chief Marketing Officer of BANZAI COMBAT! My main duties will be as a writer. I will try to do both weekly previous and weekly reviews. I have some other fun ideas planned as well.

I would like to thank org owner Mr. Nobody (103169) for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I don't see too many other orgs at the minute with regular writeups so hopefully this will help set BANZAI COMBAT apart and make it an exciting place for your fighters to call home!


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BANZAI COMBAT’s milestone 10th event did not disappoint and continued to break the orgs existing records as the org continues to grow. An attendance of 1,175 at Hayashi’s Lounge in Tokyo witnessed an exciting night of action and saw the crowing of a new Lightweight Champion!

Main Card

Main Event – Lightweight Championship - Tyrese Mercado vs Lincoln Hamilton

Mercado came into this fight as the newly crowned, inaugural Lightweight champion having convincingly beat Nuori Makunochi for the belt at BANZAI COMBAT 8.  Hamilton on the other hand had quickly worked his way up the rankings with a series of quick submission victories. Both undefeated, the stage was set for a fantastic encounter between an out and out boxer and an out and out submission artist!

The fight started at a blistering pace as Mercado almost immediately sent Hamilton to the floor with a big left hand and immediately mounted him. Hamilton in desperate trouble, stayed calm and worked from the bottom.

2 minutes in and Hamilton got the reversal as his superior ground skills started to shine through and a flurry of submission attempts followed by Hamilton. A desperate Mercado tried to get to his feet but Hamilton dropped back for a heel hook synced it in and the fight was over at 3:19 of round 1! Lincoln Hamilton was crowned the new Lightweight Champion!! Great appreciation was shown by those in attendance.

Mercado will be disappointed not to defend his title but he will be back.

Co-Main Event – Light Heavyweight - Bentley Santos vs Yukihiro Shimada

Blinked and you missed this one! Both these fighters were looking to put themselves into title contention by taking the victory in this encounter.

The reasonably well-rounded Bentley Santos immediately came out of the blocks with dangerous intent as he buckled his opponent's knee momentarily with a nice leg kick. Serrano, however coming off a big KO win at BANZAI COMBAT 8 was having none of it and gave as good as he got with a series of kicks and punches. The crowd were on their feet as these two warries went at it toe to toe!

Serrano missed with a body shot and Santos took full advantage getting a clinch and controlling Serrano up against the cage.  Santos pulled guard and looked for triangle choke! His superior BJJ skills were no match for Serrano as he tapped out at 2.57 of round 1.

What a victory for Bentley Santos and he surely has put himself firmly in line for a title shot after that wonderful victory!

Featherweight - Bentley Rocha vs Daichi Tanaka

This intriguing match-up was a key fight for Bentley Rocha having suffered a brutal KO loss to the number 1 fighter in the Featherweight division, Junior Calderon in his last outing.

Rocha, a skilled BJJ brown belt avoided Tanaka’s wild uppercut attempt in the opening moments. Rocha then got a clinch but changed his mind and breaks the clinch. Strangely it was Daichi Tanaka who completed the first successful takedown of the fight but he does nothing with it and is happy to control the action leading to a referee stand-up! Thank God he listened to the boos coming from the crowd!

Towards the end of the first round Rocha finally finds his groove and a beautiful double leg takedown leads to a submission attempt but runs out of time as the bell rings.

Round 2 starts with Rocha full of confidence easily scoring the takedown and submitting his opponent at 1.48 of round 2 with a kimura!

An important victory for Brendan Rocha as he seeks a rematch with Junior Calderon which may even be to crown the first ever BANZAI COMBAT Featherweight champion!

Middleweight - Enoc Solves Torres vs Katsumi Orochi

Did I say blinked and you missed it?! Nothing compared to this! Enoc Solves Torres easily dispatched his foe, who was making his debut in BANZAI COMBAT in 0.31 of round 1! A big right hand followed by a few more vicious punches and this one was over!

Torres maintains his unbeaten record at 185 lbs as he climbs the Middleweight rankings with this fantastic victory!

Lightweight - Panished Snake vs Kwame Kombate

Another 31 second barn stormer featured a fighter making his BANZAI COMBAT debut in Kwame Kombate against a fighter making in 4th appearance in the org.  The fight ended with Kombate catching Snake with a big overhand right followed by a few more punches to finish him off before the ref stopped the fight at 0:31 of round 1.

What a debut for Kwame Kombate! He has certainly made his mark on the division with this emphatic victory!


Featherweight - Mr Lucky vs Luc One

This fight featured two fighters making their MMA debut. The extremely long and lanky Luc One looks like a stick! He’s a stick! Lol. But his height and reach advantage will be enormous!

Lucky immediately took the fight into a clinch where he had three failed takedown attempts. Eventually One gets the takedown but Lucky escapes and gets back to his feet! Another takedown by One, leads to a reversal by Lucky but One gets full mount!

A very exciting period of action leads to Lucky giving up his back and One sinks in a rear naked choke! Great debut for Luc One!

Featherweight - Baki Hanma vs Luc Taala

This mid-card bout featured two 18-year-olds making the BANZAI COMBAT debuts.

Luc Taala’s cut around the 3 ½ minute mark of the first round may have been the highlight of this one! But full credit to Baki Hanma as he dominated the stand-up throughout the fight.

No fewer than 26 failed takedown attempts by Taala wore him down but Hanma was unable to take advantage and get the KO.

The fight ended in a unanimous decision victory for Baki Hanma with all three judges scoring the fight 30:26 in his favour.

Bantamweight - Petchongboo Sitsongrit vs Mahatma Gandhi

BANZAI COMBAT was privileged to have the current No 1 ranked manager in the game, Theksit Ruengruong, have his young prospect, Petchongboo Sitsongrit make his debut in this match-up.  Unfortunately, his opponent Mahatma Gandhi seemed to forget he was there for a fight and did very little apart from get punched in the face!

Sitsongrit displayed an excellent mix of kicks and punches both on the outside and in the clinch easily dispatching of Gandhi at 2:49 of round 1 after a huge head kick, followed by strikes to finish the job!

Welterweight - Luc Ryder vs Mikazuchi Rei

Luc Ryder looked very convincing in the second fight of the night! He dominated the action taking the fight into the clinch a number of times, eventually getting a takedown before the ending the fight at 3:32 of round 1 with an absolutely beautiful americana, which earned him the submission of the night award!

Heavyweight - Van Vader vs Thanh Tung

The first fight on the undercard would set the precedent for the night, as several quick victories would follow at this event.

Not to be confused with Big Van Vader of WCW fame, his namesake got the night off to a ferocious start with a MASSIVE right left combination, which left his opponent out on his feet! At just 0:10 of round 1 Van Vader had a KO victory!

I’ll have to check the record books but I think that might be a record for BANZAI COMBAT!


There you have it folks, what a great night, which saw history made as a championship belt changed hands for the first time in BANZAI COMBAT!

Attendance: 1,174

KO of the night: Van Vader ($5,000)

Sub of the night: Luc Ryder ($5,000)

Fight of the night: Lincoln Hamilton vs Tyrese Mercado  ($5,000 each)

Event Rating: 86.22

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BANZAI COMBAT 11 – Preview

BANZAI COMBAT just keeps getting bigger and better! In a week were the org passed 200 fighters on its roster, BANZAI COMBAT is going to take Hard Knocks in Tokyo by storm on 09.03.24!

Main Card

Main Event – Middleweight - Kurt Sloane vs Enoc Solves Torres

All-rounder, Kurt Sloane, made short work of his opponent in his professional MMA debut back in February. The New York native will be making his first appearance in BANZAI COMBAT.

Torres is right back into action after his big 31 second win at BANZAI COMBAT 10. He wants to keep the momentum going and is getting right back into the cage!

Torres has reportedly said he could beat Kurt Sloane with one hand tied behind his back! We will find out on Saturday in our main event!

Co-Main Event – Welterweight - Sinan Vrases vs Haya Mi

Sinan "Sula" Vrases hailing from Albania by way of Montreal recently had a little punt at a QFC tournament just coming up short in the Quarter Finals.

Tokyo native Haya Mi will definitely be the fan favourite and he may look to take the fight to the ground but will have a difficult job against Vrases’ remarkable wrestling skills.

Whatever happens, it’s a pity there will be no award for Afro of the night!

Heavyweight - James Hopkins vs Brandy Vera

London bad boy James Hopkins aka “Hammerhead” is making his first appearance in BANZAI COMBAT. His story is a remarkable one having had a serious motorcycle accident when he was 21. His skull was rebuilt with reinforced metal plates.

Brandan Vera is shorter and lighter than his opponent but will be hoping his superb wrestling skills give him the advantage in this fight. Let’s just hope Brandan doesn’t try to punch Hopkins’s head!

Heavyweight - Halo Halo vs Reid Raider

Halo Halo comes into this bout with a solid wrestling base. His opponent, Reid Raider may have a slight advantage on the ground with his BBJ purple belt.  The stand-up battle could go either way. This will be an interesting encounter for sure. Raider, who is a little short for a heavyweight is giving away a massive height and reach advantage to his opponent.

Light-Heavyweight - God Sven vs Mike Byson

God Sven grew up on the streets of Tokyo. He learned how to box to stop thieves from steeling his lunch money when he was a kid! A solid fighter, the crowd will go absolutely wild for him on Saturday!

Mike Bryson will definitely have his work cut out for him as Sven just seems to look better than him most areas. Bryson’s best hope will be to get the fight in the ground, but he will face a partisan crowd come Saturday.


Featherweight- Jaquan Johnson vs Bashira Aya

24-year-old Orlando native Jaquan Johnson will enjoy a massive height and reach advantage in this fight and he will also have the advantage in the stand up as he clearly possesses better boxing and muay thai skills than his opponent.

Bashira Aya on the other hand will want to take this one to the ground and grab onto those long limbs of Jaquan Johnson and make him scream for his mamma!

Bantamweight- Mr Necro vs Chain Gables

I was going to say a couple of midgets made up our next bout but how wrong would I be!

Mr Necro will tower over his opponent by a whopping 50cm!! But Chain Gables will be looking to cut him down like a giant tree and submit him and he might just have the skills to do this.

Heavyweight - Ivan Drago vs Jerome Archer

“Risin' up, back on the street, ........Did my time, took my chances” ……. “Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet, Just a man and his will to survive”..... Oooooppps sorry folks got distracted there!

Ivan Drago and that’s not THE Ivan Drago comes into this one with a big point to prove after loosing last time out by a devastating KO. 

Jerome "Black Grenade" Archer is a few years younger than Drago and may find this one difficult but don’t count him out as he will be looking to use his remarkable boxing skills.

Featherweight - Daichi Tanaka vs Ilia Topuria

IIia Topuria may have the advantage in this fight as he might prove hard for Tanaka to take down and he has decent ground skills if he needs them but he will definitely possess the better stand up in this one.

Middleweight - Scabs McGee vs Logan McIntyre

At least one of these guys will win a fight! Unless we have a draw! Both these fighters will be hoping to come back from respective losing streaks.

Should be an interesting one this as McGee will have the stand-up advantage as Logan McIntyre may look to take the bout to the ground.


There you have it folks! The time for talking is over. See you on Saturday for another great night of action from BANZAI COMBAT!

Date: 09 Mar 2024

Venue: Hard Knocks - Tokyo

Merchandise Partner: Sakura Style

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Tokyo MMA fans were treated to a great night of action at the Hard Knocks Arena on Saturday in an event which saw a few surprises, not least in the main event!

Main Card

Main Event – Middleweight - Kurt Sloane vs Enoc Solves Torres

Enoc Solves Torres had been very vocal in the build to the main event and taunted his opponent on multiple occasions. Torres’s confidence was very evident coming off his big win at BANZIA COMBAT 10.

That confidence soon wilted like a dying plant in the sun as Sloane took him into the clinch and pressed him against the cage.  Torres was on the back foot in the opening minutes as he was forced to defend against Sloan’s constant onslaught.

Sloan’s superior Muay Thai skills enabled him to sneak an elbow through Torre’s defence which rocked him….BIG TIME……!!!! Sloan’s efficiency could have been better as he missed a lot of punches as he pounced to look for the finish as a brave Torres managed to block some of the punches. But another vicious elbow dropped Torres and a few punches later it was all over at 2:21 of round 1!

What an upset!! Kurt Sloane will move up the rankings for sure after this big win!  

Co-Main Event – Welterweight - Sinan Vrases vs Haya Mi

Well, what a one-sided affair this turned out to be! Haya Mi must have been overcome by the occasion! He did nothing! Absolutely nothing!

In a very unusual contest where not a single punch was thrown, the entire 3 rounds were spent in the clinch, with Sinan Vrases pounding his opponent’s body with no fewer than a total of 74 knees!  By the end of the three rounds Mi’s sides were turning blue!

The fight ended in a unanimous decision victory for Sinan Vrases with all three judges scoring the fight 30:24 in his favour.

Haya Mi exits cage-side quickly and quietly after his abysmal performance!

Heavyweight - James Hopkins vs Brandy Vera

This brutal beat-down lasted just 42 seconds! A brutal combination from Hopkins in the opening exchanges sent Vera crashing to the floor! Interestingly Hopkins waved his opponent up and set about inflicting more punishment!

A dazed Vera was out on his feet as Hopkins landed another big combination of punches and knees which sent Vera to the floor again! The ref stepped in at 0:42 of round 1 to save him from further punishment.

With the win James Hopkins puts himself into the top 5 of a massive Heavyweight division.

Heavyweight - Halo Halo vs Reid Raider

Halo Halo dominated the ground game in this encounter despite being a belt lower in BJJ than his opponent.  In fact, Raider had very little answers as both fighters showed a lack of killer instinct.

Halo was the busier of the two and won the fight by unanimous decision 30:27, which wasn’t really all that surprising.

Light-Heavyweight - God Sven vs Mike Byson

This entertaining bout went one way and then the other with Mike Bryson getting a couple of takedowns but opting to stand back up again both times. Had he kept the fight on the ground he may have had a batter chance, as the hometown favourite got the better of the stand-up encounters.

Sven landed a two-punch combination which rocked his opponent and then BOOOOOOM!!!! Sven cracked Bryson right on the button, which sent him face first to the canvas! It was all over at 2:47 of round 1.


Featherweight- Jaquan Johnson vs Bashira Aya

This was an intriguing fight as Jacquan Johnson got the better of the stand-up, but was easily taken down over and over again by his opponent.

Johnson defended well but at 4:57 of round 1 Aya worked his way into a rear naked choke and made Johnson tap!

Bantamweight- Mr Necro vs Chain Gables

This one went to the ground almost immediately and a fascinating grappling battle followed.  I’m not one to say I told you so, but I said in my pre fight comments that Nerco’s height and long limbs might work against him and that is exactly what happened

Gables managed to get a hold of his long neck and apply a guillotine which made Nerco tap at 2:52 of round 1.

The move earned Gables the submission of the night award!

Heavyweight - Ivan Drago vs Jerome Archer

Three punches is what it took for Jerome Archer to dispatch his Rocky pretender opponent, Ivan Drago. A brutal punch to the chin knocked him out cold as the ref had to tear Archer away as he continued to punch his unconscious opponent! He was awarded KO of the night for this big win!

Featherweight - Daichi Tanaka vs Ilia Topuria

Daichi Tanaka fought a very smart fight taking the fight to the ground at any opportunity including pulling guard a couple of times! He was right to avoid Topuria’s superior stand-up skills.

A wonderful takedown, led to a superb armbar by Tanaka. Which made his opponent tap at 4:50 of round 1.

A very good victory for Daichi Tanaka!

Middleweight - Scabs McGee vs Logan McIntyre

100% for effort for both fighters in this opening fight of the night, however I strongly suggest Scabs McGee goes and works on his clinch attempts having 95, yes you heard me right……95 unsuccessful clinch attempts during this fight. McIntyre wasn’t much better with 18 unsuccessful takedown attempts!

This fight did have some takedowns, it had reversals and some good stand-up encounters, but McIntyre was just that little bit better in every round and won the fight by unanimous decision 30:27.


Attendance: 2,051

KO of the night: Jerome Archer ($5,000)

Sub of the night: Chain Gables ($5,000)

Fight of the night: Logan McIntyre vs Scabs McGee ($5,000 each)

Event Rating: 58.40


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BANZAI COMBAT 12 – Preview

This is the one we have been waiting for folks! The top two Heavyweights in BANZAI COMBAT will go toe to toe to crown the promotions first ever Heavyweight Champion! The excitement is almost too much for me! I don’t know what state I’ll be in come Saturday for this one!

Main Card

Main Event – Heavyweight Championship - Kingston Brewer vs Junior Daniel

Both fighters come into this 5-round title bout with undefeated records! Expect this one to be EXPLOSIVE!!! Whatever happens I predict one of these fighters will end up on their back looking up at the light! Someone is getting knocked out!!

Brewer has the advantage in the wrestling department and has proven himself to be an effective fighter in the clinch. Junior Daniel however prefers to stay on the outside and so far during his career has shied away from the clinch.  This could well be where the fight is won and lost!

Don’t be fooled however as Brewer could get his light knocked out long before the fight ever makes it to the clinch!

I cannot wait for this one! BANZAI COMBAT history will be made when the words “And the new”……. are announced come Saturday

Co-Main Event – Heavyweight - Theo Almeida vs Zaid Silva

As if our main event wasn’t enough the Co-Main event is an absolute cracker! These two men were used as mere stepping stones by our two title contenders in the main event but both Almeida and Silva bounced back immediately with impressive wins to get their careers right back on track!

What an interesting encounter this will be as Almeida holds the wrestling advantage and might fancy taking the fight to the floor. Silva however will be stalking his opponent like prey and you can bet your bottom dollar he will be looking for the KO!

The winner might even put themselves in line for the next title shot and what a storyline it would be if it worked out that Almeida wins and gets a title shot against Brewer, or likewise for Silva if he wins, it might work out that he gets an opportunity to avenge his defeat to Daniel in a title match!

This intriguing heavyweight storyline will work itself out come Saturday!

Bantamweight - Arnaud De Gindra vs John Doe

A complete shift in gears for this next fight as two undefeated fighters make their BANZAI COMBAT Debut! This one could well go to the ground but John “Master Flow” Doe has good stand-up ability as well, and may try to use that to his advantage.

De Gindra is a couple of years older than his opponent which may give him a slight advantage but expect an exciting grappling contest in this one.  

Light-Heavyweight - Gonzo Dragosavac vs Billy Binch

Dad bod of the year winner Gonzo Dragosavac spent his days streetfighting back in Serbia before he was spotted and taken to Montreal to put his fists to good use as an MMA fighter.

His opponent Billy Binch is a one-man wrecking machine and will not be intimidated in the slightest!

This one could end in the blink of an eye!

Welterweight - Justine Hyper vs Dany Moreno

Justine Hyper is a completely unknown quantity from the Philippines making his MMA debut.

His opponent, Danny Moreno is giving away a year in age but with his proficient wrestling and strong boxing skills he will be hoping to keep this fight standing and look for the KO.


Heavyweight - Matt Field vs Under Walker

I honestly thought we had made an administration error when I looked at Matt Field’s height! Stocky is the word! And he is fighting a bit of a stick! What an unusual looking pair these two will be in the cage on Saturday! Lol

Field may come like a cannonball at his opponent or he might get nowhere near him. I am interested to see what transpires in this one.

Bantamweight- Yip Man vs Petsilathai Sitsongrit

I smell a test fight! Does anyone else smell a test fight? BANZAI COMBAT is privileged to welcome back the game’s No 1 Manager Theksit Ruengruong as one of the newest members of the Sitsongrit camp, Petsilathai Sitsongrit comes to show us what he has got! I wonder does he like pizza? Lol

His opponent Yip Man is another 18 year old creation making his debut on Saturday!

Featherweight Augier De Rabat vs Seung Woo Choi


Haha - Only joking! These 2 fighters are both coming off loosing streaks but a good win for either of them will get their careers back on track.

Choi has the advantage in stand-up whilst his opponent has the better wrestling and BJJ skills. These types of fights always make an interesting match-up!

Featherweight - Brandon Hera vs Enrique Rivera

Enrique Rivera was bitterly disappointed to lose a unanimous decision on his MMA debut. Today he announced on his social media the following message – “Two more days till I can show the world what I can really do! #Banzai #BC12”

The highly motivated Rivera will be fighting an opponent who may want to take this one to the ground. Super excited for this fight! It promises to be a good one!

Welterweight - Alexander Frost vs Tre Davis

Alexander Frost comes into his BANZAI COMBAT debut on a 5-fight win street! He will be looking to throw his little opponent around for a while, take him to the ground and submit him!

Tre Davis’s only hope will be to keep this one standing.


Date: 16 Mar 2024

Venue: Hard Knocks - Tokyo

Merchandise Partner: Sakura Style

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Main-event Kingston Brewer VS Junior Daniel 
265lb+ Title Fight 

In a highly anticipated heavyweight title bout, Kingston Brewer clashed with Junior Daniel in a five-round showdown.

From the onset, Brewer established dominance with his aggressive striking, consistently landing punches to Daniel's body and head. Despite Daniel's attempts to counter, Brewer's footwork and accuracy kept him ahead on the scorecards.

As the rounds progressed, Brewer's superior boxing skills became more evident, with Daniel unable to find an answer to his opponent's relentless attacks. Brewer's precise jabs and powerful hooks kept Daniel on the defensive throughout the fight.

In the end, after five rounds of action-packed exchanges, the judges scored the bout unanimously in favor of Kingston Brewer. With this victory, Brewer claimed the heavyweight championship title, much to the delight of the crowd.

A masterclass performance from Brewer solidified his status as the new heavyweight champion, leaving Daniel with no choice but to acknowledge his opponent's superior skills.

Co-main-event Theo Almeida VS Zaid Silva

In a three-round heavyweight clash, Theo Almeida faced off against Zaid Silva in a highly anticipated matchup.

Right from the bell, Silva showcased his striking prowess with crisp punches, landing a solid combination that caught Almeida's attention early on. Despite Almeida's attempts to initiate a clinch, Silva's footwork and counter-striking kept him ahead in the exchanges.

However, Almeida managed to secure a takedown and transitioned to half guard, where he controlled the action with ground and pound. As the round progressed, Almeida's relentless attack led to a cut above Silva's eye, causing significant damage.

With the cut worsening and the doctor's intervention, the fight was called off in favor of Theo Almeida via TKO (Cut) at 4 minutes and 51 seconds of the first round.

Almeida's dominant performance solidified his victory, earning him praise from the crowd and likely garnering him new fans in the process.

John Doe VS Arnaud De Gindra


In a bantamweight bout lasting three rounds, John Doe took on Arnaud De Gindra.

De Gindra initiated the action with a solid takedown into half guard, but Doe quickly turned the tables, securing De Gindra's back. Despite De Gindra's attempts to escape, Doe maintained control and executed a rear-naked choke, forcing De Gindra to tap out at 2 minutes and 59 seconds of the first round.

John Doe's victory by submission showcased his improved grappling skills, earning him the win and applause from the crowd.

Gonzo Dragosavac VS Billy Binch

In a light heavyweight matchup lasting three rounds, Gonzo Dragosavac faced off against Billy Binch.

The fight began with Dragosavac asserting control in the clinch against the cage, landing several strikes and securing a trip takedown into half guard. Throughout the bout, Dragosavac maintained dominance on the ground, controlling Binch and delivering ground and pound strikes.

As the fight progressed into the third round, Dragosavac secured full mount position and unleashed a barrage of strikes, forcing Binch to tap out due to strikes at 2 minutes and 57 seconds into the round.

Gonzo Dragosavac claimed victory by submission (strikes), displaying his ground control and striking skills. In his post-fight interview, Dragosavac exuded confidence, while Binch expressed frustration.

There are rumours that rematch may be happening between these two, we will see what is happening with that.



Dany Moreno VS Justine Hyper

In a welterweight bout scheduled for three rounds, Dany Moreno and Justine Hyper were set to face off. However, Moreno faced challenges with his weight cut, coming in overweight at 176.0 lbs. Despite having two hours to cut the additional weight, Moreno was unable to do so, leading to the cancellation of the fight, resulting in a no contest.

Matt Field VS Under Walker

In a heavyweight bout scheduled for three rounds, Matt Field faced Under Walker. Field dominated the fight, showcasing his wrestling skills with multiple takedowns and ground control. In the second round, Field secured a rear-naked choke, forcing Walker to tap out at 3 minutes and 46 seconds, declaring Field the winner by submission (RNC).

Petsilathai Sitsongrit VS Yip Man


In a bantamweight bout lasting only one round, Petsilathai Sitsongrit faced Yip Man. Sitsongrit dominated the fight with precise striking, landing a series of devastating kicks and punches. At 1 minute and 7 seconds into the round, Sitsongrit delivered a powerful head kick followed by a crushing right hand, sending Man to the canvas. The referee stepped in to stop the fight, declaring Sitsongrit the winner by TKO (Strikes).

Augier De Rabat VS Seung Woo Choi

In a featherweight bout between Augier De Rabat and Seung Woo Choi, De Rabat emerged victorious in the first round. De Rabat demonstrated improved striking defense and countered effectively throughout the round. He executed a powerful takedown into Choi's guard, where he maintained control. De Rabat then transitioned to side control and locked in an Americana submission hold on Choi's arm. Despite Choi's attempts to escape, De Rabat applied pressure, forcing the referee to end the fight before Choi could tap out, ensuring the safety of Choi's arm. With this impressive performance, Augier De Rabat secured the win by submission (Americana) at 1 minute and 34 seconds of the first round.

Brandon Hera VS Enrique Rivera

In a featherweight bout between Brandon Hera and Enrique Rivera, the fight went to the third round before a winner was determined. The fight started with Hera scoring a takedown into Rivera's guard, where he controlled the position and attempted to land strikes. Despite Rivera's attempts to escape, Hera maintained control and transitioned to side control, where he looked for submissions. In the third round, Hera secured another takedown, this time landing in side control again. From there, Hera quickly transitioned to Rivera's back and secured a rear-naked choke, forcing Rivera to tap out. With this submission victory at 1 minute and 22 seconds of the third round, Brandon Hera emerged as the winner.

Alexander Frost VS Tre Davis

In a welterweight bout between Alexander Frost and Tre Davis, the fight went the distance, lasting for three rounds. Frost started the fight aggressively, clinching up with Davis against the cage and attempting multiple takedowns. Frost managed to secure takedowns and control positions on the ground throughout the fight, frequently landing in advantageous positions such as side control and half guard. While Davis showed resilience and managed to escape some of Frost's attempts, he struggled to mount significant offense.

The fight saw moments of action and intensity, particularly when the fighters were in the clinch or scrambling for dominant positions on the ground. Frost maintained control for much of the fight, utilizing his grappling skills to keep Davis on the defensive.

Ultimately, after three rounds of back-and-forth action, the judges scored the fight unanimously in favor of Alexander Frost, with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28 in his favor. Frost's dominance in controlling the pace and positions of the fight likely contributed to the judges' decision.

In his post-fight statement, Alexander Frost expressed gratitude to God, acknowledging the role of faith in his journey as a fighter.


Attendance: 2080

 KO of the night: Gonzo Dragosavac

Sub of the night: Augier De Rabat

Fight of the night: Kingston Brewer vs Junior Daniel

Event Rating: 79.36



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Main-event Branislav Popov VS Ognjen Kovacevic

In a welterweight bout between Ognjen Kovacevic and Branislav Popov, the fight went the distance, lasting for three rounds. Kovacevic dominated the fight with his striking, consistently landing clean shots on Popov throughout the contest. Popov attempted to close the distance and clinch with Kovacevic but was largely unsuccessful as Kovacevic showcased good footwork and defensive skills.

Kovacevic's striking accuracy and power seemed to overwhelm Popov, who struggled to mount significant offense. Kovacevic landed numerous shots to Popov's body and head, causing visible damage and rocking his opponent at times.

During his walkout, Ognjen Kovacevic entered the arena to the tune of "Clapping Your Sister's Cheeks at 3 AM," setting a tone of confidence and humor for the bout.

After three rounds of action, the judges scored the fight unanimously in favor of Ognjen Kovacevic, with all three judges scoring the fight 30-24 in his favor. Kovacevic's dominant performance earned him a well-deserved decision victory.

In his post-fight statement, Ognjen Kovacevic expressed his excitement and celebratory mood, indicating his intention to celebrate on Discord after the fight.

Co-main-event Micah Kim VS Jarred Brooks

In a bantamweight matchup between Micah Kim and Jarred Brooks, the fight ended swiftly in the first round with a submission victory for Kim. As the bell rang to signal the start of the bout, Kim attempted a takedown, but Brooks anticipated it and evaded easily. Brooks looked to engage in the clinch, but Kim showcased good defensive movement, avoiding Brooks' strikes effectively.

However, Brooks managed to close the distance and execute a trip takedown, landing in half guard. Despite being on his back, Kim remained active, working from the bottom position. In a sudden turn of events, Kim capitalized on an opportunity, locking in a tight guillotine choke from full guard. With relentless pressure, Kim forced Brooks to tap out, securing the victory in just 38 seconds of the first round.

The impressive victory marked a successful rebound for Kim, who celebrated his submission win in front of the crowd

Denis Djeri VS Jackson Jones

In a featherweight showdown between Jackson Jones and Denis Djeri, the fight ended swiftly in the first round with a TKO victory for Jones. As the bout commenced, Jones wasted no time in asserting his dominance, landing a series of significant strikes that caught the attention of the judges. Djeri attempted multiple takedowns but was unsuccessful, as Jones showcased excellent defensive skills and countered with precise striking.

Jones eventually backed Djeri against the cage and landed a barrage of powerful strikes, causing Djeri to stumble and lose his balance. Sensing an opportunity, Jones capitalized on Djeri's weakened state and continued to unleash a relentless onslaught of strikes, ultimately dropping Djeri to the canvas.

With Djeri unable to defend himself, the referee swiftly intervened, calling an end to the contest and awarding Jones the victory via TKO at 1 minute and 19 seconds into the first round. It was a dominating performance by Jones, who showcased his killer instinct and finishing ability.

After the fight, Djeri delivered a cryptic message, stating, "Kletva starog Janosa dolazi po vas," signaling his determination to bounce back stronger in future bouts.

Venus Flytrap VS Josh En

In a lightweight clash between Venus Flytrap and Josh En, Flytrap emerged victorious with a first-round submission via armbar. As the bout commenced, Flytrap showcased his aggressive intent by attempting multiple takedowns, but En showcased solid defensive skills, sprawling effectively to keep the fight standing.

Despite Flytrap's failed takedown attempts, he remained undeterred and continued to press forward with striking combinations. En, however, responded with his own striking offense, albeit unable to land significant blows on Flytrap.

Flytrap eventually managed to secure a trip takedown, landing in side control where he began to unleash ground and pound strikes. Transitioning to full mount, Flytrap maintained control, peppering En with a barrage of strikes while looking for opportunities to advance his position.

As En attempted to escape the mount position, Flytrap capitalized on the opening, swiftly transitioning into an armbar submission. With impeccable technique, Flytrap applied pressure on En's arm, forcing the tap at 4 minutes and 32 seconds into the first round.

It was a dominant performance by Venus Flytrap, who showcased his versatile skill set and secured an impressive victory via submission, much to the delight of the crowd in attendance.


Azim Kaarduu VS Robert Brant

In a lightweight bout, Azim Kaarduu faced off against Robert Brant, both hailing from Montreal. As the first round commenced, Kaarduu wasted no time, engaging Brant in the clinch and pressing him against the cage.

Despite Brant's attempt to escape the clinch, Kaarduu maintained control and eventually secured a trip takedown, landing in half guard. From this advantageous position, Kaarduu began to unleash ground and pound strikes, looking to assert dominance over his opponent.

Despite Brant's efforts to defend, Kaarduu's relentless assault started to take its toll. As Kaarduu landed a series of punishing strikes, Brant found himself rocked and unable to effectively defend himself. Sensing the opportunity, Kaarduu capitalized on Brant's vulnerability, landing a decisive elbow that rendered Brant unconscious.

With Brant unable to intelligently defend himself, the referee had no choice but to step in and stop the fight, awarding Kaarduu the victory via TKO at 2 minutes and 56 seconds into the first round.

Following his impressive performance, Kaarduu expressed gratitude to his supporters and encouraged fans to connect with him on Twitter, celebrating his victory in style.

Mbuti Bayaka VS Standen Bang

In a lightweight showdown, Mbuti Bayaka clashed with Standen Bang, with Bayaka representing Montreal and Bang hailing from Los Angeles. As the first round kicked off, Bayaka wasted no time engaging Bang in the clinch, pressing him against the cage.

Utilizing his clinch control, Bayaka began to land a series of strikes, targeting Bang's head and body. Despite Bang's attempts to break free, Bayaka maintained dominance in the clinch, consistently finding success with his striking.

As the round progressed, Bayaka managed to secure a hip toss, maneuvering into side control on the ground. From this advantageous position, Bayaka unleashed a barrage of ground and pound strikes, causing significant damage to Bang.

Unable to mount a defense, Bang found himself rocked by Bayaka's onslaught. Sensing an opportunity, Bayaka transitioned to mount, where he continued to rain down heavy blows on his defenseless opponent.

With Bang unable to intelligently defend himself, the referee had no choice but to step in and stop the fight, awarding Bayaka the victory by knockout at 4 minutes and 54 seconds into the first round.

Following his impressive performance, Bayaka took the opportunity to interact with the crowd during his post-fight interview, undoubtedly winning over some new fans with his charismatic presence.

Joey Dibiassi VS Duane Jackson

In a closely contested battle in the featherweight division, Duane Jackson faced off against Joey Dibiassi. The fight began with intense striking exchanges, with both fighters landing significant shots. Despite Jackson's attempts at takedowns, Dibiassi defended well and countered effectively. In the second round, Jackson secured a takedown but couldn't inflict much damage. Dibiassi showcased resilience and avoided significant harm. As the final round unfolded, Dibiassi increased his striking output, landing clean shots and defending against takedowns. The judges awarded Dibiassi a majority decision victory for his effective striking and defensive skills, despite Jackson's strong performance.

Baron Welch VS DeAndre Ward

In a bantamweight showdown, Baron Welch clashed with DeAndre Ward. The bout began with Welch attempting a takedown, but Ward countered with a well-placed low kick. Ward capitalized on the opportunity and secured a takedown into Welch's guard. However, Welch swiftly transitioned, hunting for submissions from the bottom. As Ward passed into side control, Welch maneuvered into half guard, continuing to search for openings. Sensing an opportunity, Welch locked in a tight triangle choke from the bottom position. Despite Ward's efforts to resist, Welch secured the submission victory via triangle choke at 2 minutes and 44 seconds of the first round. Post-fight, Welch expressed his desire for a title shot, making a compelling case for his championship aspirations.

Viktor Mertel VS Javier Fuentes

In a welterweight showdown, Viktor Mertel clashed with Javier Fuentes. As the bell rang, Mertel, known for his controversial antics, initiated the Nigerian Penile Enlargement Protocol, a move that had raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike. With a blend of bravado and skill, Mertel engaged in relentless trash-talking, proclaiming himself as the pound-for-pound number one trash talker in the game.

In the opening round, Mertel wasted no time in showcasing his striking prowess, aggressively pursuing Fuentes and dictating the pace of the fight. Despite Fuentes managing to secure a takedown and briefly control the ground game, Mertel's resilience and determination shone through.

As the second round commenced, Mertel continued his verbal onslaught while unleashing a barrage of strikes that left Fuentes visibly rattled. Displaying his self-proclaimed dominance, Mertel landed a devastating right hand that sent Fuentes crashing to the canvas, prompting the referee to step in and halt the contest after a mere 37 seconds.

Amidst the post-fight celebrations, Mertel once again stirred controversy with his bold claims of being the pound-for-pound number one trash talker, leaving the crowd both stunned and entertained by his audacious performance.

Katsumi Orochi VS Devontae Smith

In the middleweight division, Katsumi Orochi squared off against Devontae Smith in a thrilling encounter. As the bell chimed for round one, Orochi attempted to maintain distance, but Smith swiftly closed in, initiating a clinch against the cage. Despite Orochi's efforts to break free, Smith persistently pursued the takedown, showcasing his determination.

Round two saw Orochi asserting dominance with his striking prowess, skillfully evading Smith's attacks while landing precise strikes of his own. A relentless onslaught of punches from Orochi left Smith rocked and vulnerable. Sensing an opportunity, Orochi unleashed a powerful right hand that sent Smith crashing to the canvas, securing the victory by KO at 3 minutes and 8 seconds of the second round.

With this impressive win, Katsumi Orochi demonstrated his prowess in the middleweight division, leaving the crowd in awe of his performance.



Attendance: 1847

KO of the night: Mbuti Bayaka

Sub of the night: Micah Kim

Fight of the night: Joey Dibiassi vs Duane Jackson

Merchandise Partner: Sakura Style

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