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[APPROVED] Tycoon Times 2.0

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Tycoon Times 2.0

Recreate the tycoon times. First step would be to find an editor. The new paper would be divided into sections, which I have some ideas for.

Fighter news and interviews section. 3-4 spots for this.

Event previews/recaps. 2/3 spots

Most interesting press conferences.If these are coming to the game people could submit ones they found interesting.

Top events of the week. Simple, links to the most hyped events.

Most hyped fights of the week. Same thing as events. 

Rare finishes of week. We decide which finishes qualify as rare, then when one happens, it automatically gets added here. 

Ads. 2 spots

Others articles 1-2 spots


Pros: Tycoon times is back.

cons: might not have too many people submitting articles

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A certain degree of automated features alongside player-sumbitted articles could help increase interest in the Tycoon Times again, the idea of Press Conferences plugging into Tycoon Times articles or at the very least generating articles has merit too.

Maybe managers could also become "Tycoon Times MMA Journalists" where after so many articles a manager could earn themselves a regular "column" in the newspaper.

I'd like to see an increase in trophies for Writing TT articles & one for spending time as the editor to encourage some more engagement. Currently you get one for your first article & that's pretty much it.

Also there used to be awards/trophies for forum engagement and it would be good to see those return in some capacity.

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Tycoon Times has been on and off in my years on the site - at one point I was also an editor for the Times.


As we move towards the new era, I'd like to gauge what you guys feel would be more appropriate for the visual next stage of the Times -

  • Tycoon Times evolving into a blog format?
  • Keeping the Times in the Newspaper format with a fresh revamp of the UI?

I like Skuzbukits suggestion of having a mixture of player-driven articles via effectively a column that players could manage and content that comes directly from the Tycoon Times editorial team! To add to this, it would be interesting to see auto-generated articles as we progress the changes of some features, for example:

  • City Events
  • Fighter Injuries
  • Company Closures, etc.
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I think newspaper format is dead. But something more blog or feed-like with categories sounds interesting. Could be a mix as you say of editorial, player or auto-generated going into various categories. But the real nice thing would be if you could set what categories or tags you are interested in seeing or get notifications about.

Things like who wins the alliance pyramid league every month should become an automated news item, instead of like just recently when people have to ask in the league chat who won last month.

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Thank you for the feedback guys - I know I've received some awesome ideas privately too!


Will be going ahead and approving this but unfortunately it will be very low on the priority list as we have bigger changes to tackle first :)


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the content our two new Tycoon Times editors are producing!

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