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Fix KT Hype

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Suggestion: Fix KT lack of hype problem

Suggestions Description: Enable KT hype to get high enough to be able to have PPV's. I get that IRL MT/Kickboxing doesn't attract the same audience MMA does, but there's no reason grappling (in game) should be getting more hype than KT!


  • Keeps KT a viable option for KT managers and org owners.
  • A strong KT scene could potentially help with new user retention. KT is a little easier to manage if you're new to the game, not as daunting perhaps.
  • Good option for older fighters, who are done with MMA (sparbots), to have some fights before retirement - especially if we make KT have less energy/injury use than MMA fights.


  • I've heard people argue that IRL KT fighters/orgs don't generate as much financially as MMA does - which is true for the most part - but neither does grappling. Not asking for KT to be as hyped as MMA but dont see why it cant be at least on par with Tycoon grappling.
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22 hours ago, flamesnoopy said:

Yes need this fixed already. It's an atrocious problem really, makes KT almost unplayable. Also add KT QFC, need that to allow easier KT access and build KT hype for free agents.

KT QFC would need “bot” qfc fighters. Without them there would be no way anyone would get a QFC within a few weeks.

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