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IFMMA™ Presents: Lightweight Championship Tournament (18-Year-Old Creations)


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IFMMA are proud to present:

Lightweight Championship Tournament (155 lbs)

Minimum Weight: 155 lbs

Age: 18 Years Old

Entrants: 8 + Reserves

1st Place - $2,500,000 / IFMMA Lightweight Championship / 6 Months VIP / Custom Trophy

2nd Place - $1,000,000 / 3 Months VIP / Custom Trophy

3rd Place - $500,000 / 3 Months VIP / Custom Trophy

$50,000 for all entrants – for training expenses (excluding reserves)

All monies will be paid straight into your manager account

4 x Round 1 Eliminated Fighters will enter their own 8-Man Bracket -  Winner gets 3 Months VIP

Signup Period - 20th March 2024 to 5th April 2024

Creation Date Begins - Saturday 6th April 2024

Round 1 - Sat 4th May 2024

Semi Final - Sat 1st June 2024

Final - Sat 6th July 2024

Sign up as many fighters as you like!

All entrants will sign a 5 fight contract with IFMMA of $500/$1,000/$1,000 which you are expected to honour

All entrants will receive sponsorship offers from Empire Fight Gear and Empire Nutrition of $1,500 each 

Confirmed Entrants:

Gab Bloodsport (35736) 1 x Fighter

Da Jumba (143985) 1 x Fighter

Aquarium Fish (144011) 1 x Fighter

P J Jones (123962) 1 x Fighter

Crnogorski Investitor (144681) 1 x Fighter

Sixty Nine (142512) - Ken "The Kid" Griffey Jr (403620)

Jimmy Normal (121872) 1 x Fighter

Mac Little (122462) 1 x Fighter



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Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far! We are half way there with 12 days to go! Get your entry in quick - so many prizes on offer with loads of chances to win 3 months VIP and don't forget the big one!

1st Place - $2,500,000 / IFMMA Lightweight Championship / 6 Months VIP / Custom Trophy

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6 days left guys! If we don't get any more entries and there are no objections, I'm happy to make this an 8 man-tournament. Final would come forward a month to 6th July and I'd enter the 4 Round 1 Eliminated Fighters into their own 4-man bracket to win 30 Days VIP.

The only thing I'd change is I'd take this out "2 x Lucky Quarter Final Eliminated Fighters will win a lucky dip for 3 Months VIP" Everything else would remain the same.

Far better chance of winning if you've already entered!

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58 minutes ago, BLOODSPORT said:

What is the status of this tournament? is this still a go? thanks

Think it's cancelled since the guy running the tournament left the game. Unless maybe someone else is gonna take over somehow.

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