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I use that forklift video sometimes when I am doing safety training at work. There are a lot of good ones on u tube. If I need something funny that goes fast I just search whatever the topic is like forklifts or ladders or whatever and fails. Makes the safety meetings a little less boring watching someone else do something stupid. Plus I sticks in there head because no one wants to be the next video!

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I have seen some crazy stuff over the years too. We have Switch Engines for moving rail cars, forklifts, bobcats, a Pettibone, and use to have a big pay loader. I have seen stuff that you wouldn't believe. The funniest one, we had a beaver come into the plant because we are right on the Missouri River. One of the guys thought it would be a good idea to get the bobcat and scoop it up in the bucket and take it back to the river before it go hurt. He hadn't drove the bobcat a lot so he forgot that the bucket can be a little touchy. So he drives up to this beaver that is HUGE, and already scarred, he lowers the bucket and gets under the beaver, tips the bucket up to fast and throws the beaver right into the cab with him! He leaned back in the seat and starts kicking trying to get the thing off of him, lets go of the controls and it is at full throttle so the bobcat starts bucking around, throws the beaver back out of the cab, it then walks away. Goes into the maintenance shop and starts charging all the guys trying to go in there, we had to call animal control to come get it before it bit someone's leg off. Thank God he was never bitten, we would still be doing paperwork trying to explain what happened.

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I think the funniest part of the video you shared is the guy on the other forklift on the top right of the screen, he takes off like a bat out of hell, you can tell he is thinking no way am I getting blamed for that. He probably didn't stop till he was parked in the parking lot.

I don't see anyone else lmao I'm staring at the damn thing and I must be blind hahahaha

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It takes watching it a couple times to notice, it is in the top right side of the screen. All you see is the back of the forklift in between the other stacks. When the stack on the left starts falling he drives away just as the stack on the right starts to fall.

HAHAHHA oh in the other forklift LMAO he took off hahaha



Every time I see your GIF on one of your posts I feel obligated to stop and watch it at least twice. I can't help but lol.

I know, I never stop staring at it, one of a kind! :)

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