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Screw, Marry, Kill


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Screw - Taylor, might get a good song written about me

Marry - Kristen for no other reason that i want to kill Miley

Kill - Miley Cyrus not for being a dirty slag but because her music hurts my ears




Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, Cheryl Cole

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Screw - Nicki Minaj, my anaconda want that bun, hun.

Mary - Cheryl cole, We've had our differences with her getting that damn rose tatoo... but when it comes down to it she's still one of the most beautiful woman out there

Kill - Iggy Azalea, cuz she's the only one left and I rather screw Nicki.


Nathali Portman, Candice Swanepoel, rosie huntington-whiteley

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Screw - candice Swanepoel - She is hot, slightly hotter than Rosie for me. Sorry Rosie.

Marry - Natalie Portman - She may be a shade less attractive than the other two but she makes up for it by being really cool: amazing fucking actress, Harvard grad AND a published scientist

Kill - Rosie Hunting.. etc. Sorry Rosie it was really a toss up between you and candice. Plus your name is too long.


Lexi Belle, Faye Reagan, Tori Black

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Screw - Lexi Belle, looks cute as hell and great for a one screw kinda girl.

Marry - Faye Reagan. EURGH I'm totally weak for this girl, she's just so cute and I love her and wanna wake up with her everyday and she's redhead and those freckles mannnnnnnnnnnnnn

Kill - Tori Black... sorry girl, just the way it is.


David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey

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Screw- Steven Gerrard-idk who this is


Marry- Beckham


Kill- Emilie Heskey-idk who this is


Hayley Williams, Sandra Bullock, Gwen Stefani

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Screw- Natalie Dormer

Marry-Sophie Turner

Kill-Rose Leslie


Nikki Bella, Dakota Johnson, Dakota Fanning

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Screw Alyssa Milano

Marry Marisa Tomei

Kill Tea Leonni


Tara Reid

Rachel Ray

Scarlet Johansson

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