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[DENIED] Skill pops for non vip


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Skill pops shown even for non vip

One thing I was excited about when I won vip was being able to see exactly when my fighters skills popped every day. This wasn’t something I could do without VIP. However, you could still see it by just remembering what the value was at and seeing if it changed the next day. This is incredibly annoying for non vip users, it just wastes there time instead of them being able to just see the pops. So I propose that having the skill pops page be viewable even to non vip managers. They don’t need to see all the other stuff, like the pops calendar etc.

Pros: Saves non vip players a lot of tune and they can see their fighters progress


cons: might make a few vip managers mad but I doubt it


i think this would be beneficial to all the players, especially new players who want to see action and their fighters actually gaining skill points

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Similar sentiments to the previous suggestion on making VIP features available to the wider public - don't get me wrong we will be adding a lot of new content for both VIP and non-VIP users but generally speaking, the value in VIP is in the features it offers and at stage we can't offer that outside of the VIP system.


Much like the previous suggestion, unfortunately, we won't be moving forward with this one so therefore it's also denied.

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