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Question about VIP


What is your current VIP status  

564 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your current VIP status

    • Currently VIP
    • Not VIP yet but plan on going VIP
    • Not VIP and won't be going VIP any time soon
    • Not VIP but might go VIP in the future if there are some improvements or new features
    • Not VIP and haven't been here long enough to decide

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I haven't read the other comments but I think that new people will want more fighter slots so why don't you use the spin and win to your advantage and say when VIP is brought you will get 10 spin and wins attempts then say with these you can win FIGHTER SLOTS, PRIVATE JETS, MORE VIP and much much more don't tell them that it's hard to win I think that a lot of people are gamblers so giving them a temptation with this will keep them interested also I think that you need to be more specific with what you get with VIP the list you have is good but it's so long a lot of people will just look through it quick and go meh I ain't reading all that so maybe use CAPITALS as it make you unconsciously look at those words so make them interesting like FREE FIGHTER SLOTS , sorry if this has already been mentioned

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The game is great in terms of strategy, realy, amazing detailed and realistic....but if you could, some how, inject a bit more life into it would be perfect....

Just saying....

I will still get vip

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Paid IG cash to get 3 months, that was yesterday still haven't got it only have my current 37 days left. Is there a delay when someone else buys it for you?

pm Mike.

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