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Different tactics per round


Do you want different tactics per round?  

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By "different tactics" I just mean when your fighter is picking up on what his opponent is doing and what is working and not working. Not necessarily sliders all the time, if your sliders is working, then of course your fighter with SHIG is not going to change up the game plan. For example, If I successfully predict my opponent is going high punches and is going to go slight counter and heavy damage and I predict that correctly, my intelligent fighter will be more alert and less of his opponent's counters will land as the round progresses, and my fighter will start to get more counters on his own due to intelligence and prediction overriding sheer aggression. Here is an example of me putting this into action. My opponent only landed 19% of his shots that were mostly high damage counters. Intelligence is the most important skill in the game in my opinion.



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