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BELLICOSE is an Id restricted org beginning at 375k.  The current goal of Bellicose is to both help develop the young talent in MMA and create an engaging atmosphere for managers with a special focus on the newer managers. Formerly known as NYCL, this New York MMA organization holds over 200 fighters across all 8 known divisions. From Bantamweight to Super Heavyweight you can see some of the fastest growing stars compete against one another in matchups that will undoubtedly leave you anxious for more.

Throughout the day today (9/30) every hour more information will be posted here to so please check back here for the latest information, giveaways, competitions, and more! 


Bellicose Bets
If you are interested in taking a turn to put some money on the line in some upcoming matches then look no further than Bellicose Bets! Bellicose Bets will seek to offer managers the thrill and excitement of betting on some of the young and upcoming fighters with Tycoon Funds. The odds will be generated weekly for the upcoming Bellicose events. Max bets for a fight are currently at $1,000.


Brooklyn Threads
Eleventh rank clothing company in the world Brooklyn Threads has agreed to be our merchandising partner. With some of the best fight walk out gear around and based out in New York alongside Bellicose, it is undeniable that this partnership will be fruitful for all parties involved. Should you want your Bellicose fighter to be sponsored, reach out to Brooklyn Threads now and rock that gear! 


Bellicose Fight Posters
These Fight Posters can be determined to be of abysmal quality, and that's being generous. Despite them being so poor, each event will now have a poster displaying the main and co-main fighters, location of the event, date of the event, and soon sponsors of the event. Should anyone be interested and believe they can do a better job, please inquire with Bellicose management.


Bellicose Trivia
Bellicose Trivia will be a monthly game played at the beginning of each month. These questions will range from trivia about the org to MMA Tycoon Trivia. Prizes for Bellicose Trivia will be up to $50k. Bellicose Trivia is open to all MMATycoon managers & fighters and unlike any other competition is not restricted to Bellicose fighters. To win Bellicose Trivia, be the first manager to mail TycoonHec all the correct answers. Here is the very first Bellicose Trivia: 





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Bellicose Rankings 
Rankings will be changed out one to two times a month. Rankings are determined by numerous factors including but not limited to:

Current Form, Org Record, Overall Record, Activity, Hype, Popularity, and Fighter Performance


                 BELLICOSE Rankings        

        -Bantamweight-                                                   -Featherweight-
                    Boris Bors                                                                          Ike Goon          
                  145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)                                                                                           145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)
         Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Boris Bors                                                         Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Ike  Goon

 1 - Pee Wee Sasaki                                                                 1 - Mateo Daverio
 2 - Pate Hunt                                                                    2 - Reinaldo Gracie 
 3 - Jerry Goon                                                                                             3 -  Temujin Atkiray 
 4 - Sean Dash                                                                                 4 - Jamal Hudak 
 5 - Michal Sykora                                                                                              5 - Jeryl Christ
 6 - Natalia Pisswater                                                                     6 - Garyn Girith
 7 - Jaward Kamara                                                                        7 - Elmanaga Alfonzo
 8 - Mad Hatter                                                                                8 - Joshi Dell   
 9 - Charles Sobhraj                                                                      9 - Marek Cervanka                                     
 10 - Max Chapman                                                                       10 - Lewis Pendragon  

               -Lightweight-                                            -Welterweight-                
                   Rak Boonliang
                                                                   Nero Hardy             
                   145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)                                                                                          145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)
           Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Rak Boonliang                                                      Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Nero Hardy
 1 - James Howlett                                                                   1 - Kanud Odimabesser  
 2 - Everett Covington                                                            2 - Rock Romero
 3 - Razor Ramano                                                                       3 - Mickey Backman   
 4 - Corin David                                                                         4 - Johnny Matthews
 5 - Davante Dunbar                                                                5 - Motshan Bogachev  
 6 - Datte Bayo                                                                           6 - Arax Lightspeed 
 7 - Sammy Nyla                                                                         7 - Vitaly Anisimov
 8 - Aiko San                                                                                8 - Marcus Hansen
 9 - James Carter                                                                      9 - Samuel Summers  
 10 - Shingen Takeda                                                              10 - Michael Cudlitz

        -Middleweight-                                      -Light Heavyweight- 

                Hao Sawamura                                                                      DeVon Hampton  
               145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)                                                                   145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)
       Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Hao Sawamura                                                Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Clayton Daniels 

  1 - Tim Horton                                                                              1 - Kai Tokugawa 
  2 - Dean Howard                                                                        2 - Hole Reemer   
  3 - Jake Paul                                                                                3 - Clayton Daniels

  4 - Alexander Kuznetsov                                                       4 - Hank McCoy 
  5 - Terence Erenberg                                                               5 - Cyborg Reyes
  6 - Raja Khanna                                                                         6 - Micka Slice 
  7 - Jacob Taylor                                                                         7 - Dakota Thibodeaux Jr.    
  8 - John Brown                                                                           8 - Kurki Potku  
  9 - Connor McAtee                                                                   9 - Jake Paul 
  10 - Kazuya Mishima                                                                  10 - Akwasi Nti   

               -Super Heavyweight-                                                                                            
              Tarik Oren                                                                            Murska Mfer                                                         
                                                                                                              145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+)                                                                      145 lbs, BELLICOSE (375+) 
   Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Tarik Oren                                                          Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Murska Mfer

1 - Pentti Koyri                                                                                1 - Ahjo Kuomanen
2 - Balthasar Van Thuringen                                                   2 - Isopaa Mfer     
3 - Krigor Orlov                                                                              3 - Bobby Saturn 
4 - Hunt Mfer                                                                                  4 - Tony Viikinki
5 - Isaiah Frost                                                                               5 - Jaco Priest
6 - Douglas Sampson                                                                 6 - Amri Mbeki 
7 - Keywon Reeves                                                                      7 - Slobba Dahutt 
8 - Lewis Clarke                                                                            8 - Yhorm Northern 
9 - Nikita Yashin                                                                            9 - Malamute Alaskiano  
10 - Prokop Pustik                                                                        10 - Mark Borrego




Guest Ranking Contribution! 

Edited by TycoonHec
Updated Rankings 3/8/22
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Pick and Win


  1. Managers are to pick Who Wins, How, and When on the top five Fights of the fight card.
  2. This game is available only to managers who have one fighter on the Bellicose Roster. 
  3. Managers may only submit one fight card prediction per fight card. 


  • Who Wins: 3 pts (Which fighter)
  • How: 2 Pts. (Sub, KO, TKO, DEC., Doc Stoppage) 
  • When: 1 pts. (which round) 
  • Total Possible points to gain per fight card is 30 points. 

Fight Cards to Play:


Weight Rnds Mins Fighters (Best Odds)  
155 lbs 5 5 Everett Covington (+150) v Shingen Takeda (-203) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list. 155 lbs title    
205 lbs 5 5 Clayton Daniels (+182) v Hank McCoy (-251) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list. 205 lbs title    
170 lbs 3 5 Nero Hardy (-251) v Rooster Test (+182) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
185 lbs 3 5 Alexander Kuznetsov (-251) v Hao Sawamura (+182) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
205 lbs 3 5 Micka Slice (-300) v Michael Nessen (+213) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
185 lbs 3 5 David House (+213) v John Brown (-300) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
145 lbs 3 5 Jasur Pak (-203) v Yamasaki Mishimoto (+150) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
205 lbs 3 5 Chris Bibi (+213) v Sikreth Zakuma (-300) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
205 lbs 3 5 Alonnus Parker (+174) v Ian Stronk (-239) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.    
145 lbs 3 5 Charlie Bravo (+213) v Lewis Pendragon (-300) scout3.jpgstats2.jpg Add to my spoiler fight list.




  • A Prize of $50,000 to be awarded to each person who participates. 
  • A special role fight card analysis will be given to the person(s) who score 25 points or more on any card
  • In the event of a tie, the pot will be split. 

Submitting Answers

  • Please Submit all answers in the event discussion on the actual fight card
  • Answers must be submitted prior to the event beginning. 


Edited by TycoonHec
1/30 Pick and Win updated
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1. What was the original name of the org now known as Bellicose?  NYFC
2. Who was the original owner of the org now known as Bellicose? Can't remember. Tycoon Hec is all that matters.
3. Who is the only person in the HOF at Bellicose?  Probably Noel Diaz knowing you.
4. What champion had to be stripped of his title for being below 375? How heavy are these weight classes?
5. Who are the two main writers for Bellicose? Hec and Scott?
Bonus Question 10k: Where is the original name of the org found in Bellicose now?  Isn't that question 1? NYFC?

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Courtesy of the Bellicose staff, these five avatars are first come first serve intended to be used for fighters who fight in Bellicose. To claim a fighter, be the first person below to say their number. For additional Avatars please feel free to reach out to me, Roman Benson. 

1. 2qX7XA5.jpeg

2. RH165oy.jpeg

3. 6TR1Dyo.jpeg

4. Hf5lgWT.jpeg

5. c8tdSuu.jpeg

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1. What was the original name of the org now known as Bellicose?  NYCL
2. Who was the original owner of the org now known as Bellicose?  Hector Bautista
3. Who is the only person in the HOF at Bellicose? Scott Bandz
4. What champion had to be stripped of his title for being below 375? dnc
5. Who are the two main writers for Bellicose? Maurice and Scott Bandz
Bonus Question 10k: Where is the original name of the org found in Bellicose now? In previous matches and mail

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1. What was the original name of the org now known as Bellicose? NYCL
2. Who was the original owner of the org now known as Bellicose? Dee Dee
3. Who is the only person in the HOF at Bellicose? Scott Bandz
4. What champion had to be stripped of his title for being below 375? Damn it  Ispe Perkele
5. Who are the two main writers for Bellicose? Brodie and Maurice
Bonus Question 10k: Where is the original name of the org found in Bellicose now? In this thread, former events on the page. 

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1. What was the original name of the org now known as Bellicose? 

New York Championship League

2. Who was the original owner of the org now known as Bellicose?

Mike Tycoon

3. Who is the only person in the HOF at Bellicose?

Scottie aka wonderbread

4. What champion had to be stripped of his title for being below 375?

Ispa Percocets

5. Who are the two main writers for Bellicose? 

Brodie & Ho Simmons

Bonus Question 10k: Where is the original name of the org found in Bellicose now? 

Latest News & Past events

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John Filbert:  I'm here with a young MMA standout Hank McCoy who has a fight coming up against LeRoy Rider in New York at the legendary underground spot known as Paddy O'Malley's Bar. Welcome to my show MMA NEWS!

Hank McCoy: Thanks for having me.

John Filbert: You're welcome. So your opponent LeRoy Rider is 2-3 with 2 KOs and clearly has an advantage in experience and is also 26 years old and you're just a kid. How do you think these factor?

Hank McCoy: Well I'm the youngest guy on the entire card. I'm not even out of high school yet. I'm only 17 years old already with a 1-0 record and I'm in the main event of a card so that is exciting. And yeah he has me experience but given the age difference I would hope so. He is an excellent boxer. I was reading about his boxing days when I was still bringing comic books to school. I'm well more well rounded than he is and could take this fight anywhere I wanted to, but I know he is going to want to slug it out. So I'll fight his game and meet him in the middle. But I'm walking out with a win rather it's by fist or foot.

John Filbert: What makes you so sure you are going to win? You even said it yourself you are still a kid going up against a man. Your body is still growing and developing.

Hank McCoy: Absolutely I'm still developing but already my body is clearly not the body of your average teenager. I'm breaking weight lifting records at school for open weight, I hold the fastest times in the 100 meter and 1 mile times at school. And when it comes to technique I have pretty crisp boxing myself, but I'm also skilled in kickboxing as well as muay thai boxing. I won state in wrestling and just got my blue belt in BJJ by the Gracie family. So I'm fast, strong, and technical. That is why I am confident.

John Filbert: So do you see this as an easy match?

Hank McCoy: There is no such thing as an easy match. I am the betting favorite and should win this fight based on what I said but anything could happen. We could go in and I see a bright flash that distracts me and lower my guard and get KOd. You never know. He is skilled. Anyone doing this sport is going to be a trained dangerous person. So you always have to stay on your toes and be alert because anything could happen.

John Filbert: Do you respect your opponent?

Hank McCoy: Hell yeah I do. This is a man giving some high school kid a chance. Knowing if he loses he got a huge mark against his career. And if he wins oh well you beat some minor is how people will see it. Yet he's the underdog on paper and still took the fight. You have to respect the man. Also like I said earlier I use to read about his boxing matches, why would I do that if I didn't like and respect his abilities? I wouldn't. And I do respect him.

John Filbert: Thank you for coming on the show and that is all we have time for today and good luck on your fight.

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7 hours ago, FrankAbbott said:

Perhaps avatar #1 for Bowser Bigalow who has just signed with Bellicose?


Go and submit. :)

14 hours ago, Golden97 said:



17 hours ago, jet28 said:

Please can I get #5

Sure. Yours! :)

18 hours ago, Goonie409 said:

#2   I feel Jerry Goon needs a bit of a make over

Yours, man!

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 Bellicose - McCoy vs Rider Preview

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the second Bellicose event after the rebranding. We have some awesome fights going down on this one but before I get into the preview let me shout out our merch partner Brooklyn Threads! Win or lose, it won't really matter if you got da drip on and Brooklyn Threads is the home for that. Be sure to check them out for affordable and quality smesh gear. My name is Maurice Simmons, and let's get into this preview!


In the main event Hank "The Beast" McCoy (1-0) takes on LeRoy Rider (2-3). This will be 17 year old Hank McCoy's Bellicose debut and second fight as a professional. As the youngest fighter on the card, he'll be looking to show the old heads how it's done. He's a promising fighter who, at a young age, has built up quite an interesting skill set. He ended his last fight by TKO after 3:24 minutes in the first round. The speed and power in his fists is amazing, with the ability to end a fight right after it starts. He also has a good amount of skill in wrestling, which helps him control the clinches and defend against any takedown attempts on him. His opponent LeRoy Rider looks to even out his negative MMA record. The 26 year old Indian fighter believes he is intended to be fodder for his young opponent's rise and he's not having none of it! He's a well versed striker, with both his finishes coming by KO in the first round. He has also fought number one pound for pound fighter in Bellicose, Ike Wellstone. Though he lost that one, it was still a great fight. He also a one time winner of Fight of The Night, will he provide us with another masterclass?

Prediction: I have Hank McCoy coming out with the W just because I'll always choose the younger fighter in these type of fights lol.


"The Sublime" Ali Berzina (2-1) meets Falcon Pawnch (2-0) in what is expected to be a striking fest. Berzina, a one time KO of the night winner has immense power in those fists. Both of his finishes have been in the first one, with one of them being a 15 second KO! His granite chin has stood tall so far as he has never been knocked down or knocked out. Pawnch also has two first round knockouts and his fastest one was in 18 seconds. He likes to catch his opponents unguarded and helpless, using his deadly counter combinations to punish them. He also posseses a granite chin, which makes this fight more interesting because both of these guys will be looking to KO each other. The better striker will prevail in this tough matchup.

Prediction: Pawnch with the W in my opinion. It's a tough one so we'll just have to wait for fight night.


Dirt "The Dangler" Nasty (4-1) faces his toughest challenge to date in Jake Paul (2-0). Having lost his Bellicose debut and his four fight winning streak broken, Nasty is a man out for vengeance and victory. He's a simple fighter, no granite chin, no KO power but he always finds a way to grind a win. Three of his four wins have been by decisions so he has that gas. His other win was by TKO so don't let him catch you napping though or he'll make you nap fosho hehe. A lot of people underestimate decision wins because they lack entertainment but in reality a decision win is very hard to pull off. Dominating a fight for fifteen minutes is a huge feat and Nasty has done it three times. His first taste of fighting as a signed fighter proved to be a sour one, but will he make lemonade out of the lemons he's been given in his next fight? We shall wait and see. Jake Paul on the other hand likes to finish his fights. Like the real Jake Paul packs a lot of power that people seem to look down on and his opponents have paid for it. Both of his victories by far are first round KO's. He's also as much of a cardio machine as his opponent and that just means he could get a KO win anytime in the fight.

Prediction: Jake Paul with the KO win.


Johan Von Richthofen (2-1) goes up against Tomo "Razor" Jovanovic (0-0). This is a middleweight matchup between two guys who look to improve their standings in the rankings. Johan comes into this fight with 2 submission victories in the very first round. Both of those victories have been in the last 10 seconds of the first round so he's good at keeping people at the edge of their seats. His style involves taking the opponent down in the first moments of the fight and working on top. He has a few ways to get his takedowns, he just shoot from outside or he can clinch then look for a takedown inside the clinch. Both those methods have worked quite well for him. Once on top he does a little ground and pound to loosen his opponent's guard so he can move to a favorable position. When he feels like he's in the right place it's over for his opponent as it doesn't take a lot of time to submit the opponent. His opponent is a 22 year old Tomo Jovanovic making his professional debut. Not much is known about this fighter just that he's decent at everything and has a number of ways to get the finish.

Prediction: Johan with the sub win.


Jack Herer (1-1) looks to get back to his winning ways as he faces Michal Sykora (1-1) in the first fight of the main card. This is a featherweight matchup between two up and coming guys in the weight class. Coming off a loss to former Bellicose champ Ispa Mfer, Herer is looking to climb the rankings and capture the belt for himself. A deadly striker, Herer is hard to keep up with on his feet. His powerful and precise blows are enough to win him fights but he prefers to strike inside the clinch. His clinch control is amazing on its own and when combined with his boxing even the best fighter is made a punching bag. On the contrary Michal Sykora likes to do his deeds on the ground. He ended his last fight by submission in just 52 seconds of the very first round. I'm not going to lie, that was one of the quickest submissions I have ever seen. His style is simple and that is perhaps what makes it so dangerous. He takes you down early in the round and bombards you with submission attempts until he finally get you where he wants you. By then it's all over.

Prediction: Sykora with the sub dub. Once it gets on the ground, and it will, it's all over.

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Hank McCoy Twitter page: Hey guys I had my second pro fight tonight and got my second KO victory. That's right your boy is 2-0 now. Was so glad that I was in the main event; it gave me time to finish my book report for school while waiting for my fight.

Taylormade20: Where was your fight and who was it?

Hank McCoy: It was at Paddy O'Malley's Bar and it was against a guy named LeRoy Rider.

TrollzRUs: I bet he was drunk before the fight little kid.

Hank McCoy: Well it was at a bar.

James Cartwright: Hey man tell me all about it Chemistry Monday!

Hank McCoy: You got it James!

Ikki Takeda: Nice win Hank, I hope to make it out and actually get to see your next one.

Hank McCoy: I'll send you a ticket boss.

Old School Training: Alright two in a row. Looks like our training is paying off.

Hank McCoy: You bet it is. Bring on the training!

Old School Training: Come the gym after school tomorrow and we will be starting intense training.

Hank McCoy: Intense training? What I've been doing is the easy stuff? Umm I didn't mean it. Can't we just pretend I just said you bet it is and not that last part?

Old School Training: Not a chance. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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